Dust in the wind

Source: clipart panda

Source: clipart panda

The wind is very eerie. It reminds me of Edgar Allen Poe and all his disturbing stories. Dreary and drab and sad and scary. Birds, ticking clocks (or was that a heart?). All bad stuff.

Some regions routinely get wild winds. They have names like the Santa Ana winds or Shamal, Sirocco or Chinook. Almost sounds romantic. Almost. (We call ours “wind.” No one said we were creative here!)

We’ve had some extremely windy weather lately. It’s not typical for a wind to hang around like a tired old showgirl shaking her stuff long past her prime.

The wind is hard on the flowers. They shred and droop. (Can’t say I blame them. I  droop too).

It’s hard on me. I wouldn’t do well in an area that had a lot of winds. Way too melancholy.

I don’t like the noise. I worry about birds getting blown into houses (my house) and trees toppling (on my house).

It has to do with ion sensitivity. Some people are sensitive to gluten or lactose. Not me. Nothing that easy. Ion sensitivity causes tension and irritability. (I know it’s so hard to believe that I get tense and cranky!)

Over the weekend it was sunny, warm and humid. And windy. Almost gale force winds.

The plants on the porch blew over. The flag was all twisted on its pole. I was all twisted on my pole (metaphorically).

I was agitated. Not peaceful. I paced.

I had tried all the things I do to get peaceful. Read. Write. Watch cooking shows (about menus I never make). I even consumed a 500 calorie Starbucks Frappuccino. (I go with food before exercise. Don’t judge.) Still no peace (but there is some guilt!).

I should join the cats under the bed. Curl up in a ball and come out for dinner!

Today is supposed to be wind-free. Warm and sunny they say. If that happens there will be some dancing going on here.


39 thoughts on “Dust in the wind

  1. Where I live, we have a special kind of wind called “Föhn” – it comes from the south, all the way from the Sahara. In our corner at the edge of the Alps it brings minuscule particles of yellowish sand. A bit farther west, this wind has to pass over the mountains which it sometimes succeeds in doing and sometimes not The result is a constant change in air pressure on our side. Imagine stepping into an elevator and traveling from the 1st Floor to 50th Floor and back down -over and over again all day long. That is what the wind does.
    So I can relate.

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  2. Lightning scares me more than wind does. Of course, if a big oak tree fell on my roof, that would change. I’ve never heard of ion sensitivity ~ it sounds intriguing. I hope you have nothing but gentle breezes the rest of the summer, Kate.

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  3. We’ve had some weirdly colored skies around here. I mean like yellow at night, orangish in the morning. Not our typical blue or gray skies. Those unusual skies make me anxious, like the wind does to you. This June’s weather has been wonky.

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  4. It’s interesting to hear how the winds affect you. I think that ion sensitivity is a very real condition and it can affect either positively or negatively. We have Santa Ana winds every fall–or that’s the typical time–and they can be fiercely destructive especially during fire season. But when they start, I get very excited, almost a temporary sense of euphoria. It’s weird, but it is my response to the shifting energy. I hope things have calmed down in your area! Wind-driven anxiety is not a fun thing.

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    • In researching for this blog I found that ion sensitivity is very real. It has some very real effects on suicides, judgment, etc. I get agitated but then again we don’t have a named wind. If a wind has a name, it’s a big deal wind. I would much prefer euphoria or an excitement to clean my house! I was on a very short treatment of prednisone once and found that it heightens my activity level including house cleaning.

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    • The best posts always do. Ion sensitivity affects different people differently. I will send all our wooshing winds down to you. We have three very nice gentle breezy days following our howling weekend.


  5. Breezes are wonderful big winds not so much. When it is hurricane season the winds are tricky even this far inland. Ever since Hugo blew through I dread high winds especially on the ninth floor.

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  6. I get freaked out by wind. It dries out the ground and causes drought. I get concerned over our big old Oaks. Leaves and limbs come falling/crashing to the ground. Bird nests get blown out of trees. I can’t think when there is big wind! And we are in a heat wave right now so I have a big cranky going on.

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  7. I actually love wind, as long as trees don’t fall on my house, or as has happened several times, across our driveway trapping us.

    In Geneva there is a north wind in the winter called The Bise (The Kiss). It is cold and dry. I don’t recall it being a problem for us, but I always oved the name. It always felt like a lover moving my hair.

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  8. We are in the middle of yet another storm, and apparently we can expect ‘monsoon type weather’ for the next few days. Oh well, the water level goes up and so do we. I hate the wind though, although since being on the boat it’s not keeping me awake at night or anxious about the fence panels we no longer have or roof tiles we haven’t got.

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  9. i’n the opposite. I love the wind. I love the noise, the drama, the patterns the leaves make on the blowing trees, etc. A good wind- it makes me feel cozy inside.
    Obviously when the wind turns into a tornado or hurricane – well that is self evidently awful.

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  10. I like the wind — we live at the coast and there is almost always a cooling breeze from the beach. It’s probably because the summer air in DC, where I grew up, were hot with sluggish humidity. But I have a teacher friend who hates it when the Santa Annas blow. She says it makes her elementary school students crazy.

    You are not alone!

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  11. Typically March is a windy month for us, but this year April was terrible with howling winds. We had some gusty breezes yesterday. I don’t mind the wind when temperatures soar near 100 and the humidity is just as high.

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    • I don’t mind breezes especially this time of year but when everything is blowing around and it makes weird noises, I get unhinged. Usually April is our windy month and works. I don’t have a lot of stuff out yet.


  12. You’re right, this wind has been unusual for this long. Even though it’s warmer it’s not possible to go to the beach and some outdoor activities would be too chaotic. We even lost power for several hours on Sunday. They say today will be better but I just went for a walk and it’s not. Mid June and it’s windy and chilly. I’m not amused.


    • Will still have a slight breeze going today. Yesterday was gusty. I worked outside and it was comfortable temperature wise, but I felt like I had wind burn. My husband usually has coffee and breakfast on the porch starting in May. He has been inside the past week because it’s been so cool in the mornings. He is not amused either. We are hoping for a long summer and fall season to make up for this strange start. Sunday was bad here too but we didn’t lose power.


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