Random 5 for March 20 – Taxes, Kindle, desserts, work, weather


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I’m done, I’m done! Sweet Lord I’m done! – Ok, maybe that’s a little over the top but my taxes are completed, sent and accepted. After all the whining, it wasn’t too bad. I get some back from the feds. … Continue reading

The best of taxes (if there is any)


My snark has been hiding lately. Throbbing thumbs and crappy weather added to tax time equals a very cranky (and not very humorous) Kate. Rather than write yet another bland piece, I am posting one of my tax favorites. This is … Continue reading

The art of procrastinating


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  I am not a true procrastinator. Most of the time I keep ahead of deadlines and I like to get the yucky projects done first. Most of the time. (That phrase is key.) I have developed a few tips … Continue reading

Wrestling with the tax dragons


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Note: Kate is at Starbucks for R&R. This was written by her mean and cranky alter ego. I hate taxes. Could the government have made it any more complicated? I think not. Who thought up all those “but if’s” anyway? It’s the … Continue reading