Sassy cats — Gracie and the vet…again


Gracie is on the temporary cat spot next to my desk. Before our office reno, a loveseat was there and it was Gus’s spot. He’s not too happy about this turn of events.

Gracie here. Dang peep took me to the vet yesterday. Wassup wid dat? The portal to hell was out but I didn’t think it was for me (despite all the ear yanking going on). She scooped me up and jammed me in that dang thing!

They did weird things. Long sticks were put in my ear so if it didn’t bother me when I went in, it sure bothers me now. They are doing a culture. I sang them a song of my people. I hit all the high notes too!

There was a lot of groping. It was all non-consensual. There must be a law about that. I have to check with Cat Protective Services. We get the culture results next week. Until then the peep has to keep cleaning them but no meds.

Then they mentioned a dental. I have a cracked tooth and some nasty looking ones. The peep asked if I could get a dental light (meaning cheaper) and the vet said no (and saw no humor in the peep’s comment). Vet talked about multiple extractions. Hope it doesn’t affect my smile. Will a toothless one get me more catnip? Will I be an internet star?

Then we had to stop at Starbucks. The peep needed her fix. They didn’t probe her ears but she got the mocha. What’s wrong with this picture?

Coming home was good. Gus smelled me all over to make sure they didn’t put any dog smell on me. I must have been ok. The other two were napping and missed my return.(There was a huge yellow lab in the waiting room. I was hollering loudly and he was sniffing all around my carrier but  not too close. He didn’t say a word but I think he wanted to rescue me!)

Note from peep: Poor Gracie. They must have really dug in there. When she came home she was pawing at her ears for a few hours. She didn’t do that before she went. Vet said they would do a “deep cleaning” (that sounds scary) when she is under for the dental. (She will be selling pencils on the street corner to pay for that!) She has been keeping close to me. Most of the cats hide and sleep when they come back from the vet but Gracie gets needy. If she can’t see me she starts to holler. Loudly. Must be demons from a past life. Sweet, sweet Gracie!

63 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Gracie and the vet…again

  1. Poor baby – I feel for you dear. Who wants to be part of that sterile environment, even if it ends up being good for you in the long run? Years ago I had a poodle and Peppy had ear issues … once a week to the vet for tending and my parents would do a nightly cleaning as well. It was a two-person operation: one held Peppy’s head still while the other stuck in the swab with ointment. I watched the procedure plus heard my mother say the dog’s visits were more costly than their/my doctor visits. Hang in there Gracie.

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      • That’s a long time waiting on lab results. Yes costly, but since they are a member of the family, we inwardly cringe at the amount but gladly fork it over. Though you have it rough with four cats to keep in top shape.

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        • In the last 5 years the cost of an office visit has doubled. I have stopped doing the annual wellness check as they never found anything useful. For both Hazel and Mollie, they had the “wellness” senior exam but were dead within a month for Hazel and 3 months for Mollie so it didn’t catch anything at all. I do all the vaccines and of course when something is wrong.

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          • I took my canary once a year for his wellness check. I liked the avian vet a lot – she interacted with him fine but I had to take him two other times for toenail clips. Then I was not in the room. I waited in an exam room while they took Buddy, in his cage, to another room where they said nothing was in the room except a counter, in case a bird escapes while they are working on him so he doesn’t get hurt. The last year or so, Buddy would hyperventilate in the waiting room before we went in and once had to have oxygen. I’d bring him home and he’d sit in the corner for a day. I dreaded taking him … something happened and I don’t know what, but he was calm before that.

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              • Well we went three times a year – I don’t think I mentioned that. Thru the years we had parakeets and they were fine with trimming their nails and beak … they are more easygoing. Canaries are high strung – they don’t get beak trims but need nail trims. I took him three times a year – one time was an annual visit with nail trim and then two other visits per year for nail trims only. Something happened to traumatize him and both Dr. Cooks, she and her husband, are avian vets with parrots and other tropical birds at their house … I am thinking they had a vet tech do it. Putting oxygen over Buddy’s little face as he hyperventilated before the visit in the waiting room was pretty upsetting to see and also part of the reason I won’t get another pet, especially a bird. Buddy had a stroke and I had him euthanized. Part of me thinks that the trauma at the vet’s office might have been the root cause.

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    • Hoping that a shot of covenia will clear up the ear thing. I don’t want the cultures to come back negative because that is our last shot at figuring something out. I didn’t tell her about the dental yet. Ignorance is bliss.

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  2. Poor Gracie! It sounds a little alarming thinking of how deep a “deep cleaning” might probe. I’m cringing just thinking about it. And I commiserate at the potential of a very large veterinary bill! Ouch to you both!!

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  3. Gracie you need to get all this health stuff behind you so can get to the casino again. You may need a big win to pay for all the issues. I know the Lady Peep is going to need lots of SB and maybe Margaritas to get through the dental. I am so sorry you are going to have extractions and deep cleaning on that misbehaving ear. It will be a very good thing to get those teeth out. You may make the medical journals with the lava chunks coming out of your ear. It is going to be very interesting to hear just what is going on. Sending be well thoughts to you!

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  4. Ah, poor Gracie. She is so sweet. My kitty hates the vet and screams from the moment she is put in the carrier until the vet opens the door to treat her. She needs a dental also, but I am dealing with a sick pup and one at the time is all I can handle. Sending healing energy for Gracie’s ears.

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    • I was doing one ailment at a time. They wanted her to have a dental in the spring but the ear thing kept cropping up. I didn’t want to yank out teeth while that was going on. Turns out they want to deep clean the bad ear while she is under. She is a small, boisterous cat so cleaning them too much when she’s awake is very difficult even for the vet.

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  5. Poor Gracie, and poor you!! I hope that culture provides some helpful info, especially on whatever medication might actually tackle the problem. A dental too…utter misery.

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