Sassy cats — The dreaded words “I feel queasy”

Here is Hazel on the new carpet! Feeling queasy.

Poor Hazel has been suffering from a hairball that wouldn’t come up…or go down. She’d hack her little heart out, but nothing came. This went on for a week and I started getting concerned. *insert neurotic pet owner here with vet bill looming* She was able to eat and poop so I knew there was no blockage but it had to be uncomfortable.

Hazel suffers from recurring diarrhea so I don’t want to give her anything that would encourage that. Many hairballs remedies have some sort of laxative in them. I stopped one of her poop meds and that’s all it took. She gifted me with a ginormous hairball. She didn’t deposit it on the new carpet but on the old one. What a cat. We are all relieved and she is very happy (and there weren’t any vet bills!).

In complete serendipity, Mollie tossed a hairball too. On a carpet but not the new one. I stepped in it. Yuk!

Hazel and Mollie are all better and wish you a great weekend with no hairballs.

Here is Hazel feeling much relieved. You can see that I put towels on her favorite spots until this resolved but she preferred to toss on a  carpet.


51 thoughts on “Sassy cats — The dreaded words “I feel queasy”

    • The new carpet has a different feel. It’s very flat, almost woven like. I don’t think it has the soft feel that the other carpets have. Then again, they are cats so I have no idea why they chose what they chose.


      • It’s always a relief to fix the problem and not have to corral them and take them to the vet where they hate to go. The last few times I had my canary at the vet they had to use an oxygen mask on him as he was hyperventilating so badly. Sorry I am so behind responding to comments/post … my boss is getting ready to go on vacation and I was swamped and left work later a few nights and have had internet troubles as well. We had beautiful weather today – 43 degrees and sunny. It can stay like this til mid-April and I’d be happy.

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          • We had fog again today but it lifted by 10:00 so I headed out then. I prefer going out earlier though – I’m a creature of habit. Amazingly it was nice today … we have no rain until Thursday and then the ugly weather starts … rain Thursday into Friday and all day Friday and maybe the weekend … they don’t want to put the forecast out yet as it is basically a holiday weekend. What a disappointing weather year this has been. We’ve had better weather in December than in October and November.

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  1. I’m a neurotic pet owner, too. Max is getting older, and a friend just lost her dog who is one year older than him, so I’ve been overly neurotic now. If I pay attention, Max tells me if he has to throw by going to the door for outside. There are times I haven’t seen him, and he thinks that means he has to go place it on the good carpet. I think he sees carpet as grass, because he loves rolling around on it like in grass.

    So glad to know that you have a worry free weekend over Hazel now, and that she’s feeling much better. Enjoy the weekend.

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    • It is a worry when they are older. I didn’t want to give her something for it for fear it would let loose the butt machine but I knew she was uncomfortable. They must see carpet as grass as the cats prefer it too. Since my cats don’t go out, it’s always inside.

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  2. The joys of cat ownership: Stepping on a cold wet hairball. I’m always barefoot in the house which makes the experience very EXTRA.

    Happily and knock on all the woods – neither of my current pests seems to hack up hairballs. I’m almost worried about that, but I’ve decided it’s a blessing I’ve earned after a lifetime of stepping in wet hairball.

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    • Don’t question it! Morgan doesn’t toss hairballs but the other three do. Not sure why as Gracie and Morgan has the same kind of fur. Mollie’s is long but Hazel is short but thick. They are all brushed (especially Hazel and Mollie).

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  3. You’re lucky they accommodated you by leaving their little gift on the old carpet. I’m convinced mine race around looking for the perfect spot…on the area rug, instead of on the hardwood floors which are more abundant. *Sigh* Here’s to a hairball free weekend.

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    • At least this wasn’t in the middle of the night and I had fuzzy socks on (which are in the laundry!). The middle of the night finds are the worst. Sometimes I put the wastebasket over it and clean it in the morning. I do clean my feet though.

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  4. What is it about cats and their desire to retch on carpet rather than hardwood?! Theo will actually move off the floor onto the carpet to hack up a hairball. Sigh.

    Glad to hear that the hairball is now history and everyone is happy again 🙂

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