People watching

The floof was even bigger than this one!

Last week was great for people watching. People who don’t work or don’t work the day shift are interesting, especially the men. People have shed their heavy winter coats (for the most part) so we get to see style (I say that loosely).

There is a new man-do. Just as I was getting used to the man bun, they have introduced this new cut. The sides and back are shaved and there is a big floof on the top. Not a little floof, but a big one. It needs strong gel setting lotion to keep it sticking straight up. I was fascinated and got more than one hairy eyeball because of my stare.

The beloved husband refuses to change from the hair style he has had for the past 50 years. He did give up the mutton chops and shortened it up a bit as style changes but he’s not into funky.

I also saw all the colors on women’s hair. I’m not opposed weird colors on hair but you need to do it right. You can’t buy a bottle of pink dye and think you will be gorgeous. It has to fit your skin tone and work with your hair color. And moderation people! You don’t need to do the whole head! I saw one woman about a year ago who had a light blue streak in her short blonde hair. If I would look like that I would do it. It was a thin streak, not a blotch. She was a stylist so she knew how to do it. (And yes, I told her how great she looked!)

After bashing the young folks from my gym who have to park closest to the front door to go in and exercise, I did something similar. I went to our local big mall. I had two errands on different ends. One was in the “lifestyle center.” That is a section where you get rained on to buy stuff at outrageous prices. The other was in a department store in the old section at the other end. I first parked in front of the lifestyle shop, did my errand, and then moved my car around to the department store. I laughed at the irony that I had walked earlier in the day for exercise but now I was pinched for time and had to get motorized!

Have you seen any crazy people lately?


80 thoughts on “People watching

  1. My son is rocking that haircut, and it took him awhile to get the top just right. He has very nice thick hair, so it looks fab.
    I agree with the colors, just do not try this at home.
    I want to retire so I can people watch, it’s free and entertaining.

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    • Floofy top hair cuts seem to be the thing now. Some look really great but I imagine it takes a certain knack. I am impressed that your son worked with it to get it right! People watching is so much better than working except for the paycheck!


  2. The guy in your photo with the floof looks pretty good. As you said, fancy hair styles and colors have to be done right and suit the person.

    Yes, I saw an interesting sight today. We were at Third Place Books for my writers’ critique group, and we saw a woman at the next table chowing down on a half gallon of ice cream, eating it out of the carton with a spoon. She just kept eating and eating, not rushing. I think she ate most of it. She was an older woman, probably in her 70s, rather thin, dressed in very feminine clothes. I didn’t feel that I could stare, but she struck me as an eccentric. I wish I could have stared.

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  3. I’m almost afraid to comment here knowing in the back of my mind that my own family and friends could very well be thinking of me when they think crazy 😏

    If it can be done to hair, I’ve done it – poodle curls, buzzed, coloured, wild streaks, feathers. Bah – it’s all old school to me now 😉
    … but trying to rock my gray? That’s a completely different challenge … and one I think I’m losing more days than not.


  4. I see lots of crazies! I see that haircut fairly often on both guys and gals. Maybe not quite so floofy but the shaved sides and back with the longer hair on top… yep. CH and I always park a bazillion miles away from where we are going in a parking lot so we get in some steps… 🙂 Can’t hardly stand to see anybody with a nose piercing!

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  5. OMG- yes to the crazy hair! There are very VERY few men who can carry off the man-bun. The other thing, up here anyway, is the totally shaved head and the extravagant, Civil-War style full beard and sometimes mustache.

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  6. I honestly see modes of dress or immodest “un-dress,” hair styles either shaved with designs or colored in ways that certainly draw attention, and piercings and tattoos that border on offensive every day and in every corner of my world. Anything goes! I think I’ve grown so accustomed to being surprised that I no longer look twice. I was at the orthodontist with my granddaughter the other day and a woman with her 12-year old daughter was dressed so immodestly and so heavily covered in tattoos and all i could think of was how her daughter will have nothing left with which to rebel! To be different from her mom she may be very conservative. 🙂 It’s a wild world!

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  7. That hair looks like soooo much more work than I am willing to invest in my morning routine. The older I get the less time I take on body prep.

    I haven’t seen that, but I did see a woman taking her cat out for a ride by having it sit in her lap wile she scootered up and down the street. Those scooter chairs really get around.

    Also saw a guy riding his bike while reading a book. More dangerous and driving a car while reading which I have also seen.

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  8. I live in the state capital so lots of government offices, there are several colleges and more than a few tech schools, there is a prison or two… one with death row. Yeah, I see crazy!

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  9. The floof is quite creative but I have not seen any around here in my quiet circles. Hair styles and hair colors always amaze me and I admire those who carry them off with panache. My silver gets a bit bleached out in the summer…could be strange to some!

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  10. I like it best when people do their hair how they like it, and not like some tedious clone from everyone else’s selfies. This looks like someone didn’t understand the mohawk, and is really prissy about it–everyone’s mileage varies, but eh. I’d prefer less precision and more life–

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  11. Not seen any crazy people lately, but give it time. 😉

    I had my stylist put one thin streak of turquoise and one thin streak of purple in my hair a few years ago. It was a nice change and wore it until it grew out. Not sure I’d do something similar again, but I won’t rule it out. Just not sure if there is an age limit on such a thing.

    I’ve definitely driven around the mall to get to two different stores before. Not because I was pinched for time, just become I’m lazy.

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  12. I don’t think that “The Floof” has hit our area yet (remember, the average age of residents in my town is 65). But I will definitely keep my eyes open for it! 👀

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  13. Ah yes, the multi colour hair do. Mine is a lot greyer than it was a month ago, but then it tends to lighten in the summer. Love the man-do though. Looks like the crest of a wave for someone to ride on. Hubby won’t go for it, he’s more the fuzz billiard ball look as hasn’t got much hair left bless him

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  14. I’m a wash ‘n go kind of girl ~> I don’t like to fuss with my hair, my face, my nails, or fashion. For that reason, I don’t pay much attention to fashion pros or fashion faux pas. BUT . . . I do not like to see people with their pants hanging on for dear life or covered in a multitude of multi-hued tattoos or have so many piercings that they look like pincushions.

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  15. Two years ago my wife did one pink streak just as you described. I didn’t like it at first (kept my mouth shut, though), but as it began to fade slightly I couldn’t believe the number of compliments she got every time we went out. So, yeah, I think you’re right about doing it in a minimalist way.

    Now that man’s do you showed? Nuh-uh!

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  16. There’s a cashier at Kroger who has three colors in her dark brown hair. She has pink, blue, and then purple in between them. She looks great with her hair pulled up into a funky ponytail. I admire people who wear their hair differently– as long as it’s a flattering color on them and it doesn’t get in my way. We should all be so gutsy!

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  17. I’ll take the floof over the man bun any day! We’ve got crazy here too and I kind of like it. Maybe it’s because I’m rather conventional so I like it when others are a little more ummmm…. creative. I agree with you on the hair colors, unless you or your stylist knows how to do it right, it just looks silly.

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  18. It’s interesting to watch men reclaim fancy hairstyles and colors. Until the 1800s, they wore all the bright colors (pink, even!), had the wigs, etc.

    Meanwhile, women got giant, flammable dresses. As if childbirth alone weren’t dangerous enough.

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