Power outages, common sense and turnip trucks


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Disclaimer: I worked for an electric utility for 25 years. It was composed of people like me who worked hard to make the right decisions for the customers and the environment staying within the constantly changing, highly regulated laws. The opinion … Continue reading

Activities that should require a license


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The government mandates licenses for a lot of things. You need a license to marry, to drive, to practice medicine and many professions require licenses too. This is to ensure that quacks don’t operate on us or defend us in … Continue reading

Mother Natures’ Trick or Treat


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Today is Halloween. It’s actually “All Hallows’ Eve,” the day before “All Saints’ Day” or “All Hollows’ Day” when Catholics honor the saints. The traditions surrounding “All Hallows’ Eve” or “Halloween” come from old Celtic religions which believed that the … Continue reading