Sassy cats — Is it in the genes?

In the last few months there have been four cats (in addition to mine) adopted by family members. I don’t think that’s ever happened before.

You all know Sasha by now. She’s my youngest cutie.

Shasha (left) and Gracie having a meet and greet.

This is Captain and Porter

In addition my grand niece’s daughter adopted a bonded pair. She has two older cats but had room for more. They are three-month old boys.

My niece, who is not typically a cat person, adopted Maya from the same rescue. She is a 3-year-old Siamese mix.

Earlier in the year my niece’s daughter “fostered” a cat for her daughter but the cat never left. Here is Brandy who was a feral cat adjusting to the good life inside.

That’s my side of the family. The beloved husband has four adult kids and at the last count (which may or may not be accurate) there were around 13 grandpets. There are dogs, cats, sometimes chickens and who knows what else. There were a few passings, some adoptions. Hard to track since they live on the other side of the country.

It runs in the genes.

44 thoughts on “Sassy cats — Is it in the genes?

  1. What a happy clan! Pets just round out our lives, and I think it speaks well that your family on whole have committed to bringing in rescue pets. 🙂 It’s fun to hear about them.

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    • They all have their personalities. Eldest step-daughter has a catahoula dog that she got as a puppy. He was very ginormous puppy and easy pushed people over. Many stories there. I love that the granddaughters are growing up with a variety of pets. They had chickens for a few years besides dogs and cats. It teaches empathy and patience and other lessons that you don’t learn any other way.


    • I took a shine to cats when I was very young. My mother said a dog bit me when I was 3 or 4 (I probably deserved it). We had a family dog that I loved but back then, most dogs spent a lot of time outside. When I worked cats were easier. I love dogs too but cats do rule. We have a lot of dogs in the family too.

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    • The odd part is I don’t have a lot of patience except when it comes to cats. This morning Gracie ate, then threw up her entire breakfast. I calmly cleaned it up and asked if she wanted more.


    • The “fostering” is the family joke because her son had no intention of re-homing the cat and everyone but her knew it. My brother loves pets but not my SIL. She wasn’t raised with them. She always says if she goes first he’s going to have 80 cats in his house!

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    • The two (Sasha and Gracie) were wrestling in a bag last night splitting it open. I never have the camera when I need it. I’m glad that Gracie has a buddy who is as active as she is. I’m a believer of adopting in pairs.


  2. I think every single one of my immediate family members has pets. At least one dog or cat. I used to have the most, though, until my current stepmother started adopting every creature that showed up on her doorstep. She and my dad live in a small Utah city where a lot of pets get dumped.

    I think they ended up with four dogs and three cats. Pretty hilarious, when Dad refused to ever allow more than a single cat or dog in our house growing up.

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    • Part of my family are big animal lovers and there is a part that is not. There are allergies but I don’t think the interest is there. My bro and SIL had an adult cat that was rescued. My SIL did not want it so her son told her it was just until he found it a suitable home. It died there 10 years later. The cat would sleep in her bedroom. Lots of denial out there.

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        • I would have a dog except for the extra work and already having 4 cats. Jake was my last indoor/outdoor cat and one thing I enjoy is not worrying (or picking off) ticks. I needed to treat all the cats for ticks and fleas every month because he could bring them in. Now I don’t bother. Haven’t had an issue yet.

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