There are some very special people I call friends. Here are some fond memories.

The perfect Mimi – Many years ago my friend and I had lunch together. As I climbed into her car I noticed a smell. Because I am such a sensitive and caring person I said, “Something stinks in here!” We looked around. We found a French fry, a cheese curl, a half-eaten candy bar and the culprit – a baby bottle with curdled milk! It had rolled under the seat when she had her grandkids. I won’t forget that smell.

Ninja pond lady – I have small pond (5’ x 11’) in my yard. My pond friend advised me along with way. In our area they are a popular outdoor feature like a fire pit or jungle gym.

I bought fish. Then I bought tadpoles, plants, more tadpoles, water lilies, more tadpoles, etc. My horny fish populated themselves easily but it took a while until the frogs installed their permanent mailboxes and took up residence. I was over the moon!

One night there was a very loud explosive “ribbit, ribbit” that went on all night. The beloved husband couldn’t sleep. Mr. Google said it was a bullfrog looking for action (they mate all summer). Bullfrogs are different from the little greenies I was stocking. They had used some froggy travel agency to find our pond.

They can be aggressive — eating fish and chipmunks so the bullfrog had to go. They aren’t stupid. They don’t sit out waiting for the Vegas bus to come along. The pond lady gave me frogging lessons. She brought a net with an extra long handle. I spent many nights sneaking around only to end up with nothing, nada, zilch. The pond lady come over at night.

We were like ninjas (two sweet older lady-like ninjas) creeping around in the dark. They (there were two bullfrogs) eluded us. (Fortunately the neighbors didn’t call the police.) 

The frogs were caught when I cleaned out the pond and rehomed at a wonderful stream with spa facilities (for the frogs). No need for midnight stalking with a flashlight. They were caught in broad daylight. My pond lady was so proud of me!

Share a friend story with us!


32 thoughts on “Friends

  1. I’d have loved to see you and your friend in your black ninja outfits skulking around in the dark. Or, maybe not. Too funny. Thanks for the visual chuckles.

    I treasure the friend who agreed to go along with me to an area that was haunted. (My husband went with me on another occasion.) We didn’t see anything, but she was game and that was all right. 😉

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  2. I can’t help but hear Bette Middler singing “Oh, you’ve got to have friends, The feeling’s oh so strong…” as I read this. Lucky you to have found a few along the way.


  3. Two excellent stories, Kate.

    I think most of us who live long enough have friends from different times of our lives–childhood friends, high school friends, college and grad school friends, friends from when we lived somewhere else. I have friends from our time in the Philippines and then from our time in Vanuatu, Port Angeles, and Edmonds. Some of those friends keep in touch; others don’t.

    In April I’ll be having lunch with some friends I’ve known since childhood. Our parents were friends. Their dads and mine were my first dance partners. I have a picture of us playing dress-up. Patsy put a fur around her neck and held a pen like a cigarette holder and called herself Mrs. Snodgrass. (Funny that I still remember the name.) Lynda got married after 12th grade to a wonderful guy. She had three daughters who supplied her with many grandchildren. Patsy and I went to the same college. She was an elementary school principal before she retired a few years ago. I’m looking forward to our lunch together. It’s nice to have some old, old friends.


  4. It’s nice to have friends who accept us as we are . . . even when we are “sensitive and caring” enough to say what needs saying ~~>> “Something stinks in here!”


  5. I’ve never been very practiced at building or maintaining friendships, (you already know the long story), but I can share a “beginning of a friendship” story.

    When I was in middle school, we had landed in a brand new city (again), and there I was, sitting outside during a class break, feeling very alone and displaced, as usual. A rather tough looking short girl with very dark skin approached me, and we struck up a conversation. Within minutes, she was teaching me a few words of Spanish. Turns out that knowing a little bit of Spanish would certainly come in handy while living in New Mexico. Well, within only minutes of meeting her, she told me I could practice my new Spanish on one of her friends. She gave me a phrase, telling me that it meant “I’m new here, and am happy to meet you … would you like to join us for lunch?” After practicing the phrase with me several times, she pointed out another girl, and instructed me to go over and repeat the phrase.

    Apparently, I got it perfect, word for word. When I delivered the phrase, the other girl promptly stood up and punched me in the eye, as hard as she could, and then kicked me in the stomach, knocking me down to the ground, before delivering one more strong kick to my head, all while spewing a long stream of what could only be expletives in my direction. Then she threw her books at me, and spit in my direction. Turns out the phrase didn’t exactly mean “Hi there, happy to meet you, want to join us for lunch?” and that the other girl wasn’t a friend at all, but rather a bitter enemy of my new-found acquaintance.

    Oddly enough, the girl that taught me that rather colorful and insulting phrase (which can’t be repeated in polite company, much less on your blog) ended up being my mejor amiga during the eight months or so that I was at that school. Yes, Julieta was one tough cookie, and it was a strange beginning to a very close friendship, but even now, all these years later, when I think of her, I can’t help but laugh. And, yes, I still remember what NOT to say to someone in Spanish. *giggle* Ah, Julieta. She made me smile.


  6. I understand sneaking around at night to get the sucker who is wrecking your sleep. You are to be commended for not shooting them. Well done. Do bullfrogs have predators besides Ninja Ladies? You could have gone all the way up the food chain to alligators in your pond efforts!


  7. Last summer, while going out to get the newspaper, I stepped on a little toad. It was dark and later on that day, we discovered him squished on the driveway. 😦 I felt horrible.
    Curdled milk…that could not have been pleasant.


  8. Once again you predict an upcoming post. How *do* you do that? I’ve got a friend one coming, inspired from yet another blogger, but it’s still percolating in my brain a bit.

    You were too kind to Mimi and her car. 😉


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