Random 5 for October 16, 2022 – Timing, project, quiet, Gracie, breakfast

I’m late! – I started this post on Friday but it didn’t get finished for Sunday. However, there are no blog police to scold me.

Mea Culpa – After a stressful week of wondering if the current construction project will be far enough along to host some out-of-town guests, it all worked out. Our contractor, who had to fit a dying friend’s emergency job in, worked late to finish enough for us to move furniture around. Unfortunately, his friend died two days after. Not sure he got to use the new ramp.

A serene life – I never realize how serene our lives are. The beloved husband isn’t a talker so it’s mostly the cats and me chatting. With extra people (our guests) in the house, the decibel range was high. It wasn’t the kids either who quietly did stuff on electronics. As with all guests we are glad to see them and glad to return to serenity.

Wake me when it’s over!

Gracie the adaptable – Our latest construction project created an office on the first floor. Gracie was our upstairs office cat, rarely coming down. I didn’t know how that would work out, but she moved down along with my desktop. We are working to make sure she has comfy spots (this house is maintained for the comfort of our cats!) and she adjusted like a champ. Since we’ve had guests sleeping in the cat room it wasn’t too hard but with their departure I’m wondering if she will try to move back upstairs.

Oh my! – Our guests live in the Midwest, land of limited ocean seafood (or expensive ocean seafood). For breakfast on Saturday, they had multiple dozens of clams. Since I don’t ever eat them, I was astounded at GI constitutions that can handle a pound of butter and rubber bands (what I think clams taste like) in the morning!

So how was your week?

55 thoughts on “Random 5 for October 16, 2022 – Timing, project, quiet, Gracie, breakfast

  1. I’m glad you had a wonderful weekend. It’s like that around the holidays, lots of activity which is enjoyed, but then back to quiet which is enjoyed. A good time is had by all! Glad the sassies adjusted nicely.

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  2. Le Roi can relate to having his house back again! After a weekend of being stalked by two over-keen kids aged four and six, he totally gets it!


  3. So glad the construction project finished in time! And sorry about his friend passing. Also glad you had a good visit with you guests! I don’t know about clams for breakfast either – that does not sound appetizing at all.

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  4. I think you’ve shared so much about your contractor that I’ve come to care for him. Ha! I feel so badly about his friend passing. Funny how we are all connected, but yes! No blogging police. I know what you mean about the return to a serene household after entertaining. Your description of clams matches my impression, too! 🙂

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  5. I love the white rabbit.

    I also had company this weekend. We had a great visit, and, like you, I was glad to return to serenity.

    I’m not wild about clams, although they’re okay if they’re chopped up a bit. But I do like oysters, especially the small ones. Last week my sister and drove to LaConner, a delightful little town in the next county and ate on a deck overlooking the water. My Caesar salad with fried oysters was delicious.

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  6. Eeewww to the clams. I don’t even like to look at them. Today, I had Oreo cookies and iced tea for breakfast, which was almost lunchtime.
    Good news about the construction being done…for now. You are quite ambitious, always planning work to be done by you and your hubby.

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  7. I’m so glad your construction project and your guests worked out. I did laugh at your house is maintained for the cats. We were dog people in our younger days, but those girls would have probably moved in with you because we kept them in certain rooms only and never once did I worry about moving furniture and if they’d like it. Your cats are living like queens. Hmm, clams for breakfast? I cannot even fathom that. Younger folks with better gGI tracts thats for sure.

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  8. How wonderful your contractor was able to accommodate the ‘B&B visit’ for your guests but sorry his friend didn’t get to realize his generous spirit. My sympathies for his loss. Gracie looks none for the worse with the new digs. Clams for breakfast?? Hmm…just give me a nice breakfast pastry and a good cuppa Joe and I’m happy to begin the day. 🥐 ☕️

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  9. I’m so glad your construction worked out for you and most everyone had fun. Gracie looks adorable in her new spot.

    My parents visited Dad’s brother and wife in their home on the eastern seaboard. Dad was incredibly frustrated that he kept being forced to go to BBQ joints when he wanted to take advantage of the fresh seafood. Still, clams for breakfast? I could probably eat most types of seafood for breakfast except for clams or oysters.

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  10. Hopefully your life (and Gracie’s) can return to a place of more serenity now that so much chaos is past! Hopefully the contractor finishes up that last bit and you can have peace and quiet again, at least for awhile.

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