The carpet cleaner – my new prom date

Long time readers know I’m not fond of people. They are unpredictable and can be very annoying. The only good thing about them is that they don’t pee on my carpets. Usually.

Every once in a while life will give you a bad day. I mean like really sucky depressing but not end of life depressing — just enough to make you not feel like twisting and shouting on rooftops. (You did click on the video, didn’t you?)

A bad day can make you feel old and wrung out. Well, I had one of those days yesterday. No whining here. My life is good but the odds are that I will have a few of these puppies in a year.

The day started with a sick cat. This is where carpets get involved. That means I am booked to dance with the carpet cleaner today. We do a mean waltz and a little cha-cha but he is such an exhausting partner. Of course he lets me lead. After all it’s my prom!

It didn’t get any better.

This morning I was up early so I could get an early start with my date. The carpet cleaner doesn’t bring a corsage nor will he take me to a restaurant for a nice meal. It will be all business. The beloved husband brought him out of storage for me. I swear the dang thing was smiling.

A carpet cleaning was already on the schedule. The sick cat episode just moved it up a week. A winter full of hairballs and dirty snow wreaks havoc with carpets. Fortunately we don’t have many carpets but dirt and barfing cats always find them.

Off to the gym I go. What am I thinking? I will be pushing and pulling that heavy thing and lugging dirty water and clean water. Isn’t that enough exercise? Obviously I wasn’t in my right mind as I normally jump on any excuse to skip it.

This time fate had a plan. I walked into my friendly neighborhood gym all grumpy. Then someone said, “How are you?” I am embarrassed to say that I told them. It all came out gushing like a sixth grader who wasn’t allowed to sit with the “big” girls.

Since I don’t normally do this, everyone was surprised. My exercise besties gave me the empathy and encouragement I needed to continue with my day. I left laughing.

One of the important things about retirement is that you need a routine and you need to have access to good people (even if you don’t like people).

They can make you smile.

They have similar problems so you don’t feel alone.

I walked out feeling pretty chipper considering I hadn’t had my Starbucks yet! I am ready to rumba with my dance partner. Together we will clean those dang carpets!

I did check before I left to make sure I wasn’t getting billed for the therapy I received.

It’s included with the membership!


31 thoughts on “The carpet cleaner – my new prom date

  1. I had a cat for 19 years that upchucked daily, or so it seemed. She would leave the kitchen and head for the living room and do her thing. Then when I had hard woods put in she would do her thing on the rugs. Now there is Teddy. He has vomited once, in the hallway have on the rug half off. But one incident in 2 1/2 years is ok with me. Now if he would stop scratching the ottoman.


    • Most of my smaller carpets (hallways, kitchen, bath) are washable and there’s a reason for that. I have 4 large area rugs that you can’t throw in the washer and they prefer those along with 3 wall-to-wall carpets. Gotta love them!


  2. ditto to the barfing cat (not plural thank goodness) ditto to the carpet in the living room. I call Oops! for real….they are very well rated in Houston. Even the DJ’s are promoting their carpet cleaning prowess. Good luck. I feel your pain when buyers walk on that living room carpet, but thank goodness for tile on the rest of the first floor and hardwoods upstairs. Too funny. Misery loves company.


    • Part of the problem is that my diabetic cat peed on my oriental rug. I cleaned it but I can’t clean the fringe which still smells. (Wanna come to a dinner party at my house? No? Even I don’t want to!) Saturday it’s going to the carpet guy to see what he recommends. I’d like to get the fringe off. Maybe he can clean it. Or maybe I need a new carpet. The old one is 20 years old. The other carpets just have spots from living. I’m glad you had a good experience. Nothing is worse than selling a home and having all these things come up.


  3. I remember what it like to have a sick kitty. I had these chemicals under the sink to get rid of that barfy odor. Used to make me high.

    I love that your gym mates soothed your spirits. Then of course your decaf mocha saw you home.


  4. ” It all came out gushing like a sixth grader who wasn’t allowed to sit with the “big” girls.” Got such a laugh here – could just imagine it spilling out. Laughter helps a lot ( and music!)
    Oh…and why is it we’ve pulled out all the carpet but 2 guest/office rooms – and they alway manage to got there…right where you see it upon entering the room. Whhhhhhyyyyy?


    • We don’t have many carpeted room but like you 2 guest rooms and the office. All the rest are area rugs. My next house will be all tile with a shower head in the ceiling and a drain in the middle of the floor. Guess I have to find waterproof furniture!


  5. “Long time readers know I’m not fond of people. They are unpredictable and can be very annoying. The only good thing about them is that they don’t pee on my carpets. Usually.”
    This opening line killed me with laughter.
    Not just because it is funny but because it is true. And because I agree.


  6. That’s a great song for the occasion! And I do think music always helps me shift my mood. I did nod my head with understanding at how you probably felt after you actually told your gym buddies how you were doing. I make the same effort not to unload, but with occasional weakness more tumbles out than intended, and you just hope others remember that sometimes they do this, too! I hope the carpet is clean, the cat is feeling better and you have made a celebratory trip to Starbucks. It’s a must today!


  7. Fine, click! I don’t want to add to the “misery” you are having. Should you invite geriatric people make sure they wear pampers to save carpet cleaning.


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