Sassy cats — Gracie and the computer

Gracie here. There was a big kerfuffle here this morning. You probably heard the peep yelling. She doesn’t need a microphone.

I was being my warm cuddly self. I swished my tail in her face while she was trying to drink her coffee. Then I put the cap lock on her keyboard. I rubbed the side of the computer and got the weather up for her to see. She was grumpy. I jumped down and sat on the power backup box and that’s when all hell broke loose.

Evidently I turned the power off. Who knew that little light button turned the juice off? The peep said that it is bad to cut the power to a computer without first shutting it down. She used a different language. I didn’t understand the words or maybe she made them up.

The backup power box has a new house now. I can sit on top of that.

Anyhow, eventually, power was restored, computer was started and all is well. At least so far. I have been banished from the computer desk even though it has a cat bed (which I haven’t used in months) on it. I was just trying to give her some love. Can’t make peeps happy! Much ado about nothing.

Now I’m tired. Too much commotion. Yes that jar in the back is my nip. Needed some today! This is my other bed on the back table. I can put bite marks in her file folders but that doesn’t make her nearly as angry.

Have a great weekend and don’t go turning any power off!

51 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Gracie and the computer

  1. Gracie – sorry the Peep didn’t appreciate you loving on her and her computer and equipment. At least if you’re relegated to the floor in the future, you can curl up on the stool like it’s a throne and not the backup power box. Ask the Peep for a soft cushion for on top of the stool. P.S. I’d wait a couple of days before asking though.

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  2. Oh Gracie, what a misunderstanding. You were only trying to show some love. Well, maybe she was just cranky because she hadn’t finished her coffee yet. I’m sure she will apologize with treats later. Hang in there.

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  3. HI Gracie – your peep knows your were just trying to show her some love! Hope you had a little nip and are feeling a little better now. Maybe nibble a file folder or two and get some rest. You’ve had a busy day!

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  4. Oh Gracie! If you only knew the trouble we peeps can get into when our computers malfunction. If it’s too much temptation to you to be so affectionate around technology, you might need to stay out of the computer room for a long time to come. Hope your whole household has a wonderful weekend, Gracie.

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  5. Oh Gracie, I’m so sorry about the kerfluffle. You were just trying to help. I walk across the keyboard all the time – I see Mom do it so I know what to do. I open ads for her or change pages or sometimes write several line of text. I don’t know why she gets upset. Perhaps I don’t spell very well. I’m sure, if you try, you can get rid of that silly house on top of the power thingie.

    Love, Zoe

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