Sassy cats — Protein!

Shasha the stoner!

We had ants this week. One of the first places we saw them was at Mollie’s feeding area on an interior wall on the second floor. I have visions of ant elevators inside my walls.

Shasha was hoovering up any leftover food. She stood there, looked at the ants walking around on the plate and said “Oh, what the hey!” She ate the remaining food, ants and all. What a trooper.

In the picture she is chewing (licking, sucking) on a catnip bag for dessert with another one within paw reach.

Shasha and all the cats wish you a great holiday weekend if you celebrate. If you don’t have a great weekend anyhow.

56 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Protein!

  1. Sasha is a ham, even when it isn’t Easter. Try putting little dishes of cornmeal around, as the ants will eat it, seek a water source and the cornmeal will expand causing bodily harm to those ants – they explode.

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      • The first year I didn’t have any cornmeal in the house and I understand Cream of Wheat works – same principle. Used that first, then cornmeal next time to Meijer. It doesn’t get rid of all of them, but they do gravitate toward it and if you leave a drip in your sink, if they congregate on a counter top (that’s where all mine were), then the cornmeal will expand in their stomachs once they drink water.

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  2. We’ve had terrible experiences with ants over the years. In our semi, we watched in disbelief as an army of them marched up my net curtain! In the cottage, we had them marching along the ceiling beams in the lounge, and also up through the cavity and into the vent in the bathroom. Every time we cut the back grass, we would disturb at least four mounds of red ants. We have them here, but they know their place and stay outside. Saying that though, we found three containers of ant powder in the cupboard so we obviously got prepared for this year!
    Happy Easter Kate.

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  3. Terro is the best! For years, we fought ants and paid a lot of money to pest companies. The ants would start moving inside in April…a lot of ants. I was determined to get rid of them. When I discovered the Terro stakes, it was a game changer. You stick them into the ground around the foundation of your home. It takes time, but once the queen or queens are killed, the colonies are wiped out. Last summer we didn’t have one ant inside of our home. I believe we had multiple colonies underneath our brick patio and I think I successfully killed them all. So far this year, not one ant. The liquid that Nancy refers to works well too, but if used inside, it will draw in more ants first, but it will get rid of them. I purchase our stakes at Walmart. You get a box of 6 or 8 stakes for $7. It’s the best investment I’ve ever made. As soon as the rain clears out, I’ll be putting new stakes around for the season, just as a precaution. I should do a commercial for them because I’ve never believed in a product as much as I do this one.

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  4. Ugg, ants. How they are able to find tiny bits of food – let alone the cat’s food – from outside of the house, I just don’t understand. I used to put my cat’s food bowl in a shallow dish of water (making a moat around it) to keep the ants away. Funny that Sasha considered them appetizers and dove in.

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  5. Oh, look – Yoga letter “C” – RC will be so impressed…although muttering about “too cute”
    Not ants – ugh.
    Please discourage the ant nibbling. When RC was freelancing as a kite in the wilds, she apparently was eating ants to survive. Vet said that’s not very good for digestive track and that was why she was not tolerating food and probably wouldn’t make it…but she showed him…once we found the one (not vet recommended) canned turkey dinner (and nothing else) she thrived..
    However Such an excellent Letter Yoga performance indicates she is purrrfectly fine.

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    • My other cats would absolutely turn their noses up if anything moved on their food. I was so stunned I just watched. I am hopeful we are past the ant invasion. Did a lot of work caulking, cleaning, etc. The weird part was that Sasha’s dish is by the sliding glass doors. That’s the first place we get ants but she is so meticulous about licking her plate clean that we didn’t get any there. However, they did invade my spice cabinet. Ants are nature’s way of making me clean. BTW RC is too stubborn to die. She knew she had work to do training a household.

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  6. BFF uses Terro Ant Killer ~ it’s a liquid that comes in a bottle. He gets it at Ace Hardware. He puts a dollop on a piece of painter’s tape near the trail of beasties (and out of the reach of the cats). Within 24 hours, bye-bye ants.

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  7. Sasha the stoner! Haha! Great picture Kate as she oozes out of the bed. She is going to be a formidable force on the ant front for you!

    Ants… I don’t like them at all. I’ll take silverfish over them, which we have here in good old Florida. We had ghost ants last summer and they were the most tiny, see thru, motivated ants I have ever encountered. They marched from the lanai right into the kitchen and started to get friendly with the counter tops and pantry. I found their trail to the outside and blasted them with vinegar Windex while CH went and bought something with more punch! Hope you get them, Kate. I am intrigued by the Raid Ant Gel that derrycats suggests. Guess who is going to go purchase some of that? Be prepared, be in control… my motto for bugs in Florida.

    Happy Easter to the hoomins and the Sassy Cats!

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  8. Sasha is so adorable!! For ants we use the Raid Ant Gel. Works like a charm, but you have to let the ants all come and eat for a bit for it to work. Ant convention, and then they are all gone!

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