Lousy timing, stinky ooze and sick cats! | For Animal Lovers

Jake, poor baby!

It never fails. Pets are like children in that they get sick at the wrong times. They only get ill on weekends or right before a holiday. Our local emergency animal hospital has a standard minimum of $175 so we try to avoid that.

Jake has been getting boo boos on his ear. Yesterday for the third week in a row, he showed signs of another boo boo. I looked at it; cleaned it; and made an appointment with the vet. It is the day before a holiday. The soonest I can get in is Friday morning. I wasn’t so worried at the time because I thought it would mend like the others did. My concern is to find the root cause of all these problems.

Fast forward to the end of the day – ten minutes after the vet is gone for the holiday to be exact. He now has goo all over the side of his face. I get paper towels, peroxide and Neosporin to clean him up…again.

Dang! There is a half cup of stinky puss in my hand. Do you know how stinky pus is? Wow! He must have an abscess of some sort and he’s leaking goo.

He was a sweetheart and let me clean him up….again. Then he ate a hearty supper. I took that to be a good sign but I am still worried. I am expecting house guests who are staying until after the weekend and today there are more people coming for dinner. I can’t concentrate when I have a sick cat.

I went to discuss this problem with Mr. Google. What did we do before him! According to posts, behind the ear abscesses are not all that unusual for cats. Most likely cause is a bite from another animal and it heals over but the bacteria are still there. On-line vets suggested using peroxide and Neosporin to clean it out then monitor for infection. Done!

While I was trying to get my anxiety level down a notch or two, I noticed that he left me some gifts, too. Seems that he oozed his smelly goo all over one of the upholstered chairs where the guests are expected to sit. I spritzed some cleaner on it but it wasn’t looking good. There is blood in the goo so I flipped the cushions.

Now you cannot tell my guests that they are sitting on a cushion that has smelly goo on the other side. I don’t think you can smell it anymore since it’s dried but you know the power of suggestion. I know if someone told me this story I would spend the afternoon sniffing the furniture. Hopefully they won’t read my blog until AFTER the dinner!

26 thoughts on “Lousy timing, stinky ooze and sick cats! | For Animal Lovers

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  4. Well, by now you’ve either taken poor Jake to the vet, or he’s better…but I’m still thinking about the upholstery! And this is indeed one time when you hope your good friends are NOT reading your blog! 🙂 Hope all is well!!


  5. Vet visit went well. He’s on antibiotics. Vet says it looked like a fight wound. It’s hard to believe my old diabetic cat actually gets into cat fights. He spends so little time outside and is relatively mellow.


  6. As an owner of multiple cats, we have to check every room just before company arrives to make sure there are no surprises. I will never understand why even the smallest kitten will go use the litter box, but every cat will just puke any old place.


    • You are so right. For the last batch of houseguests, someone stepped in a hairball on the dining room floor. It blended into the oriental rug there and I never saw it. I am past feeling apologetic about it. If you stay here you take your chances!


  7. Oh, no! Does this sound familiar – it’s often a small puncture from a cat claw – and it’s infected like a balloon and blowing open ( All our RC’s have gotten these – usually when company comes – love to share the grossness)
    The on-line vets sound pretty much ontarget. But you may need an antibiotic goo to smear on if it’s not better tomorrow. He probably feels bad and headachie…out of the way warm spot – maybe with a box for hide in?
    All I can say is if my biggest complaint today is the dog sheds, the cat is getting pushy about territory – I should be very thankful for it all.
    Hugs and wishing you a very happy Thanksgiving (and quick recovery for Jake)


    • Awww! Thanks! Jake is sleeping soundly under the bed. (We have company so he won’t use his normal bed.) Other than scratching it (probably open), he seems pretty good. He is still eating as if there is a famine coming.


  8. Oh poor Jake! And poor you too with company coming and hidden goo. The best news is it’s draining and that’s a good sign I think. Step 1 in the healing process. You may not even need to go to the vet tomorrow. Fingers crossed. Have a stellar Thanksgiving now.


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