R5 for March 22 – Morgan, obits, thumbs, internet security, interactive screens

Source: Clipartmountain.com

Source: Clipartmountain.com

Sweet or conniving? – My sister-in-law was visiting when my young cat Morgan hopped up in her lap. She cooed (my sister-in-law) and petted and was very flattered. That is until Morgan hopped up on the table (where she is not allowed). SIL said, “I think I’ve been used!”

A great shot or not – I was cruising the obits this week (which is something you do after 60) when I saw a picture of a bride. I thought this may have been tragic but it turns out that she was married 45 years. Obviously in 45 wonderful years of married bliss no one in her family thought to take a picture of her. Gotta love obit pictures.

Thumb update – I have learned a lot from my hand surgery. It’s hurts more than you expect. There are a lot of nerves and stuff there. My expectations of a quick recovery were unrealistic. The other surprise is that the cats are fascinated with it. All bandages are off and it’s a rather large H-shaped incision. It has the blue ink markings from the surgery that I can’t get out (I’m not using a scrub brush!). Every day they all take a really good sniff, sometimes for a whole minute. I guess there is some odor associated with it although it gets washed. I’m glad it doesn’t smell like catnip.

Internet solution – A week or so back I wrote about an issue I was having with my computer security system. I thought I had it fixed but it came back again and again. I had to make the dreaded call. Instead of a real call, I connected with the chat feature. There were a few lessons learned. One was that it was fixed in five minutes. I wasted more time than that trying to fix it myself. The big lesson is that for me the chat feature where you type your response and get a typed response back is the way to go. There are no accents to deal with. Even when the English is good, my brain has a delay until it interprets and comprehends the various accents of the techie help.

Whose computer is it anyway? – I have an interactive screen on my new desktop. I don’t use it but Morgan does. She is definitely a computer cat with a bed on my desk. She has learned how to open Excel or Word while I am typing. She thinks it’s cool. I think she should find her own computer.

So how was your week?


34 thoughts on “R5 for March 22 – Morgan, obits, thumbs, internet security, interactive screens

  1. Morgan seems to know her away around computers … and ways to get on the table. Cool kitty. Ours wait until I’m on the computer, then they choose that time to sit in front of it and block my view. It’s a plot. They must teach this stuff in kitty school. 😉


  2. I know from others that hand surgery is really tricky! All those very sensitive nerve endings on the mend are indeed painful! And I love the “live chat” feature. It allows me to conduct personal business from work and not tip my hand. 🙂


  3. As I sit here chuckling through the reading of your post my cat is using me for a water bottle. They use me all day in the winter months and now its getting cold, we all become cat magnets. I love the kitty header and how you change it often Kate.


  4. I think Morgan figured; jumping on the table will been seen as nothing more than a childish prank, and all will be forgiven. I think my family will use an avatar to represent me in my obit. I always seem to be behind the camera, which is just as well, I hate my pictures. But my family doesn’t hate them … they must love to laugh. All I can add to your thumb saga is, thumbs up! I miss real writing. I think Morgan bears watching Kate. Don’t take your eyes off of her for a second, she sounds like she may have an underground lair full of evil minions ready to take over the internet.

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      • Just did a quick google ~ yup, millions of nerve endings in the hands with lots of messages sent between fingers and thumbs. I did NOT see any discussion of conspiracies betwixt them.

        But we are discovering new discoveries every day. 😛

        Feel better, day by day, Kate. When summer arrives, I’m confident you’ll be able to lift your margaritas with confidence.


  5. When I took Bat Cat from Southern California to a New Hampshire winter for a few weeks, she quickly learned how to turn on the electric blanket. Except for a few forays into the drop acoustic ceiling, she mostly stayed under the covers, warm as toast.

    I think Moms are always the ones taking the pictures. They are never actually in them. Hence the wedding obits.

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    • Bat Cat is something! I would hope in 45 years that there was at least one picture of her around. Nowadays with selfies, that won’t be a problem. Of course a lot of selfies are kind of goofy so they wouldn’t make great obit pictures either.

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  6. I have noticed that thing with obit photos that are years old and have wondered the same thing you did – no good photos in the last 50 years? I love when someone dies who is in their 40s or 50s and the family uses their senior photo from high school. Why?

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    • They did that for a classmate of mine last year. I saw her high school picture and recognized her immediately — teased up poofy hair with lots of eye shadow. I really enjoy when they post two pictures — one from when they were young and then a recent one. Best of both worlds. When my former father-in-law died, they took a portrait he had taken the year before with his wife and cropped her out. It was a great obit picture.


  7. Obit pictures are fascinating aren’t they? I love the older more vintage photos used from someone more elderly but they also make me a little sad wondering if that person would have agreed to the look back photo or not.

    I’m glad you’re healing and I’ve learned that every surgery has its own story to tell and the recovery is usually far longer than whatever the surgeon told you. Remember – they’ve rarely had the surgery themselves!

    Your cats are way too smart — I think it’s from hanging around you 🙂 MJ

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    • Yes, at first I thought it would be tedious but it wasn’t. They may have paragraphs that they cut and paste but it worked and was super fast and I wasn’t always asking them to repeat what they said (which makes me feel stupid).


  8. I’ve been reading the obits since I was 12. My mother was so afraid she’d miss somebody in what was called The Italian Racing Form. I love they posted that woman’s picture on what might have been her happiest day.

    I am so sick of cyber nonsense. Between Mac who thinks he’s just too good for just any old site and Firefox that I’m convinced is bipolar with a little WordPress tossed in, I’m ready to start writing longhand.

    That Morgan…very clever, so I was wondering…do you think she secretly blogs?

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  9. I have a sister who hates all pets. She is devastated to learn that ultimately we will have cats (my ex and I did not), and she’s “informed” that she will not even come into our home once we get them. Both of my other sisters also own pets (dogs). Sister number one’s world is getting smaller and smaller.

    Don’t scrub that stain out!

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