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Morgan on chair“Did you get my good side?”

New cat resident has settled in. Old cats are curious, resigned or indifferent. The hissing is down to a slight murmur. New cat is named.

I always like to wait to name anything because something about the personality will give clues to the proper name.

We had some great names that revolved around eyes or one-eye. The problem is this cat does not define herself by the loss of her one eye. She is warm and lovable. More so than other cats I have had. She doesn’t know that she is missing an eye. She doesn’t care.

She adores me. What can I say? I like being adored. It happens so seldom. Oh wait, like never!

We call her Morgan after the great pirate Henry Morgan. She is a pirate! She will steal your heart as if it was a gold doubloon! He did have both eyes by the way.

We were all settling in nicely…that is until I got the call from my vet. She went in last week for a checkup and I took a stool sample. Hey, I’m a good person. I can fish out poops with the best of them!

Her stool tested positive for Coccidia and Giardia. Both are one-celled organisms that are parasitic and contagious to other cats.

She has no symptoms so I expect she hasn’t had it long. I understand it’s common in shelters. It won’t kill her and is most problematic for young kittens.

Despite the fact that she was only mingling for two days and at that, very little mingling has gone on, ALL of my cats have to be treated. Three doses a day. THREE DOSES A DAY!

I have one cat I can’t pill at all. Another I can’t find when it’s medicine time. They know. They always know what I’m thinking. I used to spell out things like V-E-T to the beloved husband but they knew.

I used to bring out the carrier days before the appointment. They knew.

I asked for some meds for me to pull this off but all I got was a laugh.

Morgan, the little darling, is curled up on the beloved husband’s computer chair taking a nap. She is oblivious to the uproar she has caused in the past week.

Knowing all this, would I do it again? You betcha!

33 thoughts on “The good, the bad but there is no ugly! | For Animal Lovers

    • Nope. Today is day 3 and so far Morgan won’t take any pill pockets or crushed pills. I did get them down the other three cats but there is still another round. Hazel is such a sweetheart. She is willing to take everyone’s pills so I have to watch her!


  1. Morgan is stunning and I’m so incredibly pleased to hear that you have adopted her. Who doesn’t love being adored 🙂 Working at shelters, I must say I’ve become quite expert at giving cats pills but, if you’re still battling, I’ve heard that Greenies have a pill pocket type thing. Maybe that would work for you. Hope all get well soon and congratulations.


    • I have been using pill pockets and they have been working for 3 cats. The other one doesn’t like them. She is the hard one. So far one of the tablets is odorless and tasteless so I have been crushing in food. The other is bitter. I am going to try that one crushed in stinky food this afternoon and see how that works. Sometimes the pill pockets only work for a couple of days and they tire of them. We’ll see.


  2. Morgan looks quite regal.
    Pill time is such fun! I had one cat who, once you would finally get the pill down his throat, would wait until you were treating your own wounds, and then go throw up behind the couch.


  3. I had one cat who needed pills twice a day. She was a lovey who’d sit in my lap any chance that she got. So I put her pills in a shot glass and carried the shot glass around with me to wherever I decided to sit– to be ready for my pilling opportunity.

    Well, eventually, it dawned on me that anyone who came to the house or saw inside through the windows, saw me with a shot of “booze” walking around at all times of the day and night. Probably did not help my reputation here in the ‘burbs– or maybe it did!


  4. I love it that you love her, and she loves you!!!
    Don’t envy you the pills.. my vet taught me a sort of hold when you put your thumb and ring finger behind the ears, and your other two fingers over the eyes, and bend the head back, and the mouth opens so you can shoo a pill down with a sort of pea-shooter!!!
    Can’t say I ever got any good at it !!!!


  5. She is a pretty baby. You are right there i sno ugly in catdom. And she does look like Teddy except Teddy is BIG. He had the parasite thing when I got him. He had the smelliest pudding poops ever! But all better in a week. He was good about the pills.


    • Pudding poops! Only a cat lover would come up with that term. Hazel had pudding poops a long time after the parasites were gone. In fact she gets them if she gets stressed. Thank God she’s a laid back cat! Morgan has normal poops so there aren’t any symptoms but they found it in her sample.


  6. We did liquid antibiotics once thinking it would be easier . . . it wasn’t. :mrgreen:

    With our dogs, we buried pills in chunks of cheese or smeared them with peanut butter. Cats are NEVER so easily fooled.


    • Yes, I found that out yesterday. I have liquid antibiotic all over my kitchen and the cats. I went back to get the pill form this morning. So far Morgan is taking everything in pill pockets and she’s the one who needs the meds the most. Dogs are easier. You can bribe them so easily although the dog I had was really good at spitting out the pill someplace where you didn’t find it for hours.


  7. No surprise she adores you. Too bad I don’t live nearby. I am the supreme pill giver of all time. Necessity. My cats know too. And my poor wonderful Zazu needed 3 different pills a day for the last year and a half of her life. I was able to grab her and get them in her without fail. And she still loved me. For 4 months I had to give her an IV twice a day and managed that too.

    Look and act nonchalant. If you seem the slightest bit uptight or out of character you are screwed. Don’t make it the very first thing you do in the morning. And unless you are planning to lock them all in the bathroom where there’s nowhere they can run or hide don’t even think of doing them one after the other. When you finally have them captured, get a firm grip, holding them tight against you, put your arm around them and tip the head back, open the mouth wide and put the pill far back on the tongue where it has to be swallowed, not spat out. Or, if you are really good, toss it down the throat and then gently massage their neck to help it go down. Don’t forget a treat for good behaviour. Them not you 🙂


    • I think they can tell because I am sort of freaked out. Jake gets 2 shots a day and that’s not big deal for either of us but the pills. They get 1 pill once a day and liquid that they get twice a day. They all took the pill either in pill pockets or smashed in food. That liquid though. They hated it and spewed it all over. Tomorrow I am going back to the vet to get a pill equivalent which is supposed to be bitter tasting. I need the treat, not them!


  8. She is definitely a very gorgeous cat! Good luck with the pills. I speak from experience when I say it’s better to dose them all at once than to “hope” that it isn’t being passed around. I once had to deal with ear mites for two months before everybody got treated at one time!


    • I haven’t had to treat for ear mites in many years. I had a cat who seemed to get them frequently and she didn’t like ear drops. Now I think they have a med for them that is mixed with flea stuff you put on the neck.


      • Yes, it’s called Revolution and it’s supposed to wipe them out, but in my case, it didn’t. I finally had to treat both cats with Revolution and Acarex (topical) at the same time in order to get rid of them. My cats still run when my son-in-law comes in the house…he was the one who had arms long enough to retrieve them from under the bed for treatment.
        On another front..I have nominated you for the Epically Awesome Award for Epic Awesomeness! See my post tomorrow (May 20).


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