The best of people watching

This is dedicated to my former co-worker Steve who smelled up my life….literally.

Haz w coffee cups

Mine! They are all mine!

If you have read my blog for a while you know people aren’t my favorite species. Some of them are just plain crazy. Being friends with others is like walking on eggshells – crunch, crunch. Animals are pretty much “take me as I am.” They will love you unconditionally no matter what stupid thing you do. If it wasn’t for butt sniffing, they would be perfect. (I was going to include butt scratching but I know too many people who do that.)

I do love to watch people though. Some people are amazing. Some people are amusing. People can make your day….or ruin it. Breakfast places are the best places to watch people.

Here are two snippets.

There is nothing like a good smelling guy!

About a week ago I was in line inside the store at Starbucks. (That means that the drive through was full of idiots!) I was in line for maybe a minute when I smelled something. Something good but not baked. Oh my! I turned around and there was a thirty-something guy in a business suit (something I haven’t seen in a long time) with cologne. Hubba hubba!

How long has it been since I was around a guy who uses cologne? I was taken back to the 1970s. There was English Leather, Old Spice, Jade, Musk and many others marketed to men. Steamy dates and happy memories flooded back. Mostly steamy dates. *hormone surge*

In this day of allergies and asthma, I don’t know any men that wear cologne except one.

It reminded me of a guy I used to work with. I could track where he was by smelling the air. You could walk into a room and know that Steve had just left.

A perky attitude goes a long way!

Today I was back in Starbucks. Inside so you know what that means. Ahead of me was a portly middle-aged guy — very smiley and jovial looking. He was peering in the food counter. He said, “Go ahead of me, you’re making me crazy.”

Normally that would torque me up but his body language and twinkly eyes were friendly. I also knew that I didn’t do anything. Not even twitch my nose – by the way that never works for me. If I twitch my nose someone hands me a Claritin.

Then he followed with, “Nah, this is my first time here and I don’t know what I want.” Of course, I proceeded to recommend just about everything. He noted that I had a gold card and easily rattled off my drink litany. I moved on to the “pick up” area. (No, it’s not that kind of pick up!)

As I left, he was chatting with the woman in back of him. What an upbeat person. I live between New York City and Philadelphia in an area that is not considered very friendly. Most people don’t talk to strangers. He must have been an out-of-state visitor.

Notice: Despite the fact that I promote Starbucks endlessly, they do not compensate me in any way including free mocha lattes! I do all this out of the kindness of my heart and of course, the damnedest things happen there.

22 thoughts on “The best of people watching

  1. My guilty pleasure is Barnes and Noble which has a Starbucks cafe. I’m there every Friday – just for the people watching. The aromas that catch my attention are the coffee, the baked goods, and the occasional whiff of a great perfume or cologne.


  2. You say you are from between Philadelphia and New York City. Sounds like my hometown area. Would you mind saying? I am originally from just NE of Allentown, PA. I didn’t learn how to be friendly until I moved to the Midwest where I’ve been for nearly 40 years.


  3. I actually know quite a few men that wear cologne. Maybe allergies are not such a big thing here in SA. I’m also used to very friendly and talkative people. Then again, that might be because I always end up striking up conversations. Maybe it’s me, maybe it’s just that I live in such a friendly country. Love the post. Laughed all the way through it.


  4. Starbucks and chapters are connected where I work outside the downtown area. It’s a great place to sit around and talk to strangers. When I used to work downtown, it’s a different story. People hang around and don’t say much. It’s a place to see and be seen and nobody noticed. For example David Duchovny of X-files sat in an open busy area and nobody went gaga on him. I didn’t. But the smell of cologne, just a hint, is good for our olfactory senses.


  5. My best Starbucks story is when I stood in line behind Peter Frampton, who is still quite handsome– and polite. We were in our local Starbucks. The thing is that I didn’t realize who it was until a few days later when I saw his photo in the newspaper and it all clicked. Duh.


  6. I totally agree! The darnedest things always happen at Starbucks.
    On a semi-related note, I have been “picked up” numerous times at the pick up area (a part of the darnedest things collection). Usually not by my husband and generally awkward on both ends.


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