The “firsts”

There is nothing as wonderful as the first sip of something wonderful. I have written before of that sweet spot in the morning after exercise is complete and a steaming coffee is in my hand.

The first taste is the best. You can get another when that cup is done but it won’t taste as wonderful.

The same is true for the first sip of an evening cocktail or the first piece of a homemade coconut Easter egg.

Or that first bite of wonderful pizza or a perfectly grilled steak.

It’s also true of the first book you read from a newly discovered author or the smell of a brand new car.

I can’t even talk about a brand new pair of shoes without getting chills!

By the same token, there is nothing more disappointing than anticipating that “wonderful first” and being sorely disappointed.

Yesterday my dreams were dashed. The beloved husband and I went out for breakfast to our favorite place. They make the best home fries. For those of you unfamiliar with this term, it is fried, sliced potatoes that are served with eggs for breakfast.

I love potatoes. I could eat them anytime any way but home fries are special. They have to be fresh or they will be dry. They have to be fully cooked or they will be hard. They have to be seasoned because plain potatoes are bland.

They are simple to make. It’s hard to screw them up.

Yesterday wasn’t my day for wonderful potatoes. As a matter of fact, it wasn’t a good day for the bacon either. Were my taste buds off? Maybe.

The first one of the day is always the best! Just ask Hazel.

The first one of the day is always the best! Just ask Hazel.

Maybe breakfast isn’t my favorite meal anymore. If that is true, I will blame Starbucks who enticed me with their mocha lattes. They gave me free drinks to ensnare me until my will was broken and just like a robot; I march off to visit them every morning.

One of those puppies and I am full. Not interested in eggs and such.

I am not throwing in the towel on ‘firsts’ though. I had dinner with the girls and the first laugh was spectacular. The first beer was the best ever.

It’s hard to remember much after that. There was too much laughter and too much food. Oh yes, drinks too! It all made up for the lousy breakfast the day before!

Want to share your favorite firsts without getting too steamy?

23 thoughts on “The “firsts”

  1. Here are a few of my favorite things:
    * the first time I gazed upon each of my daughters’ faces
    * the first time I held my grandchildren after they were born
    * the first time my husband surprised me with a mysterious, getaway vacation (we went to New Orleans)
    * the first bite of pumpkin pie
    * the first taste of pumpkin latte
    and too many more to count. Thanks, Kate, for giving me a chance to count my blessings today.


  2. As you can probably guess, I too am a potato lover and in fact made home fries just the other night, for dinner (why not?) and Dan declared them “devilishly good” so obviously it’s not hard or I couldn’t do it! Next time, you’re invited for home fries and soy chicken (mmm).

    As to firsts, I love the first time I jump in the pool on a really hot day. I don’t love when there’s no pool to jump into though. Hmm, note to self: get pool.

    The first time I held my niece and each of my nephews, well, that was better than anything, even chocolate!!


    • Just last night I made home fries with scrambled eggs and bacon on top for dinner. It was scrumptious! I did get my fill of starch!
      Jumping into no pool can be hazardous to yourself. Note to self: if there’s no pool, just have another margarita.


  3. Home fries are gourmet, CH cooks up awesome ones.
    First bite of the potato pancakes CH fries up.
    First sip of catawba after going without a glass of wine for a few days.
    First bird speak out of Mr. Tanager when he arrives with his girlie for the Summer.
    First Fall fire in the chiminea.
    First bite of a cake donut.
    Obviously it is all about food for me.. 😯


  4. First bite of a grilled cheese sandwich on toscano pano . . . with first chip. Or first sip of tomato soup with said sandwich.

    Sorry that breakfast (or your taste buds) weren’t up to snuff.


  5. First rose on any of the bushes around this house. First bowl of corn flakes from a new box. First toe wiggle on a sandy beach. [Hey, this is fun. I could go on, but I won’t.]


  6. First insanely happy singing bird in the backyard just as it’s light after shoving the cat this way and the dog that way and running interference trying to get the dog out but not the cat and wishing the coffee was ready…that bird can make a difference.
    Eating breakfast out – sigh. Is it vacation trip time yet? eggs and breakfast potatoes cooked by someone else…


  7. This morning Michael and I (hubby) had leftover pizza for breakfast…a first for both of us and even better because it’s the glorious first day of Spring…Spring has sprung oh happiness! I love ‘firsts’ ~ you never know what they’ll be like.


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