Random 5 for June 12 – Jake, rabbits, bird nests, peace, boobs

Jake in his catnip bush. Happy times!

Jake in his catnip bush. Happy times!

Remembering Jake – I am clearing out the pond area and really need to pull out Jake’s catnip bush. We have other bushes in the yard where I can clip a slip for the cats but this was the one Jake would lie in. It’s a sad task. Some guys go to a bar. Jake went to his catnip bush when things got testy.

Elmer FuddDamn wascally wabbits – I’ve lived here 13 years and this year the rabbits nipped off, but did not eat, the flowers I planted in the front of the house. I’m annoyed. I understand the food chain but the upper part of each flower stem was neatly placed next to the plant. Where is Elmer Fudd when you need him?

Speaking of critters – continuing the theme here, the beloved husband saw a bird flying in and out of the garage with stuff in its mouth. That totally freaked him out. Now we keep the garage doors closed during the day which is inconvenient. While cleaning out shelves, I found the nest. It wasn’t completely finished but it had a nice cup for eggs and the materials were interesting. Along with soft twigs were old leaves from last fall and all sorts of fuzzy stuff. It was a work of art.

Summertime – We have almost completely moved out to our screened porch. The weather is perfect. Not too hot and not too cold. There are no political updates (yes!) and the frogs are entertaining. I need to live somewhere with moderate climate year-round. How about you? Do you need the seasons or will fresh tomatoes and veggies make up for a lack of frigid weather?

Source: Wikipedia

Source: Wikipedia These bugs have teeth or pinchers!

The girls – I wasn’t dressed for yard work. The beloved husband trimmed our shade trees. I helped him get the trimmings into the cans. Out of nowhere something was attacking my boob. Ouch! It’s amazing how fast modesty goes out the window. Within a nanosecond I was digging in there and the girls were flopping in the wind. (Fortunately our backyard is very private but it wouldn’t have mattered!) It was a lady bug. From the bug’s perspective, it was having a good day resting in a tree branch when someone shook it out of its perch. It fell into what looked like Mount Everest (remember, bug’s perspective) and big mounds of flesh were rolling over it. Then grubby hands were trying to catch it. It must have been scarier for the bug than me but I was itchy until my shower.

How was your week?

39 thoughts on “Random 5 for June 12 – Jake, rabbits, bird nests, peace, boobs

  1. Garden person that you are, I confess I am surprised that a ladybug could get you to strip in public. As for your rabbit, I commiserate. Two years ago, I asked myself why I even bothered with planting flowers in my garden. The moles ate all the roots, the slugs ate all the leaves, and the rabbits ate all the blossoms . . .

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  2. I had pigeons nesting under a cart on my balcony one year. It really surprised me because Dolly and Henry were out there all the time. Once the babies flew the nest I cleaned the area and kept a close watch. The minute I saw a stray twig I would sweep it away. Haven’t had anyone nest since but I have seen a couple of scouts out looking recently.
    How considerate of the rabbits to keep your garden nice and neat though without flowers.
    That bug wasn’t much of a lady. Sounds more like a man to me. There must be man bugs or there wouldn’t be any baby bugs.
    Sweet memory of Jake.

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  3. We have those biting imposter ladybugs, Asian Lady Beetles, and they leave an orange ugly stinky trail of goo on our siding and windows every fall and they do bite although peeps in the know say it is the barbs on their legs. They have wiped out real ladybugs in Missouri. I have experienced their “bites” under a shirt and it is not pleasant. I have a vision of your encounter!

    We have a phoebe that set up home in our garage/workshop and they are pooping on our white vehicles!

    Sweet Jake… I know how hard the reminders are.

    We had a great week, we celebrated CH’s 65th birthday. Medicare here he is!

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  4. OK, it could have been way, way worse than a ladybug! I know they’re bugs, but they’re pretty bugs. A spider, a cicada, some other kind of big crunch beetle type thing…yuck. I stay indoors so needn’t worry about these things.

