Another inane random five

What a freaking week! (That was last week. I’m running a bit late.)

Niece Anita and her daughters after the race!

Niece Anita (second from right) and her daughters after the race!

Crazy ladies – My niece and her daughters ran a “color” 5K race to benefit a local art group that sponsors cultural events. At every checkpoint you were splattered with powdered color. At the end of the race you had a tie-dye tee-shirt. So cool! I may have to do this next year.

Yikes! – Nothing strikes fear in my heart like a letter from the IRS especially when they say I owe a lot of money. They are bulky envelopes (not a good sign) and always require work. I hate doing taxes and to revisit what I did two years ago annoys me. They made two “corrections” to my return. One is easy. They just need more information from me. The other one I’m not sure they will accept my reasoning (although TurboTax thought it was good). If I’m wrong, it’s a cheap fix and will not require me to mortgage my home or sell my oldest offspring (which by the way is an old, achy diabetic cat).

Is less really more? – You have heard of scope creep. That’s when you start a simple project and it grows exponentially especially from a cost standpoint. I am the queen of scope creep. If we need a new microwave we could end up with a complete new kitchen! We anticipate a move in the next few years and conventional reasoning dictates we think twice about expensive upgrades.

Our old dining room oriental rug needs a cleaning. It matches the staircase runner which has a worn spot. Cleaning oriental carpets professionally is not cheap. Do we replace both or clean and repair. The repair will not be perfect but will do. My decorator gene started to twitch as I would love to try a new look but my logic overruled it. This happens so rarely even the beloved husband didn’t believe it!

There is evidence! – It is finally warm here but over the past week or so we have been in a temperature see-saw. As a result my laundry consisted of capris, tee shirts, heavy socks and fleece shirts. I laughed as I saw it and was grateful it’s over. It is over isn’t it? We are officially in the spring-summer part of the year, aren’t we?

Morgan update – Poor Morgan had her yearly checkup this week. She is just fine but she is dragging a sore flank where she got her rabies shot. She is active but doesn’t want to be touched. It’s so unusual for her to cry that it was unnerving.

How was your week?

16 thoughts on “Another inane random five

  1. I have had a couple of letters from the IRS. One just needed an explanation the other they gave me money…the mistake was in my favor. I see from the comments that Morgan is back to normal…good to hear. And carpets just aren’t that interesting.


  2. Judging from the comments . . . we’re more focused on your cats than your carpets. You might want to factor that into the “what should we do with the Oriental rugs” equation.


    • You know I was thinking that as I read the comments. I could eliminate the other 4 and just post a few lines about Morgan and my readership goes up. There is a message here. And yes, the rug is all about Jake who peed on the rug fringe which I can’t clean. He never does that but we have had a stray hanging around and that doesn’t make him happy. My husband asked me this morning if I would make a different decision if Jake died (naturally) and the answer is probably.


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