Random 5 for March 7, 2021 – Spring, memories, homes, Gracie, taxes


Spring’s a coming – Although you couldn’t tell it by the 25 degree temperature we had this morning. Later in the week we are predicted to be well in the 60s. You will recognize me on the news. I will … Continue reading

Random 5 for March 22 – Taxes, hair, old, coffee, spring


Happy dance! – I finished my taxes (several days before they extended the deadline). As always there were a few glitches in the software that I had to work through but it’s history for another year. #donedonedone #don’tcareifit’sextended We are … Continue reading

Random 5 for March 4 – Fruitful week, smells, cleaning up, expectations, memories


Wonderful, wonderful – This has been a good week. I did my taxes and although there was a little mud wrestling with the on-line product, it’s done. (BTW the issues had to do with Internet Explorer…again). Then I found a … Continue reading

Random 5 for April 11 — taxes, socks, thumb, hair, Starbucks courtesy


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Something’s not working here – I have been having a problem lately with socks. They creep down into my shoe. Does that mean my socks are too old and stretched out or my shoes don’t fit quite right? Does anyone … Continue reading

The best of taxes (if there is any)


My snark has been hiding lately. Throbbing thumbs and crappy weather added to tax time equals a very cranky (and not very humorous) Kate. Rather than write yet another bland piece, I am posting one of my tax favorites. This is … Continue reading

Wrestling with the tax dragons


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Note: Kate is at Starbucks for R&R. This was written by her mean and cranky alter ego. I hate taxes. Could the government have made it any more complicated? I think not. Who thought up all those “but if’s” anyway? It’s the … Continue reading