Back to healthy! Sort of…

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This was the spring for back-to-back health issues. All were different and I’ve recovered. I don’t need sympathy but Starbucks gift cards are good!

“They say” hard times make you grow. They just make me cranky. I am not a great patient! Never was, just ask my mom.

About the time my dental issues eased, I picked up a virus with a high fever. Just as that subsided (I was 23 hours fever-free) I threw my back out. This is the most bizarre series of back luck I’ve ever had. Nothing was related.

There were some funny, poignant or learning moments along the way. I am the worst hypochondriac there is. When others have a cold, I’m on death’s door with what I am sure is a confirmed case of fatal pneumonia! However, I missed an opportunity to latch onto something big.

The first sign I was sick was my mocha latte. It didn’t taste right. I did the American thing and blamed the barista. It was later in the day when I knew something was wrong. I wanted to run around naked (for comfort!). I had a substantial fever. I never want to be naked!

I visited my primary care doc. He did some testing then he told me he eliminated meningitis, Dengue, West Nile and Chikungunya fevers. I never thought to worry about those. I have to do more googling next time I get sick. Don’t want to miss worrying about any of the BIG ones.

He asked me if I was anyplace exotic. The international aisle at the grocery story didn’t count. Nor did the liver spot on my leg count as a rash. However, I got a plus for humor.

I had a nondescript virus that had to run its course. No fancy name and no bragging rights. Just five days of feeling crummy. The doc said to beef up the ibuprofen and drink more liquids. (Where have you heard that before?)

Cats know. All four of them knew. They each had their assigned duties, one of which was to check me at 3 a.m. to make sure my cat feeding hands still worked. They did that by hopping on my chest to see if I jumped. All good. We all lived. No matter what they say, they didn’t miss a meal.

Daytime TV hasn’t changed much since I was sick in 2003. Rachel Ray is now on network TV instead of the Food Channel and there are more stupid game shows. If you look enough you can find reruns of the Golden Girls which are very soothing.

A big thank you to the ever patient beloved husband who did all the duties except the cat litter. He was patient when I didn’t know what I wanted to eat or if I wanted to eat. He bought me things I thought I wanted only to find out I changed my mind. He picked up take-out and hot dogs. (Who gets a craving for hot dogs when they are sick?) He changed the bedsheets because I’d sweat them up. I am very grateful that I had help (and fresh sheets!).

I have a renewed sympathy for people who do not feel well whether it’s a fancy illness or something nondescript. The next time I encounter a cranky person, I will wonder if they feel ok. I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt.

How about you? Are you a better caretaker or sick person?



51 thoughts on “Back to healthy! Sort of…

  1. Wow! Three things in a row. That deserves a little crankiness. I’m glad you’re better now.

    You feel hot when you have a fever? I feel cold. I crank the heat up and wear a sweater. I was also sick in May. After my trip to NM, I had a fever for five days or so. One doctor said pneumonia (the one I saw late on a Saturday night); another (my regular doctor) said maybe bronchitis, but just in case take the antibiotic. Getting sick is the worst thing about living alone. There’s no one to do anything for you.

    I’m not a good nurse. I try, but … I’m a pretty good patient–don’t complain too much, and I take my medicine.

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    • I was very grateful for my husband especially with the back issue. He did all the lifting. I have a renewed admiration for people who live alone. With four cats thee was no way I could just crawl into bed for a week. At least I had help.

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  2. Yes, yes 2 days later and I am just reading this post! I don’t think I am a good patient or caregiver. (Let me rethink that…) As a kid, I enjoyed the attention. As an adult, I am sure whatever is wrong (even a hangnail) will put me in the dirt. And lately I have more pains and aches then I have ever had. I am not happy about this. As a caregiver, well, I am really terrific. I hate being a caregiver. Having said that, I do what has to be done, don’t complain and my “patient” is non the wiser.

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    • 🙂 My primary symptom was a terrible non-stop headache (which I never get) with the fever. I was thinking fatal brain tumor not meningitis or all the other fevers. I’m an ok care-taker. If it’s someone I care about, I can be adequate. I fake it as best as I can!


