Sassy cats – Sweet, sweet Mollie

Mollie at the vet at a previous visit.

This week Mollie entered the wormhole transporting her to the vet’s office. She did  the song of her people. She’s the cat who had a lot of testing done last November but all they came up with was a floppy esophagus. I didn’t think she was feeling well so off we went.

I like to think small when it comes to medical concerns, especially for my cats. I took Hazel in for a hairball only to find out that a ginormous tumor was putting pressure on her lungs and she didn’t come home. I call it minimizing. In true fashion, I went in saying I thought it may be reflux or heartburn.

Mollie will be 16 this spring. That’s an old cat (shh! Don’t tell her!). She’s past anything that involves anesthesia. In her young days she didn’t tolerate it well. The sure way to see what’s going on in the esophagus is with a scope. Under anesthesia.

She also has a slight limp. Most likely arthritis. After an exam that invaded her personal space, the vet upped her steroid med to every day and added a probiotic to aid in digestion. We’ll see.

Wheels up!

I am not ready to see her go. She’s my torti with an attitude. She’s an 8 pound cat that bosses the 12 pounders effectively. She’s my wheels up cat.

This picture happened seconds after a head womp. Mollie must have felt a little bad about it. She has trained them all!

I also don’t want to see her uncomfortable or unhappy. So far she’s eating and doing all the output stuff ok. Let’s hope she’s good for another 10,000 miles!

I learned a lesson from Jake (my cat who passed five years ago). I didn’t want to part with him either and kept him going for a year longer than I should have. It wasn’t a good year for either of us.

You got to know when hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away….. (The Gambler)

Just not yet for my sweet Mollie!


76 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Sweet, sweet Mollie

  1. Mollie is beautiful! We had a tortie with similar colors—Luisa (RIP). Talk about attitude. “You can look but don’t touch!” She was a big, heavy girl we affectionately called “Fat Bitch” more often than not 😉 But I hear you about letting go/not letting go. We held on to Luisa too long. We don’t want to make that mistake again. Here’s hoping that Mollie continues with her cattitude for many more years.

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  2. Those were the only hard moments of pet ownership – the time near the end when you are constantly judging whether they still have some quality of life or if they are only suffering. I learned my lesson with Dog One who I put through an operation because I couldn’t let her go. It’s always a tough thing to make such decisions. Hope your new treatments do the trick.

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    • Some sunny porch time would do her good. We don’t have the furniture set up but we always keep cushions on some furniture for the cats to enjoy during the winter. She doesn’t like cold though so she hasn’t been out.

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  3. Glad it’s “not yet” for Mollie. That stink eye she gives is pretty impressive 🙂 I use a digestive aid called Forti Flora. My cats have all LOVED it, I just make them wait until the powder soaks up some water on their wet food so they’re not inhaling the powder since it is scarfed down.

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  4. It’s a difficult decision to know when to let a cat go. They’re so delightfully ornery that you think they’re just playing you for the fun of it. But sometimes they aren’t. Sending warm thoughts your way.

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  5. There is one little consolation. You have many lovely photos of Mollie. You’ve stored “the song of her people” in your memory, too. Let us know when to grieve with you, knowing we’d all want to put that off as long as possible.

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  6. I hope you get a lot more time with your Mollie – she’s gorgeous and just LOOKS like she’s nowhere near ready to leave the life she has with you. I think I probably kept Sammy going about six months longer than he should have but saying goodbye is ever so hard – once the light is dim in their eyes you know it’s time. They say volumes with their eyes. Happy Friday!

    Hugs, Pam

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    • I knew it with Hazel. I took her to the emergency vet because my vet wouldn’t see her. (It was NYE and she thought that cat should be somewhere where people would be checking her frequently on the holiday.) I was so angry but at the end of the day, the decision was made that day. I would have preferred to have my regular vet administer the shots but the vet who did was very caring. The place was oozing with dogs and Hazel was too sick too care.


    • Jake was the worst. When he sang it, my skin crawled. In a closed car it reverberated through your body. By the time I got to the destination, I was nuts. Sasha also has a good set of lungs. The rest are at least bearable.


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