A Post-it, a Post-it, my kingdom for a Post-it!

Whatever did we do before Post-its? They are God’s gift to the aging (and slightly demented). There was a time when I actually had a short-term memory. I could recite birthdays, sizes, menus, grocery costs, the alphabet, just about anything that was important to know. Those days are gone. That’s not to say that I can’t remember anything but my memory is very selective these days.

Several years ago, I started to use Post-its as a reminder. They are wonderful. You can stick them anywhere, move them and re-stick them when you forgot to do what the Post-it reminded you to do.

They are helpful at work when you are juggling several projects and want to appear like you know what you are doing. (That is a very important skill in the workplace!) I always had lists but the Post-it list stuck on my computer was the most important one.

At any given point (like now) there will be at least three Post-it notes hanging on my computer, a few on the kitchen counter, maybe one in the car and an odd one here or there.  I thought this was unique to me but today I made a big discovery.

I went into the beloved husband’s basement workshop and saw a note on the door that said, “Turn the saw off.” I smiled. He has one on the office door that says, “Turn the light off” (he says that one is for me because I never turn the light off).

If someone comes into our home, they will think that mentally challenged people live here. Maybe they do. The odd thing about notes is that after a while, you don’t see them at all.

7 thoughts on “A Post-it, a Post-it, my kingdom for a Post-it!

  1. I secretly hoard post-its in my home office closet. Then I go to the office supply store, buy more and when I come home to put them up go “Oh wow, I didn’t know I had these post-its.” Perhaps I should put a post it somewhere that says, “Don’t buy anymore gosh darn post its!”

    PS – I’m partial to the neon colors, you?


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