Sassy cats – Feline oddities in this house

I luv you! You are all mine!

Morgan is very affectionate when I’m on the computer. This past week she decided to “mark” me as hers with a saliva smear on my forehead. Yuk! There must be better ways. A friendship ring would work.

When Gracie joined us her back legs were weak. She couldn’t jump very high. After a few months of zoomies, she got much better. So much better that when she runs down the stairs her back legs run faster than her front legs. She starts down the steps in a face down position but by the time she gets to the bottom of the step, she’s either sideways or face up. Very weird.

There is something about the top level of the cat tree. Mollie rarely goes into the room with the cat tree but we had a worker upstairs so she relocated herself. After rubbing and rolling on the top, she said she needs her very own cat tree on the second floor. Did you get that Santa Paws?

I smells ‘nip! I needs my own cat tree!

Everyone here wishes you the bestest weekend.

45 thoughts on “Sassy cats – Feline oddities in this house

  1. Oh, your Mollie looks exactly like my Luisa (RIP)! Is she very big? Luisa was huge for a girl kitty. Her fur was so beautiful and silky but she had short legs and big paws. She looked like a force to be reckoned with and acted like one 😉 Is it ironic that Gracie isn’t very graceful coming down the stairs? At least she can, though 🙂

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  2. Nothing like pet slime to know “you count” in their world. 🙂 I think Mollie will get her own cat tree and a little ‘nip in her stocking as well because she did an admirable job tucking into this one and looking cute and comfy!

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  3. Theo feels the need to mark me on a regular basis. I’ve just come to the conclusion that he just likes to rub his mouth on everything … but he seems particularly fond of feet 😀

    As for his cat tree – waste of space and money. He NEVER lays on it. EVER. However I’ve discovered that Theo knows how to open the cabinet where I keep the kitchen towels. It’s become a battle to keep him out of there.

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  4. Z used to come down the stairs like a rocket and she often did a tumble or somersault kinda thing. She seemed sort of surprised but picked herself up and always looked at me like “what?”… she was a hoot. Morgan just wants you to get off the computer… Haha! Have a great weekend, Kate!

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  5. Reading about Gracie on stairs … Ray is rather interesting with them. He did not know how to manage his back feet with stairs when we first got him, but he quickly caught on and going up was soon fine. Going down is still a problem unless restrained by his leash.
    He will start going down fine but will speed up with every step until he starts losing control and, to salvage a deteriorating situation, will make a giant leap to the ground at the bottom!
    We have a concrete wall near the bottom of our steps down to our basement and so, rather than risk him breaking his neck when he flies into it, we have had to gate the stairwell! 🙂

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    • We’ve had that cat tree for 5 years or so and she never goes on it. When it was new she and Morgan had a turf fight over it and Morgan won. Morgan hasn’t been on it lately. She’s moved on to conquering other furniture (and people).

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