Sassy cats – Life with Gracie!

This is me typing my post. (The peep thinks I’m rolling on the keyboard!) She cleaned it after she saw the picture. I will have to fur it again!

Gracie here. Life has been exhausting. The peep calls me a pain in the patooter! Not sure what that means but it must be good.

The peeps got new furniture. First there was the cleaning and moving out the old and more cleaning. Hate the vacuum. So noisy! Then the new stuff came. We had a lot of sniffing and furring to do to make it homey. Waiting to do a hairball christening.

I decided I didn’t want to eat on schedule this week. That made the peep angry. She sneaks meds into my breakfast, so I stopped eating breakfast. She can’t leave it out or Gus will eat my meds. He’ll eat anything. Then we play a game of “are you hungry Gracie?” I, of course, say yes so she puts it down, then I walk away with my tail in the air. I love this game. The peep hates it. Whatev!

The peep bought a tray of annual flowers. How dumb! It’s too early so she had to bring them inside at night so they wouldn’t get shocked by the cold. We all smelled them. No catnip. What was she thinking. She should have waited but she got them cheap. She’ll do anything to save a buck (which she will spend at the vet for a problem that no one understands!).

Speaking of the V-E-T (yes I can spell), she is threatening to take me back because of my barfing. Can’t pass hair no matter what she sneaks in my food. She has a collection of hairball vomit pictures to show the vet. I wanted her to post one here but she declined. I do very artistic barfs. She calls them disgusting. Potato, Potaato!

Post over. I’m sleepy! nite, nite!

Have a great weekend!

53 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Life with Gracie!

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  2. Hang in there, Gracie, and make sure you keep up with your sleep! And if you cooperate with your lady peep and have your medicine, you won’t have to go back to the v-e-t! But hope you are enjoying getting your new furniture comfortable and furry 🙂

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  3. Gracie – you turn your back, er … tail on rotisserie chicken or are you on to new delicacies these days? Sorry to hear you’re not feeling well. I hope a trip to the V-E-T is not in order. Don’t leave to much fur around, the keyboard will stutter … I have a sticking “e” key right now which is irritating.

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  4. I am always happy to hear from Gracie but sorry about the barfs. My Stasia could take enough hairball treats to get the runs and still barf up a cigar of hairball. I think she was in a league with Gracie. We never found anything that helped – which I’m afraid doesn’t help you. I hope youo feel better. Get Naked treats were one of the ones that led to the runs and, I suppose, worth trying if you haven’t done so yet.

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  5. Glad you have the new furniture! Gracie I suggest that you NOT inaugurate it with a barf though…..our Moms only have so much patience you know. Seriously though I hope you are OK – we all worry about you. Yep – that’s what friends do!

    Hugs, Teddy

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