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What can I say? I am a smooshball about animals.

After a tormented couple of days following my visit to the local shelter (if you missed that heart wrenching post, here it is), the beloved husband and I decided to adopt the one-eyed cat. I was afraid no one would adopt her because of her eye.

Today we went to the shelter to start the process. I considered taking a gas mask but thought that would get us thrown out.

The airlock chamber did not stink quite as badly as last week. It smelled of bleach (maybe they read my blog?). The reception area was not as clean smelling.

I went back to the cage room where the one-eyed cat was and I had to wait until a room was available to take her out of her cage and meet her.

The cages were being cleaned and I took the time to notice that they had replaced the old fashioned ones I remember from years ago with new double tiered cages with a separate chamber for the litter box. The cages were larger and there were two or three cats in each cage with shelves for napping.

That didn’t make it any easier to resist all the eyes on us. There were several cats I would take home in a heartbeat.

I didn’t intend to get another cat until Jake passed on. He is fifteen and slowing down but healthy as a horse, at least as healthy as a horse with diabetes.

My next cat was going to be a male because my other two are females. There is no room for an alpha cat or a drama queen. One-eye is a female.

I thought she was older. She is about a year old or maybe less. She was brought in as a stray with an infected eye which they couldn’t save. In fact, after spending time with her in the meet and greet room, I don’t think she knows she is missing an eye. She was very perky and inquisitive and excited to be someplace new.

She does not look grotesque nor is she unhappy. I may have been played but she is with us to stay. The beloved husband is going to name her. He wanted Captain Morgan but she is a female. Any suggestions for a one-eyed female cat are welcome.

There are many beautiful cats at the shelter. There was a boxer (dog) wandering around the office greeting people. He was beautiful and very calm. If you are in the market for a pet, check out your local shelters. If you can’t adopt, write a check. They need that too.

People who work in animal welfare are very special people. It doesn’t matter if it’s lobbying, fostering, cleaning poop, walking dogs, volunteering or working in the connected fields, they are just very special. Not all of us can do that. Not even those of us who are fervent animal lovers can handle the sadness that comes with it. Kudos to you all!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

41 thoughts on “Another one wins the lottery or shelter follow up | For animal lovers

  1. Congratulations on your little Gracie, and bless you for your big heart! I think I told you one of our cats was also a one-eye. He was a sweet boy, and did not really seem hampered by it, except as you say – he could definitely be blind-sided (literally)! (This is Marilee, by the way)

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    • So good to hear from you! I didn’t know you had a craft blog! Wow! She is not shy and has fit in fairly quickly. It was a week on Friday and she is eating with the rest. I don’t separate her for anything anymore. She and Morgan are closer in age than the rest and they romp around together. All good.

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  3. She’s adorable! She will definitely be worth all the trouble (have already read your future posts about her). We had a one-eyed cat – same circumstance, infection in the eye when found and it couldn’t be saved. He was the sweetest, most loving cat I have ever had. Enjoy your new baby!
    Also, this is exactly why I can’t go to shelters. We got our two boys at the local Animal Control, and I could have brought home almost the whole roomful as well.


  4. Oh thank you for grabbing that cat – she’s so pretty and needs to be appreciated…I was worried. HUGS! (and we almost ended up with another dog this weekend…went in for cat food…it’s just so hard, but must get Molly a bit more stable and RC totally comfortable with housemate..she doesn’t share well…luckily she doesn’t know her size either)
    Post made my day


  5. Welcome home, kitty. You picked a good mommy and daddy.
    Kate … we have two cats from the shelter. Jean-Louis (a male) and Reggie (a female) are 5 years old now. They were close to 6 months old when we got them, and they have been a real joy.


    • I am always astounded at the wonderful pets they have at shelters. All of my cats are rescues. One of them is stunning and very well behaved. The other two are wonderful too. No bad behavior in the group. (There aren’t bad pets, only bad owners.) There was a boxer at the shelter that I could have taken home in a heartbeat (along with 40 other cats).


  6. I’m writing a check. Heading out to run some errands and am going to do something really outrageous…drop it off in person at the vet who does so much no-kill adoption work in our part of town. Wouldn’t have thought of it without you. One more time, you’re doing your job. Thank you. Dan


  7. Congrats, Kate. Guess I could have predicted this…but you have resisted before. I’m so glad the cat turned out to be young and one-eyed. I had a horse whose eye I had to have removed. She was older and the adjustment was awful. Your cute gray bundle will be fun and I hope your other cats adopt her too. As for a name, I’d suggest Peeper with no “s” since she’d only got one :-)!


  8. You have such a big heart, and I can’t say that I’m all that surprised that you went back…your previous post really showed how much you cared for these little animals. She will always be special to you, and I think you’ll be sure to feel how much she knows you have chosen her to love. Her little one eyed face is so precious. ox


    • I think I’ve been played. She has been here 2 days and I am exhausted. She is younger than I thought and has boundless energy. I think she has all that energy from being cooped up in a cage so she is giving us a workout.


  9. aww she’s beautiful and so are you for taking her home.

    My vote? Iris! It’s pretty and feminine (she is) and has to do with eyes, too.

    Bless you for taking her home.


  10. I know we’ve just been seeing each other casually, but I’m going to say this. I love you! I’m so happy for you that you brought her home but probably not as happy as she is. Do you have her separated from your other cats for now, or was she able to jump right in?

    My husband thought pirateena would be good-girl pirate and you could call her teena for short.

    OK, I love you man. Really. And not in like a weird way.


    • Right now she is separated in a bedroom. The other cats are little hissy but they are not aggressive cats so I expect within a few days they will all be buds.

      Thanks I love you too. Love your blog! We are of the same mind. Maybe you are my long lost sister! So glad we found each other.


        • I didn’t have any luck asking for a sister either. I had two much older brothers and the shock of a girl child was a lot for my mom. She was not allowed to pick out my clothes from about age 4 on. I needed shoes early in life although my mother preferred to be barefoot. It was just not gonna happen! Welcome home sistah!


  11. she is gorgeous, and will surely add much love to your home

    the first name that popped into my head for her was “Nugget” (she is a sweet little morsel, with a golden eye, who won the lottery, and will surely end up being worth her weight in gold)


  12. You are a woman after my own heart. I cannot go to a shelter because I am incapable of leaving anyone behind. I give them money and food and toys, all left on the stoop, after calling to let them know what I’m doing. My cats are all rescued, but one is from a Vet, one from an animal rescue where no cat gets put down and one through a friend. Names: Una, Solo, Moja (single in Swahili), Uma (one in German). She is going to bring you lots of joy. I just know it. Hope to read lots of posts about her.


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