Schedule adjustments — A sure sign of aging

Back in the old days a schedule was a schedule. If you were meeting up with a friend for a drink after work, that was sacred! Only the death of a very close relative was an acceptable excuse or of course, your own death but you had to provide a death certificate.

During my working days, schedules managed my life. It was a good thing. I knew where I had to be and what I was doing most of the time. I always had a little flex because that’s the way I roll but my jobs didn’t allow complete flexibility.

First, there were start and stop times although the stop time did have the flexibility of being later. Lunch times were flexible but there was too much work to fit in long lunches.

Doctor appointments and such were tightly integrated with work schedules and other activities.

Today (or in the new days) I can blow off most things on my schedule and it won’t take the death of a close relative. Of course my own death always trumps a scheduled event.

Planning an outside activity and it rains – bang, it’s rescheduled.

Picking fruit at a nearby farm and it’s a humid 90 degrees – not today.

Grocery shopping on your list and the pond is calling – we’re eating takeout.

I could go on and on. Some weeks I start with a full schedule of things that are never done. Another week my schedule is wide open. Suddenly things pop up and I’m running on empty.

Of course one of the worst disorganizers is health issues. That can make mincemeat out of a schedule in no time flat. Just ask the beloved husband.

A year or so back he got a really bad inner ear infection and missed two expensive concerts by some of his favorite rock bands. He wasn’t a happy camper.

These days I think of my schedule as a list of suggestions. Times sure have changed!

32 thoughts on “Schedule adjustments — A sure sign of aging

  1. I am much happier with an agenda…think it’s healthier…I make myself get up early even if i don’t have to…coffee, a run…then writing for a spell. I’ve been a freelancer all my life so maybe if I worked 9 to 5 like you I’d feel differently. I love having stuff to do…keeps those blues away. Sorry your husband missed those concerts. Bummer.


    • I do need a routine for the time that I control. I am up early, to the gym, then Starbucks and some peaceful time blogging. What I am finding is that the scheduled plans with friends often get rearranged. It happens more frequently than it did in the past. I too need things to do and am happiest when I am busiest. All my plans this week got canceled for various reasons but I did clean out my closets and I got time to enjoy the outdoors too just not as planned.


  2. I like the idea of a schedule more than the existence of one. I still use an old Franklin [no Covey yet] Planner and enjoy scribbling my appointments in it, then watching them not happen– or get rescheduled– or happen. I feel so free using it more as a base of suggestions, than an actual planner.


  3. I think back to my corporate and HR days, and wonder how I managed to squeeze so much into so little time. These days, my schedule is so wide open, that sometimes I actually dream up activities just to pencil them in and fill up the empty spaces. Even so, every now and then I find myself with too many line items, and not enough empty spots on the schedule, so something has to go. Usually, it ends up being housework. 🙂


    • Sometimes I wonder how I got so much done when I worked. Of course my cats are happier and my house is…ummm….more straightened up….sort of….maybe. I enjoy my outdoors much, much more.


  4. You’re on target, Kate. I’ve not been a fan of schedules…something in my DNA? Oh well…retirement is wonderful and somehow I manage to make scheduled meets on time; can’t stand being late. Matter of fact…when I have an appointment early in the day I can’t sleep the night before ’cause I’m so stressed about not waking up on time. Ridiculous? You betcha’…bah.


  5. I like that – a schedule as ‘a list of suggestions’…It’s so true – and it’s an adjustment. Btw, I have always meant to write that I LOVE the pictures of your cats and look forward to them every time you post.


  6. Same here. Almost everything on our calendar these days is a suggestion or an “idea” . . . in case we want something to do.

    And we are very guided by the weather. If it’s pouring rain, we stay home.


  7. I look forward to the day when schedules are suggestions…not there yet. Somehow I can’t seem to convince client dogs that they don’t really need to go out first thing in the morning!


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