A random five for the end of March

The weather broke…finally. Even I was sick of the complaining. I can’t imagine how readers from the southern hemisphere or tropical areas felt reading about the terrible weather on different blog sites day after day. Well, winter is done here. You’re turn!

I believe these pups bought my Starbucks!

I believe these pups bought my Starbucks!

Paying it forward – I was zoned out the other day as I zoomed through the Starbucks drive-through. The barista told me that the car in front (which was long gone) had paid for my coffee. I vaguely remembered that the car was smallish and dark so I emailed my coffee friends who had cars that fit that description. Then I moved on as I got replies saying it wasn’t them. In all I thanked 12 people – none of whom bought my coffee although they all said that they would like to. Perhaps I should have a booking agent schedule these freebies.

Buying a car – Yes, I’m thinking about changing out my car. My first round of visits didn’t go so good. By the end of the 5th hour, I had indigestion, a headache and wasn’t any closer to a decision. I need a personal shopper for this or a bottle of Valium!

Photos – I rarely end up in pictures, mostly because I am the photographer. Our neighbor must have snapped this one sometime this past winter although I have no memory of it. It’s not too bad!

Kate and Dan 2013-ed1Morgan update – Morgan (my youngest cat) is very active. Her food fits her lifestyle. My other cats are older and get a reduced fat, low carb diet kibble. To keep them out of Morgan’s dry food, I keep her food on top of a double dresser while their food is on the floor. Today there was a loud crash, then the sound of stampeding cats. Morgan dumped the bowl of kibble all over the floor and the other cats were using this opportunity to suck up the tasty kibble that they are denied. She was their hero for at least an hour until I cleaned the mess up.

So how’s it with you?


27 thoughts on “A random five for the end of March

  1. Love your “over the hump day” cartoon, Kate. I always think of Johnny Carson who said “May a thousand camels make a pit stop on your lawn.” Yeah, that should do it for those who give you a hard time.

    Lucky you. A good Samaritan paid for your coffee. A toast to spring. 😉 (I also love the adorable pic of you and your hubby.)


  2. Love the idea of someone buying your coffee. CH and I have wanted to do that but we always forget and we don’t spend much time in drive-thru lines, not enough time anyway.. ; ) Nice to see a picture of you and The Beloved.. Nice smiles, I’d buy you coffee!


  3. I’m not one to love photos either, but that’s a lovely photo of you both.

    It seems that ever since my big dog had that terrifying mystery illness that nearly ended him, well, he’s been up to all sorts of shenanigans ever since. His latest new trick is to leave about six pieces of kibble in his bowl at the end of dinner time, just so he can guard it and keep the little dog from sneaking over to get it. He just hovers within about three feet of the bowl, teasing the little dog. Forever. Until I finally either have to pick up the bowl to end their game, or sometimes, I just push the bowl over to the little dog and let him finish it off, which causes the big dog to reward me with a look of complete and utter betrayal. He is not amused. He pouts, shooting me angry glances every now and then. Until he tries the same stunt the very next day. 🙂


  4. Maybe the person who bought your coffee was a stranger who just felt like doing a good deed for the day. Nice.
    I’m not looking forward to car shopping. My Nissan is already ten years old. It’s working fine. I hate to think of buying a new car and then getting used to driving it. Personally, I like shopping for clothes.


  5. Sounds like Morgan has a plan to organize the cats and she will be their leader. Like the picture…I can’t remember the last time I had my picture taken. I will stick with my avatar.


  6. I desperately wanted to retire in Colorado but I’m content in N Texas where it isn’t quite so cold. Paying things forward is a nice gesture…forward or backward…makes one smile. Picture of you two is very nice…happy! We bought a new car when we came home from China…a 2005 Toyota. We still have it and love it. Not once has it had a problem. We’re hanging onto it. Our cat, Gibby, is a messy girl…scatters her food around her dish but she’s an ‘only child’ w/no competition.
    She’s it around our house…’scuse me, I meant her house!


  7. Morgan cracked me up. He’s clearly trolling for votes wanting to fit in with the geriatric set. I can just see them eating as much as they could before you came in. I’m still laughing. Not that I watch Joel Osteen all that often spelling his name wrong, but he suggests paying the toll for someone behind you. I like coffee instead…same idea….need a drive-thru though…don’t have one here.


  8. 1. When I read the horror stories about the weather “up there” . . . I smile that I’m HERE.
    2. It was me! Sounds like X performed a random act of kindness by buying your coffee.
    3. I LOVE that photo of you . . . both of you.
    4. I avoid car shopping. I traded in my ’86 Honda in 2000. I still have my 2000 Honda.
    5. “Morgan, you rock! Do it again tomorrow. You can have first dips on the sunny spots.


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