Some flummoxing observations

Flummoxed — bewildered or perplexed

Did you ever notice that the trip home from somewhere is always shorter than the trip there? Always! Unless you have to pee.

When you drive, your thoughts are reflected by what you see. For example, if you are hungry you will see every dang food place (missing all the shoes stores). They all look scrumptious. You develop a yearning for each one. Pizza. Burgers. Hoagies. They all look good. Then you get home and there is nothing in the fridge. Boogers.

The trip home from the vet is different from the trip to the vet. The cats sing the song of their people all the way over. Loudly. Off key (if there is a key for that). Once they have been subjected to prodding and probing and some invasion of personal space, they are quite content to duck into the carrier. The ride home is a breeze. I can sing the song of my people. Usually it’s an Eagles song. (That’s Eagles the rock group, not the football team.)

When you are unsure of the route you are driving, you always end up in back of a ginormous 18-wheeler that blocks all the road signs you need to see in a timely fashion. You change lanes at the last possible minute cutting off cars around you. Horns honk. Fingers flash. You silently hope no one is packing heat. (I don’t care if he was demoted. I still need St. Christopher when I drive!)

Sometimes you just know something. You don’t know why you know it, but you do. And you’re right. Then there are times when you SHOULD know something but racking your brain doesn’t help. You cannot remember it to save your life. Until 3 a.m. when you bolt upright in your bed and you remember. Argh!

Hypochondriacs feel their best right after a doctor’s appointment. Especially when they are told nothing is wrong. (If something is wrong, they get bragging rights. “I told you so!”) If the visit was accompanied by expensive tests that “feel good feeling” lasts longer. After all, if you were truly dying of a brain tumor, they would know. Right?

Does anything flummox you?



61 thoughts on “Some flummoxing observations

  1. You have some good flummoxers there! Here’s another one – why do you always notice things at the exact moment when it becomes to late to do anything about them! For example – seeing the car keys on the car seat the exact minute the *locked* door swings shut! Also, I like “singing the song of their people”!

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  2. As I get older I just become more conscious of the traffic when I go into town and try to focus more. Yes, the trip back home always seem shorter – thank goodness. Our last cat is gone but most really howled all the way to the vet’s office. I had to buy a top loading cat carrier for the last cat as I could not force her into a front loading one – she was strong!

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  3. Recently it’s occurred to me that I’m growing more and more impatient with driving at all! I never thought this would happen to me. It never was fun to deal with traffic, and parking issues, and PEOPLE on the road, but I had tolerance. If I had some place I’d like to go, then driving was just part of the deal. I find myself procrastinating in running even necessary errands, and I rarely want to travel very far to meet someone for lunch or a movie. This is a new “flummoxing” that I have previously reserved for old people. This just COULDN’T be me!!

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    • I do a dance with errands now. I do them in the morning when it’s less crowded on the roads. I had to pick something up at a doc’s office what was across town last week. I started later in the morning and got home just after lunch. I was amazed at how much more traffic is on the roads. Our area is booming with warehouses and the trucks have increase exponentially. I don’t like driving far at night or to inconvenient places — poor parking, crowded, etc. I’m sure it’s from age.


  4. My mom gave me a St. Christopher’s medal when I got my first car. He has been with me for 45 years now, tucked in a tiny Tupperware in the glove box. My father was a hypochondriac who tried to outdo my mom’s symptoms when she was pregnant with me. She was no nauseous the first trimester, she lived on Arrowroot biscuits and tea. He went to the doctor complaining of stomach cramps. One time my mom turned to him and said it was his brain that needed tending to, none of his other imaginary ailments. I will want to Google something or tell someone something and can’t remember it until I shut down the computer for the night (I don’t have a smartphone), then I remember, then if I don’t write it down, I’ll never remember what it is again. Need more memory sticks for my brain!

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  5. I am flummoxed by my neighbors leaving on their sprinklers when there is rain in the forecast.

    I am flummoxed by white people with German immigrant ancestors who never learned English screaming at Mexican-Americans for speaking Spanish in the store.

    And I am thoroughly flummoxed by my inability to see the ibuprofen in the cabinet the first three times I look.

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  6. I hate to be behind big trucks when going through a large intersection…is it still green? Also, while driving through the mountains, I don’t like to be in front of these guys either. They’re like a freight train when you go down the mountain. Yikes!

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    • I don’t like to be in front or in back of them. We have an interstate I use frequently with a steep incline. Going up is a pain as they are doing 20 mph but coming down I pray a lot that they don’t lose their brakes. Lots of accidents.

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  7. Nope, I think you pretty much summed it up. 😀 My cats though will howl all the way to the vet, and all the way back! fortunately, we don’t live that far from their vet clinic 😀

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    • My worst waiting room story is when someone was putting their cat down in one of the exam rooms. The sobbing was reverberating throughout the building. When someone cries, I cry. Especially when it’s about animals.

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      • Yes. I hate being in the waiting room and seeing someone crying, leaving without a pet. My vet hospital finally put in a separate room with an exit to the outside (the “comfort room”). Unfortunately, I have been there, used that, and I appreciated not having to walk past the other pets and parents as i left.

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        • My vet has changed procedures. You pay first or they send a bill in the mail. You don’t have wait and fumble at the counter while your heart is breaking. They also put in a candle that they turn on to flicker when someone is losing a pet so everyone knows and is respectful. I wish they had another entrance but they don’t. Unfortunately this person was wailing loudly and nothing could have changed that. I just wanted to burst in and hug them.

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  8. Funny about the vet trip, SO TRUE. This flummoxes me: my 65-pound dog on a leash tried to pull me off my feet going after a bear. A bear! But if there’s a fly in the living room, he’ll run and hide under the desk in the front room. And quake. It’s pitiful.

    Flummox is a cool word. I don’t use it enough.

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    • Indeed! When my cat Jake (since passed) was old, he would always pee in the carrier on the way home. I had pee towels in it. I could always tell though. The scent of fresh ammonia! Hopefully you didn’t have that problem!


  9. Funny, my cats have always howled on the way home, too. They hated being in the carrier that much. Wasn’t just the car because they howled all the way to and from the car, too. But–totally agree that after being poked and prodded was the only time they gladly jumped into the carrier–ROFL! 😉

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  10. People often flummox me ~ they just don’t add up. 🙄

    For example, there’s a couple who enjoys exercising every day. They stopped eating at a favorite restaurant because guests have to get their own drinks. Waitresses bring the food out, but not the beverages (except the alcoholic ones).

    My solution? Order the margarita!

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  11. I always end up behind trucks because I’m not an aggressive or fast driver. So while everyone around me sees a truck somehow miles away, I never seem to because I drive way too defensively. This actually doesn’t bother me unless I’m just as you describe: needing to see the road signs! I also get flummoxed by TV commercials that are louder than the show you’re watching at the time. – Marty

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  12. Because my car is a tiny compact, most vehicles block road signs so they definitely flummox me. And then there are those drivers who are in a gosh almighty hurry only to arrive at the light a nano second ahead of you. The longer I live in the city, the more I hate drivers in general. I whistled past being ‘flummoxed’ ages ago. 😇

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  13. You are so right about journeys Kate, especially when wanting to pee and there’s nowhere to stop (read potty break for the dog). Food, especially when you’re on a diet and do they have to advertise chocolate doughnuts (actually I’m not keen, prefer caramel)
    As for remembering something, that hits me just when I’m at the comfiest and sleepiest in bed at night, especially if it involves taking something out of the freezer for the following day. Back up is fish, needs no defrosting prior to cooking.

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