Another random five – some sad, some glad and some to make you scratch your head

The pone in the summer.

The pond in the summer.

Circle of life – This week I found a dead fish floating on top of my pond. I think it was Goldie. I’ve had her for about four years and have no idea why she died. There were no attack marks. I was in a hurry so I lifted her out and put her on the side of the pond expecting to give her a proper burial the next day. During the night, some other critter came to visit and had a filet of fish sandwich. She was gone the next morning. On the one hand, I’m sad that I didn’t give her a respectful burial but I helped another animal who has been struggling all winter with dinner.

Bellies – Jeans come up below the waist these days. I find that a hard place to fit because it’s the place that blows up when I eat and deflates when I don’t. I must be the only woman in the world with that problem.

Cars – I am considering a new car so we went to the local car show. I hate buying a car. All the research you have to do is a waste of time. My criteria — it has to be red, have a smart start button (keyless start), a back-up camera that works well and a low console. I like my car but it’s blue with a high console that makes me feel like I’m going to whack my elbow. Of course over the past four years that never happened but it’s in my head. Also, the storage areas on the console do not properly fit my Starbucks venti or my box of tissues. I am a woman of simple needs. The best part of the car show was lunch afterward.

Maybe it is spring – In our local paper there was a photo of a guy mowing his lawn. Our lawn hasn’t grown at all yet. In fact, it’s not quite green. Perhaps this is how he “cleans” off the winter debris. Either that or he is totally crazy.

Wasn't me. Must have been the dog. What? We don't have a dog? Bummer!

Wasn’t me. Must have been the dog. What? We don’t have a dog? Bummer!

And Morgan – A week is not complete without a note about the little terror darling. There was a stampede, then a crash. I got up to view the damage and the little stinker was sitting nearby nonchalantly washing her paw as if nothing had happened. I need that attitude!

So how was your week?

35 thoughts on “Another random five – some sad, some glad and some to make you scratch your head

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  2. My condolences on your loss of Goldie. The fish pond is a gorgeous feature.

    Morgan and our two cats must be comparing notes. Ours blame some random doggie for crashing our pad and leaving the place like the aftermath of a toga party. 😉


  3. I enjoyed your Random 5. Sorry about Goldie but the circle of life is a good thing. No low rise jeans for me. I am still loving my Mid Rise Skinny jeans that are not “skinny jeans” at all from Levi and I have three pairs of Lucky Brand that are dear to me.. their Sweet and Straights are my choice. I got them at their Outlet store in Florida. I can not stand anything tight around my stomach.
    Morgan cracks me up!


    • My jeans are mid rise and I do love those best when they fit. If they don’t fit, well, nothing is more uncomfortable than jeans that don’t fit. I don’t know how some people wear them when they are skin tight. Someone recommended the Lucky Brand curvy. We have a store (not an outlet) locally. I want to try some on and go on line to sign up for coupons, discounts, closeouts or whatever.


  4. Your pond is beautiful! I am so impressed the goldfish make it all winter! The fish in our pond don’t last long, but I steel myself for the circle of life. Morgan is a good role model for sending me off on a confident week! 🙂


    • I put a bubbler in for the winter so the pond doesn’t freeze solid in a winter like the one we just had. In four years this is the first fish I lost except for one to a blue heron so it was kind of sad.


  5. Always enjoy your ‘5’, a real potpourri this time around, but isn’t that the way of it. Good luck with the car. Jeans? Got no clue…but Goldie? Could it be Morgan being a clandestine ninja? Film at 11. Have a stellar week. Spring is coming…even here in Chicago. People are so coiled to be out their front doors. Me being chief among them. Later Gator. Dan


  6. Poor Goldie but she undoubtedly lives again via the critter who had her for breakfast. Jeans below the waist are a crime against humanity. Mowing a winter worn lawn has to be something like a primitive rain dance. I love your ramblings and your infinite sense of humor. 🙂


  7. You know, you’re very quick to blame Morgan. Maybe she really was an innocent bystander. She always looks very innocent to me. And don’t your neighbors have a dog who might be responsible for sneaking in your house and wreaking havoc?

    The Morgan Defense Fund


  8. Sorry to hear about Goldie, Kate. Your pond is really beautiful!
    An issue I have with jeans and other pants are the tight skinny legs. I work out a lot on my treadmill, to avoid a third back surgery. I always have the setting on a steep incline. As a result, my calves are solid muscle that have a hard time fitting into the bottom of the pant leg. I wonder if there are any exercises to reduce muscle buildup? Am I the only one with this problem?
    I had a great week! We had a couple 75 degree days, but this upcoming week, the temps are going back down.
    Good luck with your car and jean shopping!


