A crazy end to a crazy week or more stinky ooze | For Animal Lovers

Some weeks are crazier than others. Sometimes they disguise themselves as uneventful and you are caught by surprise. This week was one of those.
I had some other things going on but I’ll save those for another post. This post will be about poor Jake’s relapse. Jake is my aging, diabetic cat who has been suffering from abscesses around his ears. I wrote about these earlier and you can catch up here if you didn’t read about it on the first round.

He recovered from his last few abscesses and after a few weeks where he was his usual bossy self, he developed another abscess. There is no hiding these things. He goes from an active cat who will eat anything that isn’t nailed down to a moody cat who won’t eat anything, hides and gives you hairy eyeballs if you even look at him.

Since this one was his sixth abscess in less than two months and his veterinarian and I couldn’t agree on the cause, I went for a second opinion. The protocol in the new vet’s office was a little different. Some things were better and some just different. For one thing we had to wait longer because it appeared to be a busier office or it may just have been the timing.

You know how kids do the damnedest things? Well, so do cats. Jake was prodded and shaved. Yep, they shaved his boo boo. That was new. When all the nice fuzzy fur was removed there was a HUGE abscess the size of Texas with ooze coming out. Way gross. The first vet never shaved him.

I am not sure if he cared one way or the other about the trim but he shook his head violently and the abscess broke open depositing it’s stinky, oozy contents like a piñata drops its candy at a party. Vet, techs and yours truly were flecked with disgusting droplets of stinky ooze and blood. Crap! This stuff has to be hazmat material.

We were able to squeeze out most of the goo, clean it, medicate him (really? I think I needed the meds more than he did) and repack him in his wonderful, rolling carrier. The ride home was uneventful. He crawled back into his hiding place to take a nap.

However, I needed a shower, a nap and a good margarita in that order. That is the happy ending part. Oh yes, we have concluded that he has allergies which are causing yeast infections in his ear making him scratch himself aggressively so he is self-inflicting the abscesses. (Did you follow all that?) That’s at least a good working theory to start.

Next time we visit the vet for an abscess (and hopefully there won’t be a next time), I’m wearing a moon suit!

21 thoughts on “A crazy end to a crazy week or more stinky ooze | For Animal Lovers

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  2. I’m not sure which of you I have more sympathy for at this moment, so I’ll call it a tie.

    Our cat Sam had a tooth abscess back in November. Thankfully he kept all the pus to himself.

    Here’s hoping Jake doesn’t get any more abscesses.


  3. You earned a shot with that Margarita! I was sweating just thinking about that ordeal…it’s never a pleasant trip when we go to the vet. The best thing is you now have an answer…thank goodness. (please put covers over the mirrors so Jake doesn’t have to see his new hair-do)


  4. Poor you having to go through all the trauma of Jake. I’m glad Jake is hopefully on the mend. How does a cat get a yet infection? I better check my cats ears for any growth. Have a relaxing weekend. As for the goo, I think I lost my appetite. Bleh :=(


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