Sassy cats — Wild weekend coming up

This is me in a pile of catnip in the sunshine. It doesn’t any better than that!

Gracie here. We had a lot of rain so the casino trip was canceled. We had a carpenter in the house all week. That makes Sasha crazy but this time she slept on top of the bed instead of under it. Baby steps. Wait until she finds out people are staying here for the weekend!

The peep did a stupid thing (probably not just one but I’m only reporting on one). She had a pretty plant in her outdoor planter and decided to bring it in. It’s an asparagus fern. Very pretty. She put it on the bright windowsill. Gus found it and did a chomp or two which sent the peep to Mr. Google. He said it wasn’t good for cats. Gave them bellyaches. Beautiful plant is back outdoors. Perhaps she should discuss with Mr. Google before she goes to the trouble of potting.

My ear is not getting better so there may be another vet trip in my future. It’s dripping liquid which I fling around. The peep is preoccupied now but maybe next week. As the peep would say boogers. She better take the zoom groom along to make me happy in the exam room.

We all hope you have a great weekend and don’t have to hide under the bed.

45 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Wild weekend coming up

    • I have a pothos which does well without much human contact and the cats don’t bother it. I took some ribbon grass indoors prior to the first frost. It’s higher on a plant stand and Sasha was pawing at it. They like anything that looks like grass.


    • I think it’s inevitable but since she doesn’t appear to have any discomfort, I may wait until the end of the week. She is such a good cat I hate that it happens to her. Also, she can’t be pilled. I can put drops in her ear but no pills in her mouth.


  1. Gracie, so sorry about your ear. Man, that is some stubborn whatever the heck it is. Sorry you missed your casino outing. Awesome Sasha didn’t get under the bed. Hoping your Lady Peep finds some blog fodder with the goings-on this weekend. I hope it is a great weekend!

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  2. Bummer about the ear . . . and the plant . . . and the contractor . . . and the rain . . . and the canceled casino trip . . . and the in-coming visitors who will upset Sasha’s sleep schedule.

    Cool about the catnip . . . and the sunshine. Stay chill!

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  3. Well good for Sasha for sleeping on top of the bed. I was pleased when Charlie and Zoe would at least come out and glare at the visitor. Zoe now likes to rub her scent on them and bite them if they think that they have permission to pet her.

    Tell your peeps I hope everyone has a good weekend! Don’t forget to remind her that her quests might perform manual labor in exchange for pizza and beer. I recommend it!

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  4. I hope Gracie’s ear is better soon. If you posted it before, I don’t remember, but what is wrong with it. We are still administering shots twice a day to Harry. Funny how he can tell the difference when I have a shot in hand, as opposed to just coming into a room. Have a great visit with you company.

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    • Vet originally said it was infected. I thought it was yeast as it smelled like yeast. The meds help somewhat but as soon as I stop it comes back. She oozes a brown liquid. Nothing about her seems off. She eats, poops and carries on as usual so I don’t think she has a bad earache.

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  5. So sorry Gracie is still having ear problems! And good luck, kitties, with the visitors this weekend. Did the contractor finish up so that’s out of the way??

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    • He’s coming today to clean up his stuff. He still has one board to install which he will do on Monday, then he’s done. We have some painting to do but it doesn’t matter if that’s done before the guests get here. We are hoping to be able to move my office downstairs to open up another room upstairs.

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