Random 5 for February 19 – Tomatoes, glasses, spring, Gracie, taxes


Last years tomatoes

‘Maters – After last year’s disaster in finding the exact tomato plants I wanted, I am starting my own. Seeds are on tall displays with the prettiest flowers at eye level. The tomato seeds are always on the bottom row. Very bottom. Almost in the basement. The word “tomato” is prominent but the variety is in a light-colored small font which requires that I crawl around the floor like a toddler looking for her pacifier. It took three stores to find one of the varieties and I still have two more to find. On-line ordering for these varieties, incur a shipping charge that is much more than the cost of the seeds. They come in an envelope! Whattup with that?

Something good…maybe – I had to get my glasses adjusted. Glasses are outrageous. The last frames I bought were $200 (that’s just the frames). They are frameless. That means it’s a nose piece and side bars. That’s nuts. (Ok the side bars are red but they are plastic!) I noticed that the glass place now carries frames for $49. Nice ones. It wasn’t crowded. Several glass warehouse stores have opened in the area and the prices may be going down. The pair I have was half price (which was still $250) with a coupon. With my weird eyes, it has all the bells and whistles – progressives, transitions, lighter weight lens.

So ready! – Some of you live in warmer climates. I don’t. This winter (so far) has been wonderful. One snow and no single digits. This weekend is promising to be a preview of spring. Woo hoo!


My sweet Gracie!

Gracie – If you saw my sad story on Friday (click here for details), you know that I had a very sick cat this past week. Gracie has not only rebounded but is working hard to be extra annoying to make up for it. Nothing is safe. I saw her trying to hide my cell phone yesterday.

Procrastination – I hate doing taxes. I’d rather clean up the litter box of a herd of elephants. This week I got another reprieve. One of the tax forms I received has an error. I’ll get a new one by the end of the month. Party on!

So how was your week?



60 thoughts on “Random 5 for February 19 – Tomatoes, glasses, spring, Gracie, taxes

  1. I’m riding a little backwards tonight and I was almost afraid to read about Gracie! I’m so very glad to know she’s rebounded. There are times when we literally walk around holding our breath from fear. I have been watching the Weather Channel lately simply because I’m fascinated. I have seen your warmer than average climate and there have been days your “high” has been warmer than here in Southern California. All I can say is “enjoy!” As we’re all learning it could be an entirely different experience next winter…or later this spring for that matter!

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    • Or maybe in 2 weeks. It’s not unusual to have a warm February day here but we are having weeks of it. I love it but it affects so much more than me I almost feel guilty about it. Ah Gracie, a little sweetheart.


  2. I am thinking about having a couple of tomato plants this year. Not sure I will have any tomatoes though cause Teddy loves to chew on flowers. I usually have my taxes done at a tax doing place but I am going to try doing them myself this year. If it seems too complicated I will make an appointment and pay. Good to hear Gracie is busy being Gracie again.

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  3. Don’t mention taxes. I’m trying not to think about it. (That’s even worse than procrastinating, isn’t it?)

    So glad Gracie is well. I have a soft spot for Russian blue cats.

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  4. After trying them once (over 15 years ago), my wife has consented to trying progressive lenses again. I’ve been pleading with her because she uses the computer for her work, and I think not having them has been a hindrance. But I’m anticipating a really difficult adjustment period after she gets them.

    Love that shot of Gracie. She’s watching you out of the corner of her eye. 🙂 – Marty

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    • I didn’t have any issues the first time I got them but I have a friend who also says she can’t wear them. I often wonder if the glasses were made correctly with the vision adjustments at the right height. Hope Gorgeous has better luck this time.


  5. I’m so glad Gracie is feeling better, but what was wrong with her? So sad for her (and you).Homegrown tomatoes sound so yummy. I miss them! I avoid farmer’s markets in Arizona because I’m afraid of bringing in scorpions (it’s happened).

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  6. Thankfully, I have excellent vision insurance through my employer. You’re right, it’s so expensive. I recently upgraded my glasses to transitions. It’s so nice not having to switch back an forth between the glasses and sunglasses, especially while out running errands. I’m writing outside in shorts today…woot! Come on spring!

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  7. Glasses must be in the air, since I too need a stronger pair. Of course my vanity is tweaked worrying I’ll start looking like Mr. Magoo, but what the hell. He was kinda cute in his own way, right?
    Glad Gracie is on the mend. Nothing like seeing an animal, especially your own, in inexplicable distress. Meow meow to her from here, in New Yawk Cita.

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  8. I’m not a grower of anything so you would not find me rooting around to find the right seeds. I’ll pick up my tomatoes from the grocery store, thanks. Yes, taxes, ugghhh. We had a lot of changes last year and I am NOT looking forward to getting them done this year. It already takes me at least 1-1/2 hours at H & R block and I’ve been going there for years so most of the info gets carried over from year to year. I need new glasses too and that is one exam I don’t mind any part of. Glad Gracie is better. Have a great weekend!

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  9. I’ve never started vegetables from seeds… I guess I’m too impatient (it’s hard enough planting the plants then having to wait for them to grow and produce). I read an article recently in Consumer Reports (“The Joy of Specs” in the February issue, if you are interested) about the high cost of glasses and how to save money on them. I plan to save the article for the next time I need new glasses.

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    • I did see it and if I need to change lenses, I would try their suggestions. I’d love to buy on-line but worry about having everything at the right dimension. That’s a great alternative for kids but usually you can get kids glasses cheaply at brick and mortar stores too. Last year I didn’t do plants and I couldn’t get the tomato varieties I wanted. I had to settle and I wasn’t satisfied with some of them.

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  10. No snow, a bit of rain, but otherwise it’s been quite warm over here.
    Highlight of the week has to be the visit to my Mum. Best ever despite the long journey and it makes everything absolutely wonderful.
    Got an eye appointment next week with a specialist so not looking forward to it AT ALL.

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  11. I am getting new glasses this week ~ with progressive, transition, feather-weight lenses.

    I am thinking about getting started on our taxes . . . but will wait until I know that you have the right form so that I don’t rabbit out in front of you.

    And no snow to report here either! 😀

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  12. I hear ya about the lower shelf. It seems to me that it’s one of those Murphy’s laws thing – for me, anyway, with my 5’10” height and aging knees, no matter what I need at the store, or the library, it’s on the bottom shelf. Every time.

    Never even considered what I might encounter in terms of dirt and whatnot!

    Gracie tried to hide the cell phone? That made me giggle – and wonder: Is this her way of making sure she gets all of the attention?

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  13. “like a toddler looking for her pacifier”… dying! I don’t think CH has even begun to think about his garden, but I know he wouldn’t start with seeds for tomatoes… too much work he would think. It helps to be in the middle of nowhere MissouREE when it comes to purchasing new glasses. This weekend is gorgeous, I am happy you are having wonderful weather, too! Go Gracie! So happy she is fully recovered! CH does the taxes and he is very close to being done. I will say that our week was very interesting in more ways than one and life got a whole lot better around here… that’s my story and I am sticking to it!

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