Observations on my 2016 family reunion


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There was a surprise! A relative that we haven’t seen in years (maybe even decades) attended. It was a wonderful surprise! There was a lot of catching up to do.

We’re not a group that learns. There is always too much food. We always say that yet we always bring too much food. I took corn fritters this year (made with fresh corn of course!). I cut back from 40 to 35. There were more than 20 sides and less than 40 people. I could have cut back more. Nope, couldn’t do it.

The best stories get retold. This year we had fresh ears to hear the tales. The best story was told by an amorous couple in their 60s. One of their children (now in her 30s) was conceived on a camping trip. During the successful coupling right next to the romantic campfire, his sneaker caught on fire. When you’re hot, you’re hot!

My brother the storyteller on the right!

My brother the storyteller on the right with my niece on the left!

The old tales too. Someone reminisces about my Dad’s wine making. He may be gone a long time but his wine-making skills are legend – scum, nasty foam and his delight at tasting. My brother does the best imitation!

Ben Ehrets

What a sweetie!

The age range gets wider! The oldest is 86 and the youngest is a wide-eyed 2-year-old. There is everything in between too.

It’s all cycles. There was no beer pong this year. Another passage until the preschoolers get older. Sidewalk chalk will start-up next year again. So far only one cane and no walkers!

Part of the beer pong crew

Part of the beer pong crew

Weather doesn’t matter. Well maybe it does…the day was very hot. That meant we drank more and more people were in the pool. When I got home the first thing I did was rip off my sweat laden clothes and shower.

We’re not huggers! My family is not touchy-feely. We are the head shaking, smiling kind of people. The “glad to see you but don’t touch me” kind. That all changes at the reunion. Some of us may not see each other for a year and maybe not everyone will be around so we hang on for dear life. There is nothing like a soppy hug on a hot, humid day!

Lost photo ops! I took my new camera prepared for a new group shot. People were coming and going. I took some candid shots but never organized the group. For next year I have assigned the task to our premier party person. I have full confidence that we will have a wonderful group photo.

My writing is structured to make sure I didn’t tell any “secrets” or “embarrass” anyone alive (when you’re gone you’re at my mercy!). I really need to have an anonymous blog where I get down and dirty!

Come on, share a family secret with us!



32 thoughts on “Observations on my 2016 family reunion

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  2. Your reunions are so special. It must be joy to have so many generations and to be together like that. We have a yearly reunion that I look forward to as well. It’s delightful, but much, much smaller! 🙂

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  3. Reading the story of the burning shoe, it crossed my mind that it wouldn’t have been as good without the last line: “When you’re hot, you’re hot.” A good telling of a story keeps it alive.

    My grandma has been dead for a couple of decades, but we still tell about her dandelion wine. Once she sent my sister and me out to collect the dandelions. I think she started making it during Prohibition. Disgusting stuff!

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  4. I must admit I was disappointed that there was no group shot. Yes, please correct this for next year’s gathering. I was sorely tempted to try to arrange something at one of my sister’s evening shivas after my brother-in-law’s funeral, but thankfully I surpassed that urge. I mean, there was laughing and all.

    My family aren’t really huggers either. Except for the California wing. But we roll our eyes at them. Yes, anonymous blogs are better. 😉

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    • We are lucky that we are all fairly local. When I was a kid it was my parents’ siblings and cousins. Now it’s my sibling and descendants. I only see my cousins at funerals and even then, many do not attend because of health conditions.


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