Post winter, pre spring and sick of it all!

spring - freebies.aboutThis is the worst time of the year. In my head it’s no longer winter but it’s not spring either. I don’t want any more snow but the daffodils aren’t popping up yet. It’s light longer but still not warm enough.

I am completely sick of winter. I had my fill. I hate my clothes.  I want to wear bright patterns that aren’t fleecy. I would love to get rid of all the layers too. Some layers get tucked in and some go over top. It’s a nightmare at potty time. Does this go in or out? Over or under? Up or down?

My wonderful new winter clothes are starting to look shabby. Ok, they are not shabby; I’m just tired of them. I wear them every week. What do you expect!

Also, this is the time of the year when my closet elf shortens all the new knit pants I bought in the fall. (I wrote about him earlier in the year and it seems like everyone has one. I think my elf is more diabolical. You can read about him here.)

Every year I have to replace my sweat/exercise pants because they shrink. Every year! When I buy a new pair, I resolve to air dry them but they get accidentally thrown in the dryer. Oh well!

umbrella drinkWe all know that the closet elf oversees the dryer.  The dryer is the magical place where a pair of anything comes out divorced without a sign of its partner anywhere. I believe my socks get alimony settlements and take off for places unknown. Probably Tahiti or somewhere you don’t need socks. They are lounging on the beach with umbrella drinks while I am cold!

That’s another thing I’d like to do. Go without socks without freezing my feet off. That won’t happen until June. I have sensitive feet. They like to be warm!

I will be sorry to pack away my spiffy new boots but I would love to wear Capri pants with a nice floral blouse and sandals. I bought a new blouse just the other day because…well….I don’t know why…I didn’t really need it but it was pretty. Let’s call it shopping therapy.

The other telltale signs of too much winter – my eyes are dry, my skin is flaky and my hair is crinkly. I use drops and goo but it’s not enough. My body starts to rebel. Where is summer! I hate this cold stuff!

I am starting to miss gardening too — not only the fun part of gardening but the weed pulling too. Yes, I know. I should go to therapy for that. The perfect therapy would be to meet my friends for happy hour and sit at an outside table! I wonder when that will happen.

17 thoughts on “Post winter, pre spring and sick of it all!

  1. I do wonder where the previously matched sets have gone to. Why did they split up? Who has custody of their lint? I hear you, Kate.
    This won’t dredge up any sympathy, I know, but it’s been near 40 a few days here in Florida. I long to trade in my jacket and gloves, and other winter apparel, for something a little lighter. Hang in there. Spring is a wonderful time up North. I firmly believe no one appreciates it more than those who have had a really tough winter.


  2. Sun two days in a row! And another Purple Martin couple has moved into the neighbor’s bird apt. complex – so hang on.
    It was so grey and grim here, I, too, had to do some shopping therapy: ordered some short sleeved striped tees. But have to admit, do get as tired of warm weather clothes as you do of your winter wardrobe. Once it warms up here it just broils endlessly.


  3. I don’t think I’d make it, Kate, but then I’ve never known anything but Southern California. It doesn’t leave me with a wealth of experiences, but it’s comfortable, and that counts for a lot! I do not have spiffy boots, though, and this winter I could have used them! Hold on just a wee bit longer…I really do think spring is almost here! 🙂


  4. Kate, you ROCK! Someone once said that to me and it made my day. I’m hoping it makes yours. You write how you feel with such complete candor and irresistible humor and I am truly impressed. I swear you touched every single gripe I have about now, about winter! 🙂


    • You did make my day! Thank you, thank you, thank you! This is what makes blogging so worthwhile for me. The real problem is that I really feel like this. Spring is less than a month and you get it earlier than we do!


  5. This is so funny! I don’t have a dryer elf because I don’t have a dryer but I did have a divorced socks elf until she got older and retired – it was my biggest dog, when she was a puppy.


    • I don’t have a dog and my cats aren’t into socks unless there is catnip in them. (Trust me I would never put catnip in anything I didn’t want destroyed!) My husband even cleaned out the vent — no sign of the missing socks! He did find one of his runaway socks inside his jean’s leg.


    • Ahhh! I envy you especially at this time of year. I can’t get the beloved husband to move to Florida because of the summers. I spent many vacations on the west coast and I really like it there. How do you manage the uber hot summers?


      • Summers here are “cooler” than triple digit days in NJ or MD. It never gets over 92 degrees. They are much longer . . . but I don’t mind. I would take 30 HOT days to avoid 3 cold ones.


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