Random 5 for March 4 – Fruitful week, smells, cleaning up, expectations, memories


Wonderful, wonderful – This has been a good week. I did my taxes and although there was a little mud wrestling with the on-line product, it’s done. (BTW the issues had to do with Internet Explorer…again). Then I found a … Continue reading

The chronology of purses


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I have a great idea. I get a lot of them but most are ignored. This one is interesting. We should put a woman’s purse in time capsules so future archeologists can learn how intricate the American woman is. Instead … Continue reading

A Post-it, a Post-it, my kingdom for a Post-it!


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Whatever did we do before Post-its? They are God’s gift to the aging (and slightly demented). There was a time when I actually had a short-term memory. I could recite birthdays, sizes, menus, grocery costs, the alphabet, just about anything … Continue reading