Exercise equipment fantasies

That is the treadmill with it's most common user. Those are her sneakers in the corner and yes, that is dust you see.

That is the treadmill with its most common user. Those are her sneakers in the corner and yes, that is dust you see.

Were you ever been so naïve that you believed you would actually use exercise equipment if you bought it?

Yep, me too. When I was very young (that would be in my 20s just a few short years ago) I bought a stationary bicycle. It was a really dumb idea.


It was all manual because that’s what I could afford. Every time a friend would tell me that they were committed to get more exercise and were buying a stationary bicycle I would loan them mine.

Sometimes the damn thing came back after two weeks. TWO WEEKS!  Really? What kind of commitment is that?

It didn’t stay anywhere longer than six months. I know. I was as stunned as you are. Imagine people not following through.

No one bought a bike after borrowing mine.

I have no idea what happened to it. Maybe one of the borrowers never returned it. I never missed it.

Fast forward about thirty some years. I know I don’t do well exercising at home. I like to walk but only in good (and warm) weather. I am not a fan of disappearing down to a subterranean refuge for a workout. I admire those crazy people but it’s not me.

I have tried different things as an incentive but nothing works except the trip to Starbucks after the lady gym circuit.

However, in a moment of absolute weakness (which may or may not have been fueled by a salted margarita) I bought a treadmill.

The problem with my walking routine was the weather. This would allow me to be faithful to my exercise schedule.

If you believe that I have some swampland to sell you.

Of course I did use it on occasion – maybe five times in two years. The poor thing was all by itself in the basement collecting dust except for the cats that occasionally slept on it.

Everyone has heard about the arctic vortex we have been in and all the cold and wintry weather we have had for a month now. This week, I heard the sound of the treadmill.

I checked on the cats first because there is always the chance that one of them figured out how to turn it on. They were all snoring rather deeply.

Tiptoeing down the basement steps, I saw the beloved husband on it. Holy cow!

He was never a fan of the treadmill. He likes to bike and hike outdoors. Obviously he hasn’t done that in a while so he was desperate. He was getting barnacles on his butt. His joints were getting creaky.

I am glad to see it used. There are times I think I should sell it because it’s clunky and takes up room but it comes in handy when there is nothing else available.

In another week, this will be a memory and once again the dust will start to thicken.

34 thoughts on “Exercise equipment fantasies

  1. I love my treadmill, too. My husband built a shelf over it so I can put my computer on it and watch shows while I walk. I would rather walk outside, but since we have such long winters in Wisconsin (usually about 9 months), I need the treadmill to get my exercise.


  2. I hate the gym and the treadmill. I like running outside with just me. Of course in this cold it’s suicide, so it poses a problem. I also don’t like getting wet so today’s rain kept me indoors. Years ago I was quite a yogi till I pulled my hip out and a yogi I was no more. I dunno Kate. Exercise is a great big pain in the ass. Love the kitty cat on the treadmill.


  3. Kate, I’m laughing with you. I am so GUILTY of this. Years ago, I was so naïve that I purchased membership in a gym … and, then, never returned even though I had to pay the monthly bill for a year. Arghh! I also have used the excuse that the “weather” keeps me from a daily walking routine. Up north, it was always too cold. Here, in Florida, it’s too hot to go out walking. Ah yes. Excuses. They pile up the like the dust on the unused exercise equipment. 😉


    • Ah yes, when I was in my naïve 20s I also had a gym membership. You had to sign up for a year. Used it about 5 times. It was really stupid because the location wasn’t convenient. In the past 5 years I have gone to a ladies only gym but my healthcare policy pays for it. Surprisingly, I am fairly faithful to 4 times a week. I am convinced it is the Starbucks treat afterwards that makes me go. Before that I did walk regularly. Now for some stupid reason I don’t walk as much.


  4. I have a treadmill and use it; in a moment of weakness I also bought an elliptic-hell machine. Hate it. Hubbs loves it – doesn’t use it – won’t let me get rid of it – but he loves it. My knees hurt every time I look at it. I have a weakness for those fitness videos on TV; have a stack of them, some still with plastic wrap on them 🙂

    Such a cute kitty 🙂


    • In the 90s I bought an “Swinging with the Oldies” video with Richard Simmons. I like the oldies. I like dancing. This would be a good way to get exercise, right? Wrong! I did it once. Couldn’t follow it. My legs got all tangled up. Never did buy Jane Fonda’s set.


  5. We have had a treadmill for years and I never walk on it. I probably should, but if I have time to walk on a treadmill I really do have time to walk outdoors, which I’d prefer. But my husband won’t let me get rid of it…he does talk an awful lot about using it. TALKS about it. 🙂


  6. I like SMALL equipment. I have a tiny trampoline for jumping and various weights. When the weather is bad and I don’t feel like going to the gym, I like to dance or exercise to music.
    Your cat is beautiful–on the treadmill or off.


    • Smart woman! I like small too. I knew nothing about treadmills when I bought this one. There was one that folded up and rolled into a closet. I almost bought it but there were these reviews talking about shortness of the tread and width too. In the end, I’m a small person, it would have been fine for me. My current one “folds up” too but you have to be an amazon person to do it and there is no closet that it would fit in.


  7. That’s actually a pretty nice version of a treadmill, since it appears to also have the auto-incline feature. I had a similar model in my home after a surgery, and used it faithfully for about six months, until it eventually became nothing more than a good place to stack stuff out of the way. I eventually traded it with someone for a lawnmower, which got a little bit more use (barely) than the treadmill, but at least it got me back outside in the summer months. Thankfully, I have no room in my new home for anything that takes up precious floor space, so there is little danger of any exercise equipment finding it’s way into my abode these days. Other than the recliner, where the only exercise I get is when I’m exiting the recliner to find my way to the kitchen. *rolling eyes*


    • It was the cheapest version with the automated options. A lawn mower is a better exercise machine. First off, you have to mow so it will get use. We got a recliner about a year ago. My one arm is getting very strong pulling on that thingie.


  8. I once spent a good amount of money on a treadmill, that also served as a coat hanger. After I got bored with being inside walking my husband made an even trade. We got a snow blower ad his friend got my treadmill. I would much rather be outside.


  9. We have a ski machine that’s a bit dusty! Sometimes my bipeds pretend they don’t really want to go for a walk with me, but they always enjoy it once I’ve persuaded them.


  10. We bought a Schwinn Aero-Dyne exercise bike in the 80’s and logged over 12,000 miles on it ~ that’s like riding to CA and back. Twice! I tried to ride 8 miles 3x a week. It worked best if I read a book while riding.

    When we moved to FL, we left it with the house (along with almost everything else). I don’t miss it. It’s more fun to ride a bike outside where I can see the birds, etc.


  11. Thankfully, I could never afford exercise equipment. There are some benefits to being a bottom feeder. I am not cluttered with that stuff and it is one less thing to feel guilty about.


  12. Oh yes – lots of equipment never used and gathering dust – a treadmill, a total body vibration machine, weights, balancing pad – and all in front of a t.v. in a guest room that doesn’t have much room for guests. If I’m really stiff and cranky I use the treadmill and put on horror movies to keep me awake. 🙂 Love your post. How true it is!


    • I know a few (ok, only two) people who have a fully equipped exercise room in their house and use it. I just didn’t inherit that gene. In fact, I don’t think that gene was even in our gene pool! When they come out with something that works wonders and takes no energy, let me know.


  13. LOL! I see the paw prints in the dust. 🙂 I love my treadmill. For me, it’s part of my day, like going to work. I’ve had two back surgeries and I have no desire for a third. The treadmill keeps my back in check.


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