A short random five

“We’ll keep it simple.” These are always my famous last words as I invite my family to a picnic. It’s about getting together and catching up. In my family it’s also about the food. I have already reached out to my grandniece to have her make my mother’s special strudel. People will bring something wonderful and we’ll have too much food. Memorial Day will give us another opportunity to demonstrate our lack of restraint!

After such a crummy winter, I couldn’t believe my ears. Today the beloved husband said, “Now that it’s spring and the trees have leaves, I can’t see the mailbox.” What can I say? He’s a renaissance man!

My step-daughter came east for a business conference so we will get to spend some time with her. It’s always great to have an opportunity to connect. A few good hours of conversation is better than longer stays with everyone’s nose in their cell phones or Nooks.

Fruit juice or bust! I have been easing into a healthier diet with more fruits and vegetables and less meat. I am sticking my foot in the vegan water so to speak and so far it’s been good. We have a local grocery store that is a wonderful and tempting place to shop for organic fresh produce. It’s more work to prepare but I hope to get the knack of being quick and organized. Suggestions invited.

I hate season finales! A few years back I did a whole post on this and yet again we are subjected to a bunch of stupid cliffhangers. The last episode is my least favorite show of the series. What’s wrong with leaving people with a feel good feeling for the summer? Honestly, in a day or two I totally forget about the show!


23 thoughts on “A short random five

  1. I’m far from vegan, eat fish and dairy, but lots of vegetable protein. My personal favorite is hummus. If you make a big batch with lots of tahini and garlic you can use it as a sandwich spread and wrap veggies on top of it in a pita. The secret to my delicious hummus (if I do say so myself…and apparently I just did) is that I sauté the garlic for a minute before I throw it in the food processor. Takes that raw garlic edge off. You can substitute roasted red peppers for chick peas and get a really nice spin on hummus too. OK, now I’m hungry. Mmmm


    • I love tahini and often eat that as a sandwich spread or roasted red peppers blended with a close of garlic. That one used as a cracker spread always gets me compliments like it was work! I love the sautéed garlic idea. As my body ages, raw garlic gets so….ummm….strong! Now I’m hungry and I’m still drinking my Starbucks!


  2. One of the reasons Law and Order in all its forms has lasted so long is that we get satisfaction at the end of each hour. We don’t need a cliffhanger to bring us back next season. If we like a program, we’ll return. I’ve been told to put a cliffhanger at the end of each chapter I write, but I resist. It seems too manipulative.


    • Yes, I love that! I don’t even like when a backstory continues like the Red John part of the Mentalist. I was glad when he was dead! I like my programs to start and finish in the time frame allotted. Otherwise, if you miss a week or two, you’ve missed something.


  3. Cliffhangers are the worst. They agitated me as a child and they still do. I don’t like being left wondering. I like nice closed endings.
    Good for you on the increasing fruits and veggies thing! I am big on including lentils and chick peas in dishes that sometimes would otherwise have included meat (like stir fries an soups) to maintain the protein and add some fibre. Quinoa is an awesome grain option that works feel with veggies too!


  4. I’ve never been a fan of the cliffhanger either, Kate. Enjoy your time with your step-daughter!
    As far as eating less meat, I use a lot of black beans for protein. I put them in wraps and in salads. I love them!


      • Want an EASY recipe for Black Bean Salsa?

        Combine 2-3 diced tomatoes with a 15 oz. can of black beans, drained and rinsed. Add a few dashes of dried onion, dried garlic, cumin, salt, pepper, and crushed red pepper. Stir and chill. Serve with tortilla chips.

        Want an even EASIER recipe for Black Bean Salsa?

        Combine one can of Ro*Tel (Tomatoes and Chile Peppers) with a 15 oz. can of black beans, drained and rinsed. I usually drain off the liquid from the Ro*Tel and use it instead of oil for making Hummus.


  5. Back in my folks’ day, they had the cliffhangers for movies … hoping to lure people back the following week. My recollection is that it began on TV with the “Who Shot J.R.?” on “Dallas.” It was much talked-about and imitated … also spoofed by The Simpsons. Yeah, I hate to be left hanging, too.

    About that vegan diet. We are not strictly vegans, but we do enjoy Mediterranean and Indian recipes. We cook quite a few of the former and go to Indian restaurants for the latter. Check Prevention magazines’ web site and Pinterest for recipes. 😉


  6. I agree about the cliffhanger business. I don’t watch most of them because I’ll forget what it was all about by next fall. I wait until the fall when stations show the cliffhanger episode right before the first new episode of the next season. Then the storyline makes sense. In the spring, not so much.


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