Random 5 for November 19 – Cats, quirks, food, multitasking, eyeglasses

Morgan face close up

Morgan, one of my one-eyes!

Step away from that newsletter! – I received a flyer from the rescue where I adopted one of my one-eyed cats. Midsummer they rescued 12 kittens. Eight of the kittens required the removal of an eye because of severe infections. One kitten was so ill they had to humanely euthanize her. The newsletter had pictures. Three have already been adopted. The beloved husband said I cannot rescue all one-eyed cats. Sigh. There isn’t a homely cat in the bunch. Here’s hoping they find good homes. Adopt a one-eye!

I’m a princess – I have my quirks. (Many quirks!) Soft bedding and towels are one of them. I replace my towels more frequently than most people. I bought super-duper (that means expensive) flannel sheets two years ago from a reputable national brand. I put them on the bed last weekend for the winter season. It was like sleeping on sandpaper. I don’t like to exfoliate in my sleep! They are in the donate pile, replaced by lovely soft floofy ones.

Exactly what does creative mean? – A good thing? Or is it? I don’t like to see it in front of the word chef. I like different approaches to a recipe but tossing everything but the kitchen sink together does not make a tasty or creative entrée. I had dinner at one such restaurant this week and more than one of us was disappointed. What happened to Keep It Simple Stupid?

Multitasking – We all think we can do it but we can’t. If I need to go to another room for one thing, I plan to do two other things too. Makes sense, right? Kill three birds with one trip? Wrong! Here is what happens — I go into the other room; do something totally different; and forget what I really needed. Am I alone here? (Yes, I am aware of the theory that walking through a doorway reboots your brain. Not only does mine do a reboot but it deletes!)

Eyeglass update – I posted earlier this week about purchasing new eyeglasses (click here). I was struggling between two pair, one from a local optician and one from a big box eyeglass store. The big box pair was less than half the cost of the optician’s, but I liked the optician’s a little better. After a few visits (and a little fondling), I went with the economical pair. Since it’s a rimless frame, both are identical from the front. I can’t see the side detail and my hair obstructs most of it. My mother would be so proud. In my head (but not my pocketbook) I now have a few hundred dollars to spend!

So how was your week? Perhaps you can share a quirk?

64 thoughts on “Random 5 for November 19 – Cats, quirks, food, multitasking, eyeglasses

  1. Your flannel sheets mention took me back to being a girl and in my family farm house having stiff, cold flannel sheets on the bed ~ they soon warmed up with the heat of my sister and I, sometimes with one leg on the top of the blankets because we got TOO warm. Flannel sheets ~ ahh … stuff dreams are made of !


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  2. What is “the theory that walking through a doorway reboots your brain”? This I’ve never heard of before. However, applying it to the fancy cooking that you [and I] both do not especially like, I’m going to suggest that chefs are walking through too many doors. 😉


  3. I spend an hour and a half cleaning my daughter’s room this evening, and I still don’t have the slightest idea what I went in there for in the first place. I can’t even remember what job I was doing that sent me up the stairs. Well, my family and the cats are all still alive, the house hasn’t caved in, and the toilets aren’t running over, so I guess it couldn’t have been that important.

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  4. I’m with you on the word creative as it relates to food. Food is not an art form for me though I’m sure some feel differently. I prefer chefs focus on taste rather than presentation. It goes back to people for me and my preference of substance over style, but that’s just me.
    PS.. Make sure you spend that extra few hundred on yourself..:)

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  5. Ha! That’s just what I was talking about this morning, Kate. Forgetfulness is becoming common. And I think multitasking has a lot to do with it brain overload!
    Sad about all those one-eyed kitties. Hope they find homes for the holidays…~Elle

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  6. Like you, my heart breaks for these little kittens needing homes. I often wondered by some cats had only one eye. I always just assumed it was from a fight. Now I feel even sadder that it’s more than likely from an uncontrolled infection 😪

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  7. I think your big heart does indeed make it impossible to even read the pet adoption newsletter. It’s really hard to know our resources are limited when we know what wonderful things we’d do if we had the opportunity! 🙂 And I’m sure you will be happy long-term with your new glasses. It seems like once we have the “conservative” gene in our bloodline it’s very difficult to shake it off!

