Sassy cats – Accommodations

Morgan keeping us safe from a ribbon apocalypse! She’s played with this for 4 years now.

Living with cats often requires changes. It’s like getting married or having kids. Things change. Here are some things that changed in our house.

Toilets — When we adopted Mollie 13 years ago, she was an adult cat who already had a litter. She was a sweetheart but she liked to climb into the toilet to take a drink. I found that disgusting especially since I liked to hug her. We started to keep the lid down on all toilets and still do to this day.

Managing food – Hazel is a constant grazer. She thinks that there may not be another meal. Ever. She’s afraid of starving (as most cats are). She will eat anything that is within reach. That means that we need feeding areas for the other cats that she cannot reach. We have a cat counter that she can’t get to but the other cats can. There are eating stations scattered around. How I long for a day when I can put all the food on the floor in the laundry room!

Toys, toys everywhere – My cats don’t play with anything purchased. However, they love catnip sacks and cat dancers (feathers on a string). We have those around the room along with cat trees and beds for their convenience. We won’t win an award from Home and Garden without a full day’s notice of their visit and a very large dumpster!

Wubbies – Morgan has favorite things. One is a ribbon that came on a Christmas gift four years ago and the other is a small square of fleece that came from the cat tree. We hear little mews and eventually find these objects lying around in a place where we trip on them. That goes for catnip stuff too.

We have both a cat room upstairs and a cat litter room in the basement. Obviously we have been very well-trained by a group of meticulous cats.


55 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Accommodations

  1. Squeaky mice, stuffed dinosaurs, ping pong balls, and little pieces of tissue are all over my house. My pens, hair barrettes, and the stopper to the sink are always missing, and I use more tape for removing cat hair than I do for anything else. I spend almost as much time picking up after my cats as I did after my kids.

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    • My cats are especially spoiled since I’ve retired. They think lunch is a thing and that every time I walk into the kitchen is playtime. I took a nap on a loveseat in our music room. we rarely use it but the cats do. I was so coated with cat hair when I got up. I couldn’t get it all off.

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  2. It’s just too cute that Morgan has a four year old ribbon as a favorite toy! Such a unique attachment. I know that you’ve created a warm and loving home for all of your furry friends and I think they know it! If they have little attitudes from time to time, it’s just to be sure you don’t get complacent and let a detail slip!

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  3. Jack throws up almost every day after he has breakfast. Not sure why but I think he just eats too fast in the morning after starving all night. I have learned to watch him so he doesn’t do his thing on the rugs or worse on the table! Teddy has stinky poop. I have learned to wait for him to do his thing and scoop the poop so the apartment doesn’t smell yucky. I don’t mind…they are good catkids and they put up with my idiosyncrasies.

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  4. Yep, they’ve got you trained.

    When I lived in Florida with my only family, husband, 1 cat, 1 dog, I had to keep the cat food out of the reach of the dog. That was the only issue I had with two pets. As far as toys left on the floor all around the house . . . yeah, I’ve got that. Max doesn’t understand that his toy box is where they go. Every time I put them away, he looks at me like, umm, they don’t belong there. Often times we won’t realize there is a squeaky toy in our path and the sound makes us jump when we step on it. Happens to husband much more often than me, because he does not pay attention to his surrounding as much as I do.

    Have a nice weekend, Kate.

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    • You are lucky. I have other accommodations I didn’t talk about. I keep a doggy piddle pad at the end of the basement litter box. Morgan is tall and long and occasionally pees over the side. Not a problem with the piddle pad there. Mollie is a barfer. I regularly check for hairballs (especially when we’re getting company!). Wouldn’t have it any other way though.

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  5. Morgan and her wubbies… ♥ We had three cats at one time and yes, managing the food so Holly, our Hazel, didn’t get tubby was rough. What finally worked for me was when Holly decided canned food was gourmet and she dropped the pounds. Then they all decided to eat wet food and I was elated. The litter box however had a whole new kind of stinky. I always was meticulous about scooping but I became obsessive. Always nice to see a Sassy Cat picture on Friday!

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  6. We have our toilet lids down, too! And the cats started that habit, not (surprisingly) the dog. I hear you on the feeding stations. We have one cat we have to feed separately from the others. Funny how their individual personalities dictate their care.

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