  9. Sorry you lost the fish, Kate. But good that it went to feed a hungry something. About the jeans? I detest those that fit ‘below’ the waist…my shape is definitely out of sync for them. I’ve had good luck with the jeans from Chico’s…nice. I like my pants (including pajama bottoms) to fit at the waist.
    We’ve had a couple of red cars; loved both but now we’re into black…ha, the cops watch out for those red ones!
    About the green grass? Our weather in N Texas has been idiotic lately…our Bradford pear trees were gorgeous, all bloomed with white flowers…pow! A big freeze did the blossoms in but now they’re leafing out so not all is lost. Our front yard is full of beautiful purple grape hyacinths. We have a family that’s been mowing our yard for a long time and they stopped by last week to see if we were ready to begin mowing. Not…not ’til the hyacinths have died down…couple more weeks.
    We went from the 80’s Friday to the 40’s this weekend. Crazy!
    As for the cat? Yuck…our Ragdoll cat, Gibby, just threw up a very wet hairball…oh Gibby! Yuck.
    All in all I’ve had a great week…go to bed happy…get up happy…can’t beat it with a stick.


  10. > I have your car. Fits all requirements except color… guess it stays MINE.
    > Car Rule #1 … No silly jeans (as you have pictured) in my new car.
    Leather seats and bare skin are not a good combo… plus the jeans are tacky.
    I’m old and that’s my opinion.
    > RIP Goldie and Bon Appetit to the night visitor.
    > I LOVE random. 🙂


  11. I’m sorry about Goldie but four years is a long run for a fish…it’s their version of Old Calcutta. I only wear low rise jeans because I hate anything across my stomach unless it’s a guy I like. And I so wish I had a lawn. Your house, I’ve seen in other posts, is so cozy looking. Makes this city girl yearn.


  12. I’m with you on the jeans — but I’m short waisted so “normal” jeans land just at my ribs! Finding a pair that fits and flatters is every woman’s intention, I think. Have yet to find a certain brand that does it all …

    I have a red car, but that wasn’t my intention – it was the only one in the city that had 4WD and in MI, that’s essential 🙂



    • I am short waisted too! I like that they have “shortened the body a bit” but you can read my frustration in my response to Georgette Sullin’s comment. I know, it’s my own fault. I ALWAYS need to try them on before buying.
      You car sounds perfect to me!


  13. I’d say that lawn mower (the guy, not the machine) has Spring Fever!

    Good luck with the car hunt, and finding less low hung jeans.
    We don’t want you getting strung out.


  14. I have taken to buying “not your daughter’s jeans”. Not too tight and they fit nicely. However, that “muffin” still finds its way to spill over, so I wear a loose top to cover the waistline.
    btw Talk about scratching your head. Imagine my surprise when I read that low rise jeans are dangerous. Then when I clicked on the link there was “more to the story”. They had left out the word “tight” and expanded the story once they had hooked me. I don’t know how to provide you the link in the comment box, but you can google the topic “Health Dangers Hiding in Your Closet” all common sense to me, but someone wrote it.


    • I have been looking at that brand but haven’t tried them on. I should try them. Someone recommended Lucky Brand but the price was really high. I bought two pair of DKNY boyfriend jeans. The first pair was so comfortable — soft denim and good fit. The second pair (which I didn’t try on before purchasing) were too big in the abdomen area. I can pull them down without opening the zipper. Actually they could fall down. Now I have to figure out a way to snug that area up and it’s not easy. Just a reminder to me to ALWAYS try something on no matter how many of the same size you have. On the other hand I have a pair of ankle skinny jeans from Chico’s. My husband had to remove the rivet so I can move the button over a smidge because they were snug at the same spot after washing. Other than that, they fit well. I think jeans are easier to fit when they go closer to the waist.


  15. Goldie – sorry your fishie pal is gone … and, yes, the circle of life continues.
    Bellies – low waisted jeans used to be cool in the 70’s, when I had a waist.
    Cars – hey, at least lunch was good. You may love red, but for me, it’s silver.
    Spring – the green will show up sooner or later, and lawnmowers will roar.
    Morgan – who can ever stay mad at a one-eyed cat? No one, that’s who.

    My five?
    Gates – been wrestling with how to install a new gate to keep the little dog contained.
    Kale – it took me four days to finish off a huge bunch of kale, but it was delicious.
    Blogs – this week I discovered several new blogs. Interesting people out there.
    Swollen – hard to believe that my foot is STILL swollen from those dang fire ant bites.
    Wind – a cold front (in the 60’s) blew in with enough wind to make the chimes dance.

    Have yourself a good Sunday! 🙂


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