Frog Fest | For Animal Lovers Only

The weather in southeastern Pennsylvania has been very mild for the last week or so. Today we came very close to 70 degrees as a daytime high. This is very unusual for this time of year and it is making the fawn and flora a little crazy.

There is some forsythia blooming and I have iris, day lilies and bulbs pushing up shoots. I always fear that the ensuing colder weather will “do them in” but somehow it never does.

It has also made my fish frisky. The storm of a couple of weeks ago drove them to the bottom of the pond. They moved slowly and weren’t interested in greeting me as they did all summer. Today, they were out there doing belly flops when they saw me but best of all, there were the two frogs sunning on the stones.

I have been cultivating an inviting environment for frogs for a couple of years. They are healthy for a pond and good for gardens. This year has been the first year that I have actually had frog sightings during the summer and I have been ecstatic (ok, I am easy to excite).

There was a short period during the summer when they did some mating ritual of singing and jumping around for a week or so. My friend Sharlene calls it frog fest. There were five frogs then, but after the excitement died down, I would only see one occasionally. They were small and they spooked easily when they saw activity.

Sometimes I would hover in the darkness to try to catch a glimpse of one in the moonlight. They are so elegant when they dive into the pond and swim. Today was a great gift to see the two of them, side by side, enjoying the warm weather. The weatherman says this won’t last. Bummer. I will miss those little guys.

14 thoughts on “Frog Fest | For Animal Lovers Only

  1. Sure looks like your frogs “eat good.” Great photo…love to hear the frogs singing from my creek all summer. My froggies lay low unless they hear the weed whacker coming too close. Some carelessly hop into the road at night and pay dearly for it. Rippit!


    • My fish are very frisky. At the start of last summer (2010) I had 6. By the end of the summer I had 42. My pond is small and my friends were talking sushi. Mother Nature whittled it down to about 30 and I only had 3 babies this year. So I get a little nervous when they get frisky!


  2. Well I love frogs too but more so because they eat the damn cockroaches here in Bermuda.
    GREAT post. Very very well written. Makes me wannta visit with you….. 🙂


    • Thanks for your kind words. Actually, I’d love to visit you! Warm weather, blue beaches (or are they pink), minus the cockroaches please. I was in Bermuda once a long time ago. I loved it but was surprised at how cool it was (it was in February). Then I realized you are pretty far north. If I get down there, I will invite you to lunch!


  3. As my husband and I made our way to our vehicles this morning, burdened with our daily load of work accoutrements, we passed two new blooms on a plant that we thought was dead. It lightened our load just a little.


  4. I tried to comment on this from my phone while shopping but the silly thing would not let me. Anyway what I wanted to say was, I love frogs and have since I was a kid. I remember finding baby frogs by the dozen and stuffing them into my pockets on the way to school. Some were squished others lived. Needless to say, I was all the boys best friend.


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