Random 5 for June 3 – Health, ultrasound, presents, beauty, extremes

Where is my body? – In the middle of the night aliens came and took my fabulously healthy body and replaced it with the broken down body of the centenarian. A not very healthy one! Oh yeah, my fabulously firm arms were replaced with flab too. Here is a health update. I’m fine. My teeth are recovering. My virus is gone. I wretched my back but that’s on the mend too. I’d love more than one day of feeling healthy though.

Speaking of bad backs – We are a very physically active family and often have sore muscles and boo-boos. I was first introduced to ultrasound therapy (no, not the picture-taking kind) after hand surgery several years ago. It breaks up scar tissue and helps heal. We invested in a home model which is far cheaper than getting treatments outside. Best idea ever!

The tooth fairy! – My cat Mollie had dental surgery a few weeks back. Two teeth were removed. She was very surprised when the tooth fairy aka Ellen from 15andmeowing sent a package. As is often the case in this house, youngest cat Gracie ran off with the biggest catnip toy but there were more than enough to go around. Thanks Ellen! Dazed cats send furry purrs.

A beautiful time of year – Leaves are fully flushed out (finally) and buds are blooming. June is a beautiful time of year where I live. Many of the perennials do their first flush of flowers. Maybe it’s because it’s always a long dreary winter but when this time of year comes, everyone goes a little nuts.

And Mother Nature is off her meds again – Despite the beauty, we continue to have 30 degree temperature swings. After two delightful days bumping near 90 degrees (which the forecasters were wrong about) today has dawned cold, cloudy and windy. The older I get the more the cold bothers me. Maybe this is why old people move south. I swear my bones are on Travelocity daily looking for cheap flights.

So how was your week?

46 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 3 – Health, ultrasound, presents, beauty, extremes

  1. HA! And as we moan each summer’s heat gets more difficult to tolerate and perhaps relocating a little more towards cooler climates. We crave nightly cool downs…knocks some of the heat out of the concrete.
    Glad you are chewing and moving more back to normal. Such a nice cat surprise is bound to help…if the cats’ are happy, everyone’s happy!

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  2. I relate to your odd physical pains that seem to manifest from nowhere. I’m always torn between taking a Tylenol or sipping a glass of wine. Both seem to work, it’s just that one is more fun than the other.

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  3. How thoughtful of the vet to send catnip to Molly! Does your doctor ever send you a gift?

    June is also a beautiful time of year here. I love all the flowers and tender green leaves. Our state flower is the rhododendron, and they’re all in bloom in May and June. That’s when you notice brightly colored plants almost as big as the house that you didn’t even see during the winter.

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  4. Well, two things; 1) I live in pain every day of my life. Some days are better than others. I’ve noticed how much worse the pain gets in the winter now that I moved out of Florida. I hated it there though. Don’t really want to go back in retirement. Not a fan of dry heat either. I wonder if Georgia or South Carolina would work in the winter. 2) The most important one which comes with a question. It’s funny that you should mention ultrasound therapy. It has really helped me at my chiropractor, but it’s soooooo expensive to continue going. Over the past couple of weeks, we’ve been considering buying a machine, and then here is your post. We have LOTS of medical bills we still have to pay off, partly due to my chiro appointments, my husband’s broken toe and the dog’s vet bill. After we pay these off (sorry for the TMI), we want to buy an ultrasound machine. My question is, do you have a recommendation? We don’t know which brand or “power wattage” to buy.

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    • We were ignorant too. I asked our chiro about it but he wasn’t any help in home machines. I wasn’t going to pay thousands for an industrial model. We ended up with LG Pro Series Elite Ultrasound based on reviews. We purchased last year and we like it. Our chiro says that our medical insurance does not cover ultrasound treatments which is crazy because they help. This is a way we can get them more frequently. We also use them when the injury is not so severe that we need to go to a doc. I am so sorry about your pain. I have had a series of health issues this spring and I know I am not my perky self. I tend to be short tempered and I’m working on that. I don’t know how people who have pain all the time manage it but you must. There is no choice. Good luck.

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      • I know what you mean about getting irritable. I can’t imagine what this pain will be like 20 years from now in my 70’s. But, I try not to think about that. Thank you for the information and for your kind words.

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  5. So glad you’re having good days – I’m there with ya about the cold! How cute is that, the tooth fairy visits! A whole new market for catnip toys! Glad molly is mending.

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    • Do they use it in rehab for him? They didn’t automatically do it for me but I had a lot of pain from the scar tissue binding my thumb at the bend. I know stupidest thing ever! The doc had the rehab folks do it. It’s not a miracle but I could tell it helped a lot. He could ask. You could also google it to see if there are any reviews for his specific injury. We have a LG Pro Series Elite Ultrasound but it would be best to check with his doc first.


  6. I’m happy to hear you’re feeling better, Kate. I might have to check out that machine. What’s the brand name? Our weather has been horrid for the past three weeks, but I think after today, the tropical flow will move out and take all of this rain and extremely humid air with it. Have a great week!

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  7. I certainly here you on the strange weather. Although warmer down here in Florida, we’ve been on this rain kick for the last two weeks that just won’t stop. Each morning we wake up to sunny skies that give me hope, but by afternoon it’s coming down in sheets. Hope you start feeling better, Kate!

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  8. Yesterday we went to a Birthday Party for a Centenarian (who is also somewhat contrarian). Jack turned 100 this week and had 18 members of his extended family here to celebrate with him. They took it easy on the old man ~> only 3 candles to blow out: 1 – 0 – 0!

    I checked the long range weather report (because BFF wanted to head someplace a bit cooler for our 34th Anniversary next week). Turns out there isn’t any place cooler on the East Coast next week ~ in fact, most temps up and down the Eastern Seaboard are forecasted to be WARMER than here. In short ~> your warmer temps will be back SOON.

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  9. What was that you said? “Centenarian?” Well, I wasn’t thinking that…I was more in the 90’s, but centenarian probably says it best. I have been literally crippled by my hips and knees. It came from no where, but I refuse, yes refuse to give in to my aches and pains. I really do believe mother nature and her VERY wet and cold spring has done this to me. I try to be kind to her, but she isn’t being particularly generous with me! Glad you are feeling better.

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  10. Glad to know you’re on the mend Kate. I had to laugh with the cat dentistry though. My niece collected the puppy’s baby teeth and put them under her pillow hoping the tooth fairy would visit and leave her some money. The tooth fairy did visit and left her a pile of dog biscuits!

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  11. Well, my body is moaning along with yours. When I told my friend Ed I’m not used to being chronically achey, he said, welcome to geezerhood. I hung up on him.

    I love the photo of flowers, and yes, Mother Nature could be Rosanne with her mood swings. I was cold today running, my legs in shock clad in shorts. I mean, hello, a minute ago I was sweating wiping my brow, so go figure.

    I like that Mollie’s dentist sent a gift. He or she must be from Connecticut. So polite and proper. Now Gracie needs to read Amy Vanderbilt’s book of manners. I’ll be happy to lend her mine a bit dog-eared since I let Carmela the basset borrow it. 🙂

    Nice list.

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