Random five for July 6

I need a cigarette!

That was great but I need a cigarette!

Lovin’ in the moonlight – There has been a lot of activity in the pond lately. Amorous frogs have been serenading their lady friends. Lots of bumping and grinding. One morning I saw some eggs floating but they were only there two days. Not sure if they hatched or if someone had some frog caviar for breakfast. Time will tell.

Yep, that's me -- bad girl!

Yep, that’s me — bad girl!

Fashion parade – I wanted new glasses with a different nose piece. Those wire ones with the pads were killing me. I have a weird nose bridge. Nothing fits. Everything hurts. I wanted to try the new plastic frames to see if they would be more comfortable. I wanted something chic too. I bought an oversized tortoise colored frame that my husband says is reminiscent of Buddy Holly. For sure that will make me feel like a fashionable nerd.

walking in grass

Ducks on parade – Last week I wrote about a duck laying her eggs on a corporate office campus. The employees had put up a sign,  “Duck Crossing,” in hopes of slowing down the cars speeding through the lot. One of the employees sent me a picture of Momma and her ducklings. Too cute!

Observations from the wildlife front — The beloved husband has been seeing a red fox every morning with his early coffee on the porch. He is gone by the time I’m up and about. In the middle of the week I was up early and casually looked out the window. I saw the fox. He saw a squirrel and bippity bop, he had breakfast. I was stunned at how fast he was and how helpless the squirrel was. Earlier in the year we had a lot of rabbits and I wondered what happened to them. Now I know.

Jake: Listen Cupcake, I don't know what you're complaining about. It wasn't your ass they were probing!

Jake: Listen Cupcake, I don’t know what you’re complaining about. It wasn’t your ass they were probing!

Update on Jake – That damn cat will make me crazy! He will outlive me but not by much according to the beloved husband. He’s planning a double funeral.

After hiding under the bed earlier this week (and worrying me half to death), he had a sort of good day, then a sort of bad day where he was dragging his back legs. Then he went back under the bed to hide. I was fortunate to get an appointment on this holiday weekend. Is it only my cats that get sick weekends and holidays?

The short answer is that he is suffering from peripheral neuropathy (numbness and pins and needles sensations in his rear legs) caused by his diabetes. He doesn’t normally get that because his blood glucose is tightly monitored (by me).

Somehow he got an infected anal gland. (Yeah, gross! I never saw that coming!) This threw off his insulin levels. He got his glands expressed, an antibiotic and with normal insulin regulation should be back to his old self soon. He gets a “hiney” check in three weeks to make sure those glands are doing whatever they do.

With Jake in the forefront, Hazel’s diet has been on the back burner. She couldn’t be happier. She went down a few ounces though. Baby steps.

So how was your week?


31 thoughts on “Random five for July 6

  1. You glasses sound perfect. (all the better to see the foxy ones…people, silly…talking about people…ok, the fur ones, too…that one probably considers you place Whole Foods)
    Poor Jake. For some reason, Molly has anal gland issues in summer – probably due to the heat and she doesn’t get enough running and exercise. FYI We found out that Cats and dogs do that kicking routine after uh, potty, which keep those glands doing what they are supposed to do – not enough kicking and there’s a problem. Great …now I’m trying to teach Molly to kick on command by praising that action…sure the neighbors think I am totally nuts.
    Hope Jake feels better ( they only get sick when the vet is closed)


    • Yes I am sure the foxes think this is Whole Foods — pond, large trees, big shrubs, bird feeders. You can find anything here. Don’t worry about your neighbors. They probably already know you are nuts.


  2. I’m so jealous of all your wildlife sightings–frogs, and especially the red fox. And those ducklings are so, so cute!

    Jake gets a “hiney” check? Oh, dear! I can’t resist sharing my 6-year-old grandson’s favorite joke in Hawaii. Every time someone mentioned Lahaina, he hopped around and shouted, “La-hiney, la-hiney.”


    • Young boys are so fascinated with that part of the anatomy. A good fart sound will keep them occupied for hours! The family of foxes visited this morning but that’s yet another post.


  3. Poor Jake. A hiney check? Oh, the indignities. I am glad he’s on the mend though. 😉

    My week? Well, we had some of the family over for July 4th. Now, we’re dogsitting our grandpuppy, Riley. His folks are out of town for a baseball tournament. He wasn’t too interested in dinner, just moping around. Then, we went for a walk and a seems a little more chipper. 😉


    • The temps are already rising. Today is warm but with low humidity and a nice breeze but it’s still hot if you have to work outside. I’m not complaining though. Not after that winter.


  4. I really loved this…it was like a great tag sale…so many cool thing s to choose from…love bumping and grinding…saw a whole slew of frogs at Plato’s Retreat…you looking like Buddy Holly…the duck family reminding me of the Bradys. All they needed was an Alice with webbed feet bringing up the rear…and Jake…as we get older, we have issues…so glad he’s okay even if he did interrupt your 4th.


  5. My week was great. I saw cats, but no frogs. Squirrels, but no foxes. I also saw Buddy Holly glasses, ducks, and fireworks. Finally, I’m very glad I saw your post today.


  6. The frogs have been singing their faces off here, too — but, thankfully for me — they keep the mating part out of view 🙂

    Glad to hear Jake is doing better and that you know the source of it all — Frankie always seemed to get sick on a Friday night or a holiday – sometimes both!! We liked to call him the $5,000 “free” dog..

    Happy Sunday !


    • We were lucky. Our “cat” vet is cutting back on hours so there was no hope until Monday but there is another one that I had used before for a second opinion. She is great and has more hours and knows Jake. She also has separate areas for cats and dogs. She has equipment on site and while I was supposed to be charged the holiday emergency fee, she didn’t. He had a series of tests so the bill was pricey anyway. The amazing part is that his kidney tests were great. There was the concern the kidneys were failing. Yeah, Jake was a “free” cat that my friend found in her backyard. What’s that saying….there’s no such thing as a free lunch….


  7. I’m relieved about Jake, and Hazel for that matter. Now, back to Frog Sex. I should have paid better attention in 10th grade biology. I’ve checked the dusty corners of my brain and nowhere can I find any reference material for Frog Sex. Fascinating.


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