Coldwater Creek R.I.P.

Logo protected by copyright!

Logo protected by copyright!

For you non-shoppers, Coldwater Creek is a retailer with stores scattered across the country and an on-line website dedicated to women’s clothing and accessories.


I like to shop. I get connected to places so it makes sense that I am sad when one of my favorites closes.

Sometimes the store moves out of my driving range and sometimes they go out of business. In either case it’s like losing a good friend.

Its mirrors have seen my half-naked body. It watched me try to cover a bulge or move some skin to a new location (that never works). It has seen me dance in glee when something fits. It watched while I flipped the bird when the outfit made me look like a dumpy dork. That is a pretty intimate relationship.

I started shopping with Coldwater Creek a long, long time ago. It was before there were stores. It was mail order located in Idaho. This was back when you filled out an order form and mailed it in. How primitive was that. It would take weeks maybe a month.

You had to be patient.

I’m not patient now when it takes more than three days to receive something I ordered on the web. Three days is a long time when you WANT   NEED something.

Lands’ End was another mail order retailer I used. The attraction for both was different merchandise that wasn’t available locally. Both offered a good quality product that was stylish enough but would last for several seasons without looking like yesterday’s lunch.

I bought my favorite short winter coat from Coldwater Creek many years ago. It’s red, still stylish and fun to wear.

Eight years ago Coldwater Creek opened a store ten minutes from me. It was in a fancy “lifestyle mall.” Best of all it was across the walkway from Starbucks and near the Barnes and Noble store. I doesn’t get any better than that! I was booked for the day!

The store was fun. The color display was amazing – tops and bottoms, scarves and jewelry – all beautiful.

I always took a smaller size in their clothing and they did carry small sizes. I can’t say the same for our local Chico’s which is always out of my size!

Their jeans were a good fit.

It was great for retail therapy when life got dull.

I liked their costume jewelry too. Different from the department stores. Interesting.

They sent me a letter about a month ago saying they were closing. Finished. Done. All gone.

I suppose I should go check out the sales but there is sadness about it all.

Maybe I’ll visit the Barnes and Noble store (while it’s still here) then end up in Starbucks.

Farewell old friend!

31 thoughts on “Coldwater Creek R.I.P.

  1. In the past I’ve gotten some beautiful things from CC…but the past couple of years I’ve found nothing to my liking there. My purchases remain some of my favs but for some reason their styles changed to something not so attractive…or stylish. Sorry they’re closing but I suppose change is what helps the world go ’round. Like it or not…


    • Truthfully I haven’t bought anything but jeans there in the past 2 years. Their tee-type tops don’t fit me anymore and there is a matronly look about them. Hopefully something else will catch my eye.


  2. Oh, my gosh! I didn’t know Coldwater Creek was closing. It’s not my favorite store, but I have bought quite a few things there. They always have pretty colors. The store in my mall is roomy, and the clerks are friendly and helpful. But I’ve noticed that in the past year or more their styles weren’t as good as they used to be. What a shame!


  3. Oh I know Coldwater Creek’s closing must be all my fault. I used to buy from their catalog all the time and then kind of eased off and then stopped. I am so sorry they are gone from your mall, but now I have to check to see if they still have an online catalog. Maybe if I order something they will stay open that way?


  4. Boy did we have different experiences at Coldwater Creek. A few years ago I even wrote a long, detailed blog post about how awful they were! So from my point of view, good riddance to them. However, that being said, I’m sorry for your loss.


    • Gosh, sorry for your bad experience. For me getting attached to a store is as often about the ability to get a good fit although locally we had good customer service. The old mail order was also good customer service because it was done by the couple who started the company and their family. Retail is really all about the customer service.


  5. I can’t believe they’re closing. What’s next, L. L. Bean? I love their catalogs and actually have shorts that I love from them. Oh Kate, you’re being very stoic but it’s a shame when something classic and enduring…well…up till now…closes shop.


  6. It’s so funny to see this today, because the blouse I pulled on this morning happened to be Coldwater Creek. Like you, I have been buying their clothes and costume jewelry since the days when it was still mail order. Then I moved to online; I’m not much for shopping in person but certainly love to fill my virtual cart with goodies! It’s really a shame, because as you said, they had styles and clothes that were very unique. Just like us! RIP indeed.


    • I used to do a big polo-type shirt order every spring from Lands End, checking and double checking to make sure I had the numbers correct so I got the right size and the right colors. I would enclose a check and pray it all works. Then just like magic about when I forgot all about it a present arrives!

      Now when I order on line I can check the status of the order daily. I even get the estimated delivery date and time.


  7. As long as I could remember, Eaton’s catalogue (in Canada) was the highlight of the shopping season. When the new one came out, people immediately dropped what they were doing and started reading the colorful pages. Then it closed. The whole country went into mourning.

    The corker was when their closest rival, Simpson’s, was bought out by Sears and became Simpson-Sears. Later it was just Sears. No more huge catalogue with every kind of everything available through its brightly designed pages. When these catalogues became out of date, they were used in the outhouses of the nation.

    Sad, sad, sad when something beloved passes away.


    • That reminds me of the fat Sears catalog we got when I was a child. My attraction to catalogs started early. Our area was once fairly rural and my parents bought things through the Sears catalog. I used to put together outfits from the teen clothing pages and dream about them. Bad habits start early. Sears is no longer like it was then.


  8. Sorry to hear this was your go to store, Kate. My aunt loved this store too and was very disappointed to hear of its closing.
    We only have one B&N still opened near our house…I’ll go over the edge if it closes. As for Starbucks…I think we’re safe.


    • We have 2 B&N equal distance from my house in opposite directions. We had another huge bookstore but that closed. We also had a few small ones, all closed. There was a Starbucks not too far from me that closed. I couldn’t figure out why. It was next to an Office Campus that had to house 2,000 employees. Maybe it was a landlord dispute. In any case I am in between 2 of them at the moment and like it like that.


    • Thank goodness I am not alone. I could spend hours at B&N and then come out with 6 books, several magazines and stuff they put a the checkout area to hook you in. For me it was just a very fancy library where you could buy the books you liked. I still go there but with a Kindle and limited storage space, I try to control myself.


  9. I so enjoyed reading the clothing descriptions in the catalogs and my daughter thought it was silly and amusing that they showed clothes that looked like they should be on a h.uman body but no models were visible. I loved Coldwater Creek clothes! R.I. P.


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