    A moment of silence to remember Jake…

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  5. We’ve had a bird nest built in our mailbox on the porch twice in the last three years. I stick a note on the mailbox for the mailman to leave our mail in the plastic box below. No problem. I have yet to figure out how those babies get out of that box to fly off. One day they are chirping hungrily for food and the next day they’re gone! ~Elle

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  6. Like Janis, we’ve had birds trying to build nests on top of the porch light at our front door. They also try to build in the artificial pine wreath I hang on the front porch. We’re surrounded by ten acres of woods ~ you’d think they could find a better place, but I do love having them around.
    Glad you’re spending time in the screen porch, Kate. Life is good, eh?

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  7. I never know what to do about bird’s nest in the wrong place. We have a downward tilting brick ledge in the porch over the front door. They can get a nest to stay, but once the eggs get there the whole thing slides off. Always relieved when we have a big wind/rain storm that lifts a partially done nest off there..I’d feel bad, but it’s defective location! Do I have to put up a sign or barbed wire or something?

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    • When we first built, before we got the screens around the porch barn swallows would start a nest on top of the ceiling fans. We took it down but within hours more stuff was there. My husband ended up covering the fans with big plastic bags. It was a unusual “look” until the screens got up. I’m not sure how to chase them off. We are now afraid to keep the garage door open for any length of time although nesting season should be done.

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  8. We have a porch light just outside our front door that apparently looks like a good place for doves to build a nest. Every year they start and every year my husband has to put something on top of the light to prevent them from completing the nest. Why in the heck would a bird want to build their nest in an exposed area just a few inches away from where people often are? Maybe the same kind of bird that thinks a garage is a good place.

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  9. Remnants of Jake. I know how much you still miss him. So hard losing an animal.

    Nature can be annoying. I don’t have screens on many of my windows so a fleet of flies are spending Sunday with me. Even if I had a swatter, I can’t kill anything. It’s that Shaker/Quaker in me. My biggest fear is, a mouse will appear and I’ll have to make room in my closet.

    I remember a year ago when you got the new porch furniture. Has three seasons hence, really gone by? Amazing.

    Birds building in the garage. Your pond flourishing…nature and you Kate, really walk hand in hand.

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  10. I’m glad you’ve been able to migrate to the back porch. I love listening to the frogs…they can get quite loud.
    Good thing that was only a Ladybug, Kate. Once, while playing golf, a yellow jacket flew up my shirt…ouch!

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  11. I need 4 seasons ~> Spring, Summer, Summer, Fall . . . then back to Spring. We have a few nippy days each “winter” and that’s enough for me. I don’t need frigid temps to mark the passage of time.

    Glad it was a lady bug and not something more aggressive. Having a bee, wasp, hornet, scorpion, spider, or yellow jacket shooting down your shirt would be cause for fireworks!

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  12. Hahahahaha! I know what you mean! Last summer a bug went down my shirt and I lifted the shirt right up (while screaming) and rifled through my bra to get it out! All in front of my son-in-law and my three teen-aged grandsons!!!!!

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    • Ok, you win! The only person there was my husband who was oblivious of the whole thing! I usually wear a tee-shirt when I work but I had a pullover with a scoop neck. That critter slide right down!


  13. So, I am sitting on the beach in Newport, CA. Enjoying the sun, the sand and most of all the ocean…when someone says to me look down very slowly at the top of your bathing suit. It was a strapless one. (I was much thinner) And there perched like it was his home was a HUGE black and yellow bumble bee! Well I took the suit and just kind of flipped it off and off it flew…Oh yes, and so did my boobs. I did get rounds of applause from the guys nearby…but I sooo did not care. I was safe…

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  14. At least you found Ms. Bug quickly. I get leaves down my cleavage all the time, and sometimes, if I am super focused on planting new seedlings, the leaf lurks until I find it when I shower. Ewww.

    The one thing I can’t stand is my own hair down my back. I’ll run inside to get that single strand out, never mind if dirt trails inside with me.

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  15. Was the ladybug red or orange? The orange ones are Japanese beetles and they do bite, unlike our native red ones that are nice. They also stink. Get this, the government imported and released them to eat aphids on fruit trees. They apparently forgot they have WINGS and could spread all over the place. They are horrible. Here they come inside when the weather gets cold. My attic is full of them around the windows.

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    • To be honest I don’t know. I was jumping around with my boobs exposed so I was just glad to see it fly off. I swear it bit me although I couldn’t see a bite mark but that was my first clue something was wrong. I had pain!

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