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  8. I wondered about flannel sheets and thought they might be warmer. Thanks for the warning. I’ll scratch them off the list. On multi-tasking, my honey says there is no such thing. Of course, he was driving and listening to the radio when we had the discussion.

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    • Flannel sheets are wonderful. Buy a good set. I find 6 oz. stays soft longer. You get a few years out of them. I can’t carry on a good conversation while I’m driving. It’s too distracting for me.


  9. Multitasking is a pet peeve of mine. I might do categorical multitasking at home (laundry, vacuuming, clean cat litter box), but when people are work talk about multitasking, I have to bite my tongue. I read a study (actually there’s probably been a slew of studies) that said every time you are distracted from one task to do another task, it will take you longer to resume the first task and thus longer to complete.
    We stopped at a pet store yesterday to pick up another truck load of cat litter (I exaggerate … sort of) and cat adoption was in full swing. Look away! Look away! They had ten or more kittens all ready to go. Two were sacked out in a fleece hammock, their little legs wrapped around each other. And there were THREE orange kitties … I love orange kitties. My most favorite kitty was orange. Sweetest guy ever. Of course, in lieu of adoption, I stuck a few dollars in their donation box. Sigh. The problem I have with adopting from a shelter is how to choose! I want to take them all and my husband is no better 😉

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  10. I tried flannel sheets many years ago when I had no choice because they were on the bed of a home at which I was staying as a guest. It was my first time ever using them, and I sweated (and cursed) though the night. I think I need “cool” sheets always.

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  11. I’m a towel freak too. L.L. Bean can attest to that. I could open a beach club with my collection of Egyptian Cottons. All I need is a pool and a cabana.

    Those cats…Morgan and Gracie lookalikes. sigh….It’s funny but I never think of them as one-eyed kitties. It’s as if the sun is just in that eye. 🙂

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  12. If I see Chef’s salad on the menu, I’d avoid it……. it’s all the leftovers.
    Now a ‘Di surprise’ meal or dessert is simple enough… it means the original went wrong, so cover it in gravy or custard because it will taste OK, you just don’t know what it’s meant to be. And the kids LOVED my frisbee cakes (failed and flat victoria sponges)

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  13. I hate when once-soft flannel sheets start to pill and become uncomfortable. They aren’t cheap either. I’m sure your local animal shelter would love to have those and your used towel donations! I think you made the right choice about your glasses… spend the money you saved on something people will notice… like shoes 🙂.

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  14. Multitasking. I’m preparing a class for my creative writing students tomorrow. I go to my file that has some excellent quotes, but an e-mail tings and I go over there. I start to read the blog it leads me to, and then I see your name (you liked my last post!) and I race over here. I read it and laugh. I try to go back to my class notes, but now I’m too busy wondering if it’s time to buy new glasses, and wondering what I’ll serve for dinner tonight – something simple – , and thinking I better order some more flannel sheets. I like to exfoliate my face, too, not the rest of my body. (Thanks for allowing me to show how well I multi-task- haha). 🙂

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    • I am a HUGE Lands End fan for sheets and towels. The ones that went to sandpaper in 2 years were not LE. I had a super deep mattress. What a pain. Now we have a sleep by number and love it. Perfect level of softness for both of us and the depth isn’t obscene!

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  15. Wanting to sleep on comfy flannel sheets is NOT a quirk, Kate ~> it’s common sense!

    And it’s common sense that’s wanting in some of these “creative” chefs who create concoctions that are cumbersome to eat and unpalatable on the palate. 😀

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  16. I know what you mean about the “creative” approach to a dining experience. I had lunch out this week, and was a tad overwhelmed by the choices. Pretty presentation and a little changing up in the food combinations never hurt anyone, but there are limits. I can’t help recall my mother saying (again, mom?) “stop playing with your food.”

    Big grin here, to know that economy prevailed!

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    • Economy made sense even if I wanted to treat myself. I can also hear my mother at a restaurant say, “They totally ruined this. Don’t they know how to cook?” I once tried to slip some pineapple into a pork dish. Never heard the end of that one. At our house it was only allowed on ham or upside down cake.

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