Random 5 for April 2 – Spring, renovations, health, guitars, cats

Yes, it’s as tall as it looks.


Signs of spring? This week the flower tent went up in the parking lot next to Starbucks. It’s a contrast to the pile of dirty snow still littering the area. The snow in our neighborhood has melted but the malls who don’t cart it off still have humongous piles that may take a while.

What’s that urge I feel? – When the weather breaks, I get excited about making changes. Landscaping, decorating, clothing, anything really! It may be a fresh coat of paint or a new pillow. Then again maybe something bigger. I am bubbling up with ideas. Perhaps I need more chocolate to slow it down. At my age I know whatever I come up with will be exhausting and expensive. Do you ever outgrow this stage?

I’m allergic to winter – All winter I had health things. Nothing serious. Chronic bellyaches with heartburn. Foggy throat. Tiredness. Weird things that weren’t serious enough to get checked. Everything has cleared up. All by itself. Since nothing in my life is different I’m blaming it on cabin fever or cold weather.

The new one is on the right. It’s green although it’s hard to tell from this picture.

Another resident — The beloved husband bought a new guitar. He traded one in because the agreement is number of guitars = number of cats. We are both at our limit!

Thanks! — To all of you who gave me suggestions and support in the continuing quest to get my third world country cat to eat a somewhat normal diet. I’m on it! Animal lovers are the best people!

So how was your week?

Dan's guitar hanger17For those who asked about the guitar hangers, here is a picture of it. It has String Swing printed on it and is available at music places like Musician’s Friend, Sweetwater and Guitar Center. The beloved husband because he’s neurotic, also cuts up a glove and puts a soft finger on each prong for further protection of his babies. That’s why the prongs look bigger and blacker than this picture.

68 thoughts on “Random 5 for April 2 – Spring, renovations, health, guitars, cats

  1. After all the rain we had last week the biggest snow likes are almost non existent now.
    Like you, I always have great gardening ideas when the weather breaks..like this weekend. I like to plant so I keep buying. Unfortunately some things take and some don’t. It’s getting to be an expensive pastime..:)

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  3. Pretty smart of the two of you to bargain about number of guitars and cats! And neither are easily brought into the home without the other discovering, so you have to stay honest! 🙂 That pile of snow is amazing to me this late in the season. When it becomes one huge slushy puddle will anyone be able to get to the tent? I think you must store up energy just to survive harsh winters and when you finally break free and move outdoors all that pent up enthusiasm pushes your creative buttons. I’d say run with that! You deserve it!

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    • There is something very renewing about spring that I don’t experience with other seasons. Pent up is a good way to explain it. Cats and guitars, yes. We don’t have wall space to hang any more guitars and I don’t have more patience for more cats so we are good.


  4. Cats and guitars in equal number is fair to me though I have no use for a guitar. I remember dirty piles of snow…don’t miss them at all. The petunias I planted last spring are still blooming even though we had a couple of freezes this winter. I wonder if they will keep on through the summer?

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  5. I am so glad to hear that readers have been sharing helpful food tips for Gracie. I love this about the blogging world — so informative and so generous!!

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    • When I lived in New Jersey, we had a really bad winter with a lot of snow one year. The neighbor’s driveway ended in a protected area under a dense group of trees. That year there was still some snow visible on May 1st. When they plow the piles get dense and high and oh yes, dirty! Gross!

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  6. Did you get more chocolate yet so you can figure out which will be your first spring project? I’m a bit of an oddball, I’m a winter person. I am anxious to get out and clean dead leaves out of the flower beds, get out on the lake and tackle some bigger building projects but I’ll also miss the indoor winter projects I enjoy.

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  7. Those guitars are beautiful. I like the agreement you have come to with regards to same number of guitars and cats. We went to Ace Hardware yesterday and they are just starting to get in a few things. But I got out and browsed around, took deep breaths, and felt all happy inside. The sun finally came out around 4 oh clock yesterday and I thought can this day get any better? It did, CH grilled chicken kabobs and his awesome sliced potatoes! It would be fun if you would take a picture of the tent when it is filled with all things green and garden happy!

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    • Within a week the tent (which looks pretty pathetic now) will have hyacinths and tulips and maybe some other things that can take cooler weather. Pansies! Gotta love pansies. My tete-a-tete daffodils (small ones) were blooming, then buried under 3′ of snow. Snow melted and they resumed blooming. Nature is amazing.

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  8. Thanks for the String Swing info. I had to smile at how the comments immediately homed in on the guitars! Perhaps you should take hubby shopping and treat him to another one. There was no nylon/steel string classical/spanish style hanging there! 🙂

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    • I’m too old for a fifth cat and I would say the same about him. Guitars are more work than you think if you want to keep them sounding good. String changing is work and things happen. As I always say you can only play one at a time anyway.

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