Is it spring? Is this all there is?

spring wallpaperThe calendar says it’s spring. My clothing tells me something different.

My flannel shirt and fleece-lined clogs say “not quite yet.”

I’ve tried to retire my down coat on several occasions only to pull it out yet again.

daffodils by freeclipartstoreThe cold ground over my daffodil bulbs which are usually out of the ground by now say it’s not so.

The blossoms on the trees are not yet swelled and ripe for bloom.

Our forsythia is not even close to blooming.

This has been a different winter. The old man has not visited us like this for many a year. But this year he outdid himself. He has over stayed his welcome.

He sucked the moisture out of our holly leaves. We are hoping spring will bring new growth.

He sucked the energy out of the people and we are hoping the sun will restore us.

He overtaxed our budgets with unending street plowing and fender-benders. We are hoping that something good will balance that out.

Is spring a calendar event or a frame of mind? Is it really here?

I think spring is the sun and the temperatures. There is nothing like a little heat to swell plants and put the spring back in our step.

I don’t believe anything is quite as welcome as spring this year!sun 1

22 thoughts on “Is it spring? Is this all there is?

  1. Well said. I can’t remember the last time I found a winter so long here in Toronto. Tomorrow’s going all the way up to 38 with some sun, and I’m downright excited. We have way too much snow and ice still on the ground to be even dreaming of daffodils! 🙂


    • I’m a little farther south. We have very few snow banks left and it’s predicted to hit 60 tomorrow but the ground is still cold and all the other signs of spring aren’t quite there.


  2. Here in Western Washington we’re all happy. Such a beautiful spring day! Daffodils and cherry blossoms. Blue skies and a few clouds all day long. It’s still cold, not quite 50 degrees. I wore a jacket and even a hat today. But I love a blue sky.


    • Ah yes, the Florida person rubbing it in. Yesterday was gorgeous here to but there are two different definitions. Mine involves temperatures in the 50s and I bet your definition is a whole lot warmer.


  3. In south Texas, my spindly little crepe myrtle has begun to show some new growth, and today, the sun is out in full force, and we’re already climbing to the 80’s … surely some of this heat can trickle up to your neck of the woods. Soon?


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