Random 5 for March 22 – Taxes, hair, old, coffee, spring


Happy dance! – I finished my taxes (several days before they extended the deadline). As always there were a few glitches in the software that I had to work through but it’s history for another year. #donedonedone #don’tcareifit’sextended We are … Continue reading

Random 5 for March 4 – Fruitful week, smells, cleaning up, expectations, memories


Wonderful, wonderful – This has been a good week. I did my taxes and although there was a little mud wrestling with the on-line product, it’s done. (BTW the issues had to do with Internet Explorer…again). Then I found a … Continue reading

Random 5 for April 11 — taxes, socks, thumb, hair, Starbucks courtesy


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Something’s not working here – I have been having a problem lately with socks. They creep down into my shoe. Does that mean my socks are too old and stretched out or my shoes don’t fit quite right? Does anyone … Continue reading

The best of taxes (if there is any)


My snark has been hiding lately. Throbbing thumbs and crappy weather added to tax time equals a very cranky (and not very humorous) Kate. Rather than write yet another bland piece, I am posting one of my tax favorites. This is … Continue reading

Wrestling with the tax dragons


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Note: Kate is at Starbucks for R&R. This was written by her mean and cranky alter ego. I hate taxes. Could the government have made it any more complicated? I think not. Who thought up all those “but if’s” anyway? It’s the … Continue reading