This was the week that was….or let’s get this crap out of here quick before I come to my senses!

It’s a hectic week. You know the kind. Lots of social fun stuff planned. Everything is spaced far enough apart that you can’t really get anything accomplished in between.

At least that’s my story!

I did get the last closet cleaned. What a job! I had it converted into shelving so I could keep my treasures there. You know the kind of treasures – stuff I haven’t looked at in the ten years I have lived here. Nor have I used it in the last twenty years. It has sentimental value or else there is no ding on it. Or something.

Here are a few of the precious items I found.

Two matching nun outfits.I made them in the 1980s for a Halloween party. We were a hit! Won a prize! How can I throw them out? I did wear them once during the 90s for a work Halloween party. I remember it as being uncomfortable. How did nuns wear those things?

Here’s the thing about nun costumes — when you drive around, people are nice to you. There are no fingers sticking up at you after you cut someone off or make a wrong turn on a one-way street. You also get served faster at bars. I know this from experience.

I wanted to get a monk outfit so I could hear confessions. That would give me lots of stories for my blog!

I have to rethink this one.

An anniversary clock from my last job that never worked. It had my name engraved on it. That makes it special, doesn’t it? This one didn’t take too much thought.

Pillows. Before I found foam pillows that don’t go flat, I had an addiction to fresh fluffy pillows. I bought new ones yearly or sometimes even more often.

Go look at your pillows. Do they have yellow goo stains on them? Disgusting! Throw them out! I did (but only after years of saving them in my closet just in case I had a pillow emergency).

Stencils. I went through a stencil period. I stenciled the walls in my houses with flowers and ivy and other stuff. Haven’t done that in 15 years but you never know when the urge will strike. Out they went!

Magazines. I won’t even mention the year except to say it wasn’t this decade….maybe not even last decade. They had crafts or project ideas I wanted to try but never did.

I was really glad I never made the stuff as it is really out of style now. All that work for nothing!

Well, here it is, time to get ready for my next fun social gig!


19 thoughts on “This was the week that was….or let’s get this crap out of here quick before I come to my senses!

  1. You go, girl.
    Oops, I mean . . . you go first, Sister!

    You should wear that nun costume to the next surgical seminar and Starbucks run. And then divest yourself of those vestments for good. Maybe leave them at the hospital in the supply closet for people who do naughty things there. :mrgreen:


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  3. I’m in desperate need of a great big closet cleaning day! It scares me a bit, though! 🙂 I even have bags of old mail that needs shredding. I know that makes me sound borderline hoarder. I’d better get cleaning!


  4. It’s amazing what you can find stored in a closet after awhile i recently did the same thing. congrats on getting chores done 🙂


  5. I shudder to think what is lurking in the dusty corners of our closets. I applaud your perseverance in facing the closet problem head on. Did you keep the nun costumes? They sound like there might be some [entertainment] value left in them!


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