Some things never change – like Hummels

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI met up with an old friend for dinner last week. Among other things we have in common, she is a “shoe” friend.

Yes, I have friends who are dedicated shoe shoppers. There is a friendly competition as to who has more shoes and more colors. Sometimes I win; sometimes not; but there is serious competition.

You have to think of shoes as collectibles. Something you buy and show off – sort of like Hummel’s or Byers Choice. (No snickering please! At least you can wear shoes!)

We have spent many hours shopping with a good portion devoted to shoes. We are both very weak when it comes to a snazzy pair of foot coverings.

When we met up, I saw her shoes. They were the ones I had purchased two months ago. I wasn’t surprised.

We have totally different feet. Her feet are larger and wide. Mine are flat-footed and narrow. We wear the same colors and like the same styles so it’s no surprise that we like the same shoes. It is a surprise that they can look good on both of us.

We did some catching up on family stuff but of course we took a detour into “shoe land.” She said, “Do you remember those cream-colored stretchy sandals we both bought?” I thought a while and then I remembered.

It wasn’t a typical purchase. They weren’t pretty. In fact they were clunky-looking. (That’s a nice way of calling them ugly.) I only wore them under pants, really long pants.

So why did we buy them?

We were on an all-day shopping trip. We saved a special shoe store until the very end and our feet were tired. We were tired. Our pocketbooks were tired. We were just about out of steam (and no Starbucks in sight).

They looked attractive on the display. They had thick cushioned soles and wide elastic bands. We tried them on. They were so comfortable I kept them on and she bought a pair too. On a long day, comfort wins out.

I put the shoes on today for the first time in many years. They are going into the donation pile. She is getting rid of her pair too in favor of something more fashionable and dressy.

I have other shoes that are comfortable and far more attractive but these shoes have a story attached to them.

We haven’t been shopping in a long time. I don’t need clothes like I did when I was working but I sure miss the companionship, the giggles and the stories attached to the purchases.

They also need to have more Starbucks kiosks at outlet stores.


20 thoughts on “Some things never change – like Hummels

  1. I have narrow feet, but never had, or saw, those sandals that you’re wearing. Tres chic.

    As for marathon shopping days, you are right that more Star$ coffee kiosks could only help. Surprised that more retailers don’t demand that as a condition of signing a lease. 😉


  2. You and your shoe pal are a hoot! I need to find a shopping friend like that. The problem is since I’m a country girl now, flats are the only sensible selection. I’m into “Go Walks” in every color. 🙂


    • Three out of the last four pair of shoes have been over the internet. Because my feet are skinny and flat, I’m a hard fit but that doesn’t stop me. I love Zappos but you typically pay full price for them. The discount places charge you a lot for shipping.


  3. I’m not much of a shopper nor am I particularly a shoe person, but I just love that you are. You make me smile when you talk about your relationship with shoes. You and my daughter need to hang out, Kate!


  4. I used to love shoes, but I have diabetic neuropathy in my feet now. So the shoes I lust after are ones I can endure. So far Crocs are the only ones. My choices are now narrowed down to hot pink or lovable lime :P.


    • I have been looking for a pair of hot pink all summer! I know a little about neuropathy. My diabetic cat had it in his back legs for a while but it went away after we got his insulin adjusted better. I worked for a guy with it too. He couldn’t even feel his feet. That’s not a good thing. If I were you, I would buy them both!


  5. I prefer shopping for sandals more than winter shoes. I get frustrated because some of the styles make me ask, “Do people really wear these things?”
    Are those your feet, Kate? If so, we could be toe twins! Long and crooked…those are my toes. My sister used to tease me when we were kids telling me I could play the piano with my toes. 🙂


  6. Also love shoes; I have too many that I can’t wear so others now have some new shoes! Like all things, feet change…oh wait a sec, it must be those shoe designers sabotaging me! No matter…I love shopping…for any and everything! Fun reading about yours!


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