Whirling dervish!


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It grows like weeds. It replicates like a virus. People get attached to it. I’m talking about stuff. Mostly useless stuff. While helping out my brother and his wife recently, I realized how much stuff people accumulate over time. Lots … Continue reading

Gone nesting!


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Yep, I nest. You know, putz around the house acting like I’m cleaning while I’m really evaluating stuff and clearing things out. (Preferably the beloved husband’s stuff.) Most people do it in the spring. After a long hard winter I … Continue reading

This was the week that was….or let’s get this crap out of here quick before I come to my senses!


It’s a hectic week. You know the kind. Lots of social fun stuff planned. Everything is spaced far enough apart that you can’t really get anything accomplished in between. At least that’s my story! I did get the last closet … Continue reading