Random 5 for May 13 – Mom, interest, customer service, getting ignored, vaginas

Here is a pictures of my Mom from an unknown decade?

Happy Mother’s Day Mom – My Mom was a hoot and a half. She traveled to Hawaii once. She didn’t return on her scheduled flight nor did she call. I thought the worse. Here is a link to that saga!

Shopping – I was at the mall this week just tooling around. I saw something I sort of liked. Then I decided I like it enough to try it on. It wasn’t in my size. Once it wasn’t available I wanted it more. That happens far more often in life than just buying clothes.

Extremes – My cell phone conked out this week. It wouldn’t turn on. I’m not savvy about cell phones. The troubleshooting guide was useless and so was information on what to do next. I had bought the phone through the service carrier at a local store. That would be a logical next step. I was greeted by a middle-aged man. (Yes, I am biased. I assume young’uns are much better at electronics than middle-agers but you get what you get.) He said he couldn’t help me that I would have to call the carrier. (Insert really sad face but no attitude.) I said “Ok.” Then he said, “Let me look at it.” It didn’t go on for him so he turned it over and flipped off the back cover to check the battery. It turned on, lights blinking and flashing. We don’t know what it was or how he fixed it. He said that he wasn’t supposed to touch it without a work order from the carrier. The store wouldn’t get paid for fixing anything without a work order. Since the fix was under a minute and I spent less than 5 minutes with him, I thought that was a silly policy. They should be able to initiate a work order on the spot. I thanked him profusely and left.

Now for the other side – Same store (this store contracts out a few departments. Consumer Cellular phone and the pharmacy are two). I walked to the pharmacy counter and stood there for 10 minutes. There was one pharmacist on duty. There was no eye contact (even though I was shooting darts!) or acknowledgment. Eventually I walked away. A minute later as I was heading to the cashiers with a purchase I saw that she was waiting on a guy who come to the counter after me. (This sent my annoyance up a level!) Yes I did send the store an email about it. If she couldn’t wait on me at the moment I would have appreciated a “come back in xx minutes” comment rather than being ignored. Two extremes of customer service – one going outside his job and the other not performing hers.

The vagina chronicles – I get emails from a beauty site. They are about skin care, new products — that sort of thing. Lately every few weeks there is an article about procedures and products for vaginas. Seriously? What the point is unless you are a vagina model. Is there such a thing?

So how was your week?

52 thoughts on “Random 5 for May 13 – Mom, interest, customer service, getting ignored, vaginas

  1. Speaking of vaginas, I read an article last week by a woman who earns her living as a standardized patient specializing in vaginas and breasts–that is, the med students learn to do vaginal and breast exams on her. She said she prefers vaginal exams. Thought you’d love this image . . . .

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  2. I don’t think I have ever received anything about vagina care in my 1,000s of weekly emails, Kate. I can’t imagine what they’d actually be suggesting. I don’t really want to know. LOL! I really get irate when ignored “behind the counter” when I need assistance. I know all about shooting darts from my eyes. I wonder which of us does it better? LOL!

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  3. Timely post on Customer Service. I didn’t realize how low it had slipped, until I went shopping with my Mom today and she (repeatedly) pointed it out. I had thought that that was just ‘standard service.’ 😦

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    • It’s wildly variable. The cell phone did not have to touch my phone but he did. I left my last pharmacy because they weren’t helpful. The new place has cut staffing so that when someone is ill, there’s no backup so they have ineffective (at least in this case) floaters.

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  4. OMG, I had a really good laugh out loud from reading these comments on vaginas. I must be like a little kid who when they hear a body-part word they start giggling. At my gyno’s office, there are posters up about getting vagina rejuvenation. I’ve been tempted to ask what that means, but I’m a little afraid to know. Vaginas are all the rage these days, what with the pink vagina hats and all. 😉

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    • I don’t know what vagina rejuvenation is and quite frankly there are other “parts” that I’d prefer rejuvenated first! Vagina hats? This has become quite an obsession. I am so out of it. I remember when the word itself was verboten!

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  5. What is up with pharmacy clerks ignoring customers? Happens all the time to me. I finally switched to a pharmacy in a doctor’s building and have been treated well there. The BEST pharmacy ever. I shudder when my phone plays dead. I hate to mess with the phone stores, too. They are resurfacing our main road today… we have two white cars. Nothing else to say about that. Hope you had a very nice Mom’s Day with the cats! Also hope that Mollie still has happy zoomies!

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    • About a year or two ago I switched to this new pharmacy because they were so wonderful. I have a feeling this pharmacist was the same one who did this to me a few months ago. She’s a fill-in and travels to whichever location needs a pharmacist. The problem is that she’s not familiar with each local store so she’s not fast. Nor is she any good with computer entry. It’s a nightmare when she’s there.


  6. Isn’t this weird new obsession with the space between our legs outside of enough. There is already too much pressure on women about their looks. Now somehow our vaginas and buttholes needs to be up to some strange new standard????? Bleaches, waxes, tucks… WHAT IS WRONG WITH PEOPLE??? I’ve got enough mental issues I don’t need to add a complex about whether my hooha is as pretty as it should be. Not to mention the PAIN and the annoyance of upkeep. Stop the madness!

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      • I would have been in a panic if my phone refused to turn on. You’re holding your life in your hands!! It’s good to fiddle and try safe things, but there must be a law that whatever you do will not be effective.


    • There was a conflict of feelings. At least I had the pineapples! Yet my mother was so naïve about traveling I was truly worried. If I would have done that without calling home, I would have been grounded!


  7. Kate, you certainly do have a knack for writing titles! Here I was, just reading along, all innocent, and I come upon “…getting ignored, vaginas.” Say what??!! As I understand it, bedazzling v-Jay,jays has become something of a “thing.” Certainly not for me, but for some young things…Don’t know about that! ~ Lynn

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  8. I’m happy to hear your phone was an easy fix, Kate. Hopefully you won’t start seeing photos of vaginas everywhere you go on line. Yesterday morning, I was admiring a purse on Macy’s website. All day, that purse followed me on the right of my computer screen, no matter where I went and even when I changed browsers. It’s so creepy! Enjoy your day!

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  9. Just yesterday I rec’d a catalog filled with seersucker housecoats and old lady bloomers, the kind my Grandmother hung out on the line, as wide and large as something that covers the front of your bumper. It also featured with liniments for “stiff joints” and helping other bodily functions “move easier.” EGADS

    I am not sure how I ended up on that list but it was fairly horrifying!

    Happy Mother’s Day 🙂 MJ

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  10. Love, love , love The Vagina Chronicles. Sounds like a whole new series for PBS!
    Hope your Kitties remembered to wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!

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  11. OMG, can you believe we now have to worry about the state of our vagina? Is it pretty enough? Does it smell right?

    I call BS. Because ain’t no man turning down any kind of vagina. (Lesbians might be pickier, though, I’m not sure.)

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    • I am too and I learned a few things. I would open the battery compartment to see if that changes anything. It needed to go on before I could “reboot” it which is what he did then. Live and learn. Instruction book that came with it was useless.


  12. Well, at least you don’t get erection notices, for the man in you. Spam will always mystify me.

    Love the picture of your mother, those old black and whites, you can’t beat’em for their noir loveliness. A nice little hunk of memory…:)

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    • Thanks! The cats have given me special presents today. Someone pooped (in the box) and didn’t cover so it stank up the house! Then there was the usual question of why it takes me so long to get up (it was 7 a.m.) and feed them. Gotta love them though.


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