  3. That IS a string of bad health luck. Yuck. Glad you’re feeling well enough to have a bit of humor attached, and I’m glad you don’t have any exotic diseases. Sometimes those “run of the mill” viruses are the worst. I’m recovering (way too slowly) from a health issue also (blogging about it tomorrow) and like you, I’m so thankful for my guy, who like yours, took good care of me. My answer to your question? I much prefer to be the caregiver….

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    • It was and to some extent still is. Backs take a long time to heal. Nothing was related. The oddest thing was that nothing was respiratory or digestion-related. Looking forward to your post!


  4. First, I’m glad that you’re doing better. Being under the weather just isn’t worth it. Second, I’m not one to suffer in silence when I feel lousy, so I’d say in answer to your question that I’m better at being a caretaker than being a sick person. Third, I don’t like daytime TV and wonder how any of it can be there on the TV. At least you found something worthwhile to watch… and confirmed my suspicions that daytime TV still sucked.

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  5. So sorry you were not feeling well! And you have surely had a bad run of it – my goodness. Even after you are feeling better, maybe a couple of days of rest and taking it easy should do it. Plenty of hot liquid – mochas should do the trick! And yay to your husband – what a sweetie 🙂

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  6. I’m used to taking care of myself – except for when I broke my dominant wrist in 5 places. I needed help until I figured out how to use the left hand. My husband stepped up. Thank goodness!

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  7. I too am a dooms-day-er sick person. A better care giver maybe if I can wear a mask and surgical gloves and open all the windows. Only a dog sees my hidden goodness. However I rejoice in those like you who emerge unscathed and in high spirits. ☺ Stay well!

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  8. I’m glad those awful illnesses and ailments are behind you. What trials you had!

    I’m not sure whether I am better at being sick or being the caretaker. John is very rarely under the weather, so I haven’t been truly tested.

    Changing the subject, would y’all be available on Friday, June 22, for one hour sometime mid-afternoon? We would love to meet you as we pass by on the way to grandson Nathaniel’s high school graduation. I would suggest no food or drink, since that would distract me from getting to know you in depth in 60 minutes. If it might work, could you reply on my blog in the Contact Me section? I could then send you my email address and cell phone number. My fingers are crossed that this could work.

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  9. Not sure which is worse: being sick (and unable to find just the right food choice that is just what you want) or watching Day time TV ( or any TV these days). Glad you’ve survived and had cats to supervise and motivate your recovery (“Gather enough strength to drag yourself off the bed/couch to do our bidding or else….” Fear is such a motivation for healing around here…)
    Love the grocery store’s international aisle offered as a possibility (But you’re too smart for that lettuce trap). Did your doc chuckle over that? (Or just write in notes “possibly delirious”?)

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  10. Oh Ugh. The first year we moved back to Illinois, I had a flu that I was sure I would not recover from. It captured my bronchial tube and gave me a pinhole to breathe through. I had a low-grade fever for 2 weeks. I seriously didn’t think I was going to make it out alive.

    I’m glad to hear you made it through and are doing well. It’s a terrible thing to go through, though.

    I cannot stand daytime TV. When I was sick, I put on Netflix and played all the old Dick Van Dyke Show reruns. The laughter is good for the healing process. 🙂

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  11. HI, Kate – I am so sorry to hear that you had a triple-whammy of illness. I am glad that you are feeling better now.
    BTW – I am glad to read that your resisted the temptation to run naked…especially if you were in Starbucks with your bad tasting mocha latte at the time!

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  12. Your humour once again has seen you through Kate. I hope you feel 100% soon.
    As for me, I hate being ill……… just leave me alone to die quietly in my bed in the dark.
    As a carer, the jury’s out on that one. I have little patience (no pun intended, OK, maybe) and though I worry about Hubby, he’s so stubborn at pushing himself beyond his limits, I get madder at myself for caring so much!

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  13. Lucky for me, it’s been awhile since I’ve been either.

    Glad you’re feeling better.

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  14. I would have said I was better at taking care of others, but after 6 months of disabled husband with no mobility and then minimal mobility, I have no caretaking reserves. I’m a hairsbreadth away from telling the cat to open her own can of food.

    And you know that’s gonna go over